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Jul 25, 2013



After a fierce debate and a narrow vote, the government can keep collecting hundreds of millions of Americans' phone records.


One survivor says the passenger train in northwestern Spain was traveling at high speed and rounding a curve when it jumped the tracks.


His session with drug addicts in Brazil is meant to drive home the message that the church must focus on the poor and those who are suffering.


At least for now, Snowden wants to remain in Russia, studying its language and culture, his lawyer says.


The service could be virtually phased out by 2022 in the U.S. under a cost-cutting proposal before a House panel.


The royal couple's newborn son will be called George Alexander Louis — and be known as "His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge."


"This is not about me" but about voters, the disgraced pol says in response to calls that he abandon his campaign for NYC mayor.


Buoyed by higher revenue from mobile ads, the social network delivers strong second-quarter profits.


Fears of widespread unrest after the Trayvon Martin verdict proved unfounded. Some experts credit the modern ability to create change through activism and social media.


If confirmed, Caroline Kennedy would be the first woman in a post where many other prominent Americans have served to strengthen a vital Asian tie.




#7 Weiner Presses On

Huma stands by a number of things besides the deflating Weiner: http://www.nationalreview.com/co...


"Wherever that seditious and totalitarian ideology has gained a foothold in the world, it has wrought havoc, and some societies it has brought to their knees."
"Islamists in power in Washington before 2020"
Kinda of makes your Weiner impotent!


At least Shillary and Hooma have the same theme song - seems like she learned a lot from her mentor: http://youtu.be/DwBirf4BWew


May I please correct the spelling of Hillary and Huma? Hate to interrupt the little giggle-fest between you and Wing, but I know how fastidious you are at insisting on grammar, facts, sources, and authors be correct and accurate at all times......



Michigan Representative Justin Amash's attempt to stop the Obama NSA from spying on us was defeated by many who claim to believe in civil liberties.

Specifically, "Minority ty Leader Nancy Pelosi, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz all voted for violating the 4th amendment. Nancy Pelosi’s vote may be the most dishonest of all given her previous statements on the Patriot Act.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke on the House floor this afternoon in opposition to extension of provisions of the USA Patriot Act because they would curtail individual liberties…

“I cannot support the Patriot Act extension conference report because it does not secure the right balance between security and liberty. Our Founding Fathers led a revolution to secure liberty against an arbitrary power. They knew that you cannot have security without liberty, or liberty without security in a democracy.”

That was when her vote didn’t matter, when it did her position reversed entirely.

In total 83 Democrats supported the NSA program and voted against the bill. Among the other Democrats who voted against limiting the NSA’s power were many members of the Black Congressional Caucus, previously though of as “The Conscience of Congress.” No longer a bloc vote apparently. Here's for you, Lanny http://news.firedoglake.com/2013...


Hey, I feel awful for you, Vlad. What a Catch-22! On the one hand, 134 of your Republican Patriots voted No, which means Yes to the NSA, while only 94 voted Yes, which means No to the NSA. This means that your party is basically split on whether to shred the Constitution or not (although I read on some website Obama has already done so).

But the Catch-22 predicament rears it's ugly head when you are itchin' to stop that shreddin' and protect our civil liberties (Cue: Recite the Pledge of Allegiance, written by Socialist, Francis somebody or other), but then realize the NSA might be the only thing standing between life as we know it and the complete infiltration of the government and society by the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law!

Drat! What's a strict Constitutionalist who is vehemently opposed to the shredding of any and all civil liberties, which means Yes to the NSA, especially those that he chooses are important, but is also a firm believer in the extreme and dire threat of the Bra'thahood and Turkic Goddess Huma and their "grand jihad" that is being planned via phone messaging which the NSA is spying on constantly, if not more often......

Ginni! Ginni! Ginni! Who ya' gonna call? Ginni Thomas, who else!

Look - I know you conservatives mean well, and are just looking out for the rest of us low information voters who are blinded by the truth, but please, don't go to war with America on my account. Really - you guys are walking too close to the edge - pull back before someone gets murdered in self-defense.


