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Jul 16, 2013



"We don't necessarily have to like it, but we have to respect it," said Venitta Robinson, a black resident of Sanford, Fla.


"You'd have to prove that George Zimmerman was seeking out to commit the crime against Trayvon Martin, specifically because he was African-American," one legal expert says.


Al-Qaida fighters clash with more moderate rebel groups, who accuse the extremists of trying to seize control of the rebellion.


Changes pushed by Democrats would make the Senate similar to the House, where the majority rules and the minority party enjoys little leverage.


Speculation about what Ahmadinejad will do next is rampant. Some are betting that the outgoing president will become a media boss.


People who delay retirement have less risk of developing Alzheimer's or other types of dementia, a study finds.


Wal-Mart is battling efforts by Washington, D.C., to force big-box stores to pay workers at least $12.50 an hour.


A 6-year-old boy who sank 11 feet into a Lake Michigan sand dune regains consciousness after his rescue some three hours later.


A new bakery brings Twinkies back to stores: The spongy cakes now weigh less, with a shelf life of more than 6 weeks.


Mike Trout, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are among a wave of skilled, youthful players changing the makeup of Major League Baseball.




The idea that I should carry while going for a walk in my neighborhood is truly sobering. Thanks for the advice, I think.

Tri-cities realist

Well you asked the question and I offered my opinion, now go have a drink!

Tri-cities realist

That reminds me... You do know the definition of a liberal don't you? Answer: a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet.


be careful...the snake is cornered and may strike.


Lol, she's not really a snake....more like a stubborn puppy that decides to chew on your hand with those needle like teeth.


Sheesh, the things that go on in my absence. If you are still following, this might help clarify some things (like the liver damage) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E...

Also, there is absolutely NO evidence that Zimmerman approached Martin.


And here I am at 12:50 a.m. stumbling onto this cold, dead thread....will watch the 10 minute link another time, but until then, there is absolutely NO evidence that Martin approached Zimmerman - and he's dead, so I guess we only have Zimmerman's word. How convenient.

And yes, this is what happens when you go off and leave us kids to descend into hair-pulling, back-biting, and the slinging of sticks and stones.

Tri-cities realist

I'm so shocked that I didn't hear about this, or that the president didn't coment on this case.... Yeah right.


Zimmerman's word, under oath, is evidence - as is the eyewitness account of Martin on top of Zimmerman raining blows MMA style on Zimmerman - it's up to the jury to decide what weight to accord it.

It seems you have been informed on the facts by reading the liberal media - here are some facts that you were probably shielded from: http://theconservativetreehouse.... and http://theconservativetreehouse....


The scales have now dropped from my eyes. It truly is an unholy alliance of ALEC, the NRA, the glorification and entertainment value of guns, violence, and racial, bias, and profiling tensions, and the insatiable need to act out The Sopranos, Law & Order, and Blue Bloods (all faves of mine, btw).


I'd settle for a recognition that a kid who has been passed around like a rented mule, got into the thug life like his father, who stripped him of the only real mother he knew, got into a situation where he brought skittles and fists to a gun fight and lost. If you read any of the links, you would empathize with the situation Trayvon was in, and curse the racist team, including his mother and father, lawyers, and PR specialists, who seek to profit off of his unfortunate death.

Never saw the Sopranos, loved Law & Order until Lenny left, and rate Blue Bloods most highly. Tell me about your reaction to Trayvon's fathers's tattoo and the loving history of his mother's involvement with him, until the dollar signs reared their ugly heads.


Every link was read in its entirety. You express my reaction far better than I could. The opportunistic dysfunction of all involved parties is truly disturbing, heartbreaking, and sadly, not surprising. Another young soul, gone violently, profitably, gratuitously.

You are so right about Lenny, RIP. I never watched the Sopranos, on principle, until I happened to see the first episode about a year after the series finale and was totally hooked, voyeuristically watching every episode and bereft after the final one. Not unlike those who have been glued to the tube over the killing of young Trayvon.


The focus of this tragedy should be on changing the culture that many young black men find themselves in.

Pres. Odrama could be a real agent of change if he focused his attention this way instead of using coffins for political gain. Sick!


What would you suggest he do, Wing?


In the first place, shut up! He has no business stoking this as he has done.

You know as well as the rest of us that there is an issue in this country with young black kids left to their own at too young of an age. Single parent home, lack of skills to parent fed by the cycle of broken families. A culture shift is needed in black commmunities that does not glorify the gang banger tough guy image. Had Trayvon not instigating a confrontation he would be alive. Sorry those facts do not sit well with the left.

If O wants to help he should focus on positive programs that break the cycle of broken families and give young kids productive role models, activities, education.

What is happening now is a destructive cycle that race baiters use to feed their selfish monetary and political gains.

This is sick and a tragedy for many good people sucked into this life cycle.

How's that for a start?


We are on the same page on the broken family syndrome, Wing. It's a terribly vicious circle, but Obama is absolutely correct, as a half black man, to speak out about this situation. It goes beyond race baiting, which is just another buzz word to take the focus off the real problem and blame Obama, and get rich quick.

The fact is, the current Tea Party Republicans who are governors and legislators in the Stand Your Ground and other states don't particularly care about broken families or attempting to address the problem of culture shift. They want these people to leave their states and settle elsewhere. That's why they refuse to do the fiscally responsible thing and turn down the ACA Medicaid expansion plan that would provide low-cost health insurance options to poor working families; close down abortion clinics and make it nearly impossible for poor young mothers to get basic health care; defund early education and Head Start programs; provide tax incentives to corporations but find more ways to make up for it by additional taxes on the working class.

