Unemployment rate rises

Seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates have increased in all 17 of the state's labor markets.
AP Wire
Jul 26, 2013


Figures released Thursday by the Department of Technology, Management & Budget show Michigan's overall unadjusted unemployment rate rose by 1 percentage point, from May's 8.4 percent to 9.4 percent in June.

The department said rates ranged from a low of 6.8 percent in the Ann Arbor region to a high of 11 percent in the northeastern Lower Peninsula. The rate was 10.3 percent in the Detroit area.

In Ottawa County, unemployment rose from 6.6 percent in May to 7.2 percent last month. The Muskegon County rate jumped from 8.6 to 9.2, and the four-county Grand Rapids market rose a half-point to 7 percent in June.

According to state officials, rates historically advance in June by around half of a percentage point.



Team Obama says: There is nothing to see here folks, move a long!


GO....Snyder/Obama same thing


Yep, this certainly has nothing to do with our own STATE, our esteemed Gubner Dick Snyder, NOR the stagnant Republican Michigan Legislature, move along yourself little sheeple.


Surely the statisticians have got it all wrong! The Republican legislatures' demented push to make Michigan a Right-To-Work state and cutting the Corporate Income Tax rate in half in one swell swoop was made with a lick and a promise that unemployment would drop as fast as the Obama deficit.

Those folks over at the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget apparently need a refresher course on "Ways to Cook the Books and Spin For Dummies".


But for the continuing Obama depression, adding trillions to the national debt,and the union workers getting long term contracts before the freedom of choice for workers kicked in, not to mention the continuing subsidies for liberal dominated