The folks over at Groundswell are planning to save America by infiltrating government and society, and changing life as we know it through hush-hush communication warfare. It's WAR (again, based on lies - sheesh!), according to Ginni Thomas, the wife of the esteemed SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas (who hasn't asked a single question during oral arguments for how many years now? SEVEN). Just to make sure we all understand, they instruct their minions to write articles in "4th grade language", and apparently they have been reading many of your comments, Vlad, as they repeat all of the same tomes...."The group's proposed offensive would include hyping the Fast and Furious gun-trafficking controversy, slamming Obama's record, and touting Benghazi as a full-fledged scandal. "The problem," the memo noted, "is Speaker Boehner and [Rep.] Mike Rogers (Intelligence Community) are refusing to deal" with the Benghazi issue."

They propose WAR on all other Republicans, including Karl Rove, in addition to Obama, the Federal Government, and Society in general (but not the SCOTUS). Maybe you and Kathy from South Carolina can become members?


Let's get back to the fact that the alleged civil libertarians of the democrat party, supposed bastion of free speech, OCCUPY, home of the ACLU, haters of the Patriot Act, deniers of Islamic terrorism (call it Man Caused Disaster, call the slaughter at Fort Hood workplace violence)voted to support the over intrusive NSA spying on citizens without a warrant - do you agree with Pelosi and the rest?

Let me be perfectly clear - I do not agree with warrantless spying, whether it be by NSA, the FNI, the CIA, the White House, or authorized by the FISA Court when the object is United States citizens. Show probable cause and get a warrant.

Ginni Thomas? That shows true desperation!


Barbara Stanwyck: "We're both rotten!"
Fred MacMurray: "Yeah - only you're a little more rotten." -"Double Indemnity" (1944)

Of course, in my opinion the Republicans are Barbara Stanwyck.

Republican officeholders seemed oddly uninterested in the consequences of the Patriot Act and Prism - the effective repeal of the 4th amendment protections. Your attempt to sling mud at the Dems who voted No in favor of continuing NSA warrantless surveillance on Americans is equivocation at it's dirtiest.

My take on the matter? It is a necessary evil whose importance as a means of protection against terrorism and other threats to the American people must be counter-balanced with stringent controls and relentless scrutiny. Am I comfortable with this opinion? Of course not - it is at times like these I envy the mind of Vlad - so uncompromising, so structured, so compartmentalized, such rigid adherence to a set of principles that neither heaven or earth (nor Lanivan's pleading) can rip asunder. As a centrist, my burden is to track towards being pragmatic, moderate, see both sides, attempt to solve the problem rather than eradicate the whole concept. Thus my tortured opinion regarding the NSA and spying on citizens without a warrant, E. Edgar Hoover on steroids (perhaps not the best analogy, as he very well might have been).

Ginni Thomas is certainly the embodiment of desperation, of Groundswell fixation on the evils of government, the embrace of paranoia as a guiding philosophy of life. Groundswell's attempts to create a strategy that sabotages governance and replaces it with? - all for the sake of administering their brand of CPR to the citizenry - is as frightening as Islamic terrorist extremists. Both can do great harm to this country. Groundswell's fear of the Muslim Brotherhood and Huma brings me to -

“If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.”
― Socrates

Tri-cities realist

Since Bill Clinton presided over the marriage between Weiner, a Jew, and Huma, a Muslim, (I know, it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke), is anyone really surprised by Huma sticking by her man, Hillary (her mentor) style? Some democrats are so culturally advanced, that their actions defy logic. Oh to be so enlightened.


It brings to mind the wife of Larry Craig, who was arrested for lewd conduct in a mens room (cottaging), and which effectively ruined his career. She stood by him so bravely as he attempted to publicly squirm his way out from the evidence of his actions. Love is a mysterious thing, so complex and full of contradictions and challenges.