Not that these programs do not require improvements - they do - but the intent is to totally eliminate them, and the poor, impoverished, underemployed, working poor be damned.


Lanivan, I like and appreciate your thoughts on this senseless tragedy.

Tri-cities realist

Thanks for that Vlad. I also stumbled upon this guy, whom I find quite interesting.



One can find anything anywhere to circumvent reality, and take the focus off the deed. That is, a young man, unarmed, walking at night in a field in his gated neighborhood, was shot in the heart by an armed neighborhood watch who had spotted and reported a suspicious, person, was told to stand by until the police arrived, but did not, instead deciding to take action, with the end result the unarmed young man was shot dead in the heart by the neighborhood watch.

Vlad can blame the parents and society for the boys' death and subsequent circus of a trial, Wing can blame Obama, and you can agree with both, but the bottom line is that Stand Your Ground laws are giving carte blanche to this situation, and it will happen again and again. I guess we'll just have to get used to it. But think of the money to be made!!


Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters will make good money off Trayvons death. Your learning Lan!


As will lawyers, the media, and all the other various and assorted players. At least a few of them must be white - remember, money does not discriminate!

Maybe the Stand Your Ground law is actually a way to balance the budget, a fundraising device, a get-rich-quick scheme.

Tri-cities realist

"there is absolutely NO evidence that Martin approached Zimmerman"

You mean OTHER than the 911 tape of Zimmerman telling the operator that Martin was approaching him? Next.


This was written by my son, who is a police officer, and I think it is very well written, and dead on the mark.

My thoughts on the Zimmerman verdict:

With all past acts aside of Zimmerman being overzealous, and Martin having a very rebellious past, the prosecution was correct in saying that if Zimmerman had backed off like he was told, Martin would not be dead. But, with that said, it doesn't matter what provocation happened. I could punch you in the face for hitting on my girlfriend, if you retaliate and beat me to the point that I fear for my life, I am authorized to use deadly force on you, period. The fact is that nobody knows what happened except Zimmerman shot Martin. That part is clear, beyond reasonable doubt. The mindset, on the other hand, is not even close to clear. It leaves plenty of room for reasonable doubt. When the defense is self-defense, the defendant must prove only by a preponderance of the evidence that he in fact feared that his life was in danger. With only one side of the story heard and nobody to contest that Zimmerman did not fear for his life, it was clearly proven by at least that standard that he acted in self-defense. Remember that a preponderance of the evidence is the same standard used when a judge determines you are responsible for a speeding ticket. If the officer doesn't show up to court on a speeding ticket, as unfortunately Martin could not show up for the trial, the case is dismissed, as should this case have been, because the trial was unnecessary. The prosecution knew this, and should not have brought the case to trial. Yes, it was a tragic end to a life, but it is not the fault of the jurors or the prosecution that their case could not be proved.

The problem lies in this: If the roles were reversed completely, that Martin was the neighborhood watch person and Zimmerman was wearing all black walking through his neighborhood, Martin, after shooting Zimmerman, would have ran and hid out until he was caught, and been found guilty almost solely on that reason. It is not his fault that he would have ran, it is what he, as a member of a minority group who believe that the police are "out to get them," would naturally do. So, if the scenario revolving around the death were reversed completely, the verdict would probably have been different. That is what the black community is in uproar about, and almost rightfully so. What the community should instead do is attempt to build a bond with law enforcement and the justice system. They should recognize that the system...is not perfect. It does allow murderers to walk away every day, of all races and backgrounds. If the community, instead of bitching and saying that justice was not served, was to promote cooperation with 1) law enforcement, which Zimmerman's compliance ultimately was the difference in him being found guilty or not guilty, and 2) those who are in neighborhood watch programs, which Martin's defiance of led to the altercation in the first place, then this whole problem would have been averted.

With that said, I did not follow the trial. I, along with what should have been the rest of the world, did not care. I am a supporter of our justice system because, regardless of its flaws, it is the best one in the world. I am a police officer, and will probably one day be a criminal defense attorney. Cops may hate me for it, but if they support the system, they should not.

Say now that the roles are the exact same, except one little thing was different. If Zimmerman was unarmed and was killed by Martin slamming his head into the concrete that night, I would have gladly defended Martin's own self defense argument, and with the 911 tape and the demeanor of Zimmerman as an overzealous person, I probably would have won. Why? Because the testimony of witnesses was not corroborated, and nobody can say beyond a reasonable doubt that Martin didn't fear for his life from a guy who was following him through the neighborhood after being told not too. I strongly stand for neither side, but for the side of the justice system, and I feel that it did exactly what it was meant to do. Although I do feel that the lack of evidence should have never allowed this case to go to trial, and without a racially charged nation demanding that something be done, it wouldn't have.


I agree with you and your son on every point - thanks for sharing this. I wish your son all the Best. He appears to have a very bright future ahead of him.

And thank you for your words of support for my opinions on this topic...it is appreciated.

Tri-cities realist

Is it just me, or did you do a 180 on this Lan? I thought you believed that Zimmerman should have been convicted.


You can thank our president that this went to trial. http://theulstermanreport.com/20...
The loss of life is a tragedy. It is a travesty that not only here, but on a national level all the way up to our president, nothing is being done but to divide us further.


Lanivan- I am hamuir1442@yahoo.com.



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