It brings to my mind:

Jackie Kennedy,

Joan Kennedy

Elizabeth Edwards

Dina McGreevey

Silda Spitzer

Lee Hart (see Monkey Business)

I know - Gingrich, Vitter, Foley - it's just that the position Hillary and Huma were placed in just seems more humiliating than most - especially since Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner are serial offenders.


And we mustn't leave out Mark and Jenny Sanford......

Say - I wonder if Kathy from South Carolina voted for this lying adulterer who spent taxpayer money flying to Argentina when he said he was hiking in the Appalachians....?


Could I get a little help voters, the fires of collapse are a getting hard to snuff out.

With all due respect to both of you, have you every voted for anyone on the above naughty list?


You're missing the point, Wing. The adulteration of the marriage vows is an equal opportunity sin amongst both Republicans and Democrats.

My point about Mark Sanford is this: Governor Mark Sanford lied repeatedly to the citizens of SC, to his wife and four sons, and his staff; used taxpayer money to fly to Argentina on several occasions to have trysts with his "soulmate" all the while professing to be a good conservative Christian living the American dream of austerity, family values, and integrity.

But after getting caught, publicly shamed, divorced by his wife, the mother of his four sons, (who was forced to get the authorities involved on more than one occasion because Mark was guilty of breaking the divorce rules) officially damned by his fellow Republicans, decides to embark on a run to be his districts House representative.

And the good people of his district forgave him his sins, and voted him back into the fold. But hey - life happens, people can change and we must forgive (I mean this sincerely)!

But Kathy from South Carolina, someone Vlad felt compelled to hold up for her nasty, hate-filled tweet about Obama - who is innocent of all the above, might have voted for Sanford with forgiveness and righteousness in her heart. Hypocrisy - thy name is far-right conservatism!


I'm not missing the point, these people listed are not trustworthy leaders. They may have great ideas and smarts but have a weakness that should not be reinforced with the popularity contest of politics!

We need higher standards in our politicians then we are settling for on BOTH sides of the aisle. Listing off "see your side does it" is not helping.

You pile on to this side bar to no where with "Kathy from SC "might have" voted for Sanford just so you can throw a jab back at far right hypocrisy! Wow, I have no idea why I view your post as targets that need "Lanitation" so we can find the clean truth!


You seem he!!-bent on attacking me today. Your last statement is a low blow, not true, and I would like you to retract it. Please don't beat up on me just because you are in a bad mood today, or for some other problem. I will not tolerate you smearing me as a liar just to bolster your weak argument, or make up a cute "lannerism", as much as I think they are often times quite clever.


And you seem to be quite sensitive to my direct calling out of how you process thru the many back n forths we and others have had over time.

Just because you can articulate and use creative language in your post does not mean your positions are any more right.

No where do I call you a liar and you are taking creative and emotional license to try and push me there. Not biting!

I'll let you have sometime to sort thru thoughts on this one because no constructive conversation is going to come from it as we stand now and I do not feel I need to retract anything.

Hope your day gets better.


"I view your post as targets that need "Lanitation" so we can find the clean truth!"....Really? You can't imagine why I am fed up with your attempts to label me as a promoter of dirty untruths? This isn't a one-time deal - you regularly use this technique to imply I am lying or being "creative". Clearly, we rarely agree on anything, but I would like you to give me evidence that I use personal put-downs in my replies to you.

I love to poke fun and tease as much as the next person, and enjoy our little tangles, but sometimes the smear tactics with you (coupled with Vlad's) are over-the-top. This is the cold, hard truth, nothing emotional about it.


You call it poke and fun when you do it and when its done in return its a smear....can't have it both ways.
Look, when untruths are spread I will call you on it, when you feel I'm spreading non truths you can call me on it deal? When you make fun and poke and tease expect me to do the same. Doesn't mean we'll agree.

So then when your/my limit is reached lets use the acronym SMILE (stop my irritation lever engaged).

You don't like that too bad SMILE


Consider it done..... :D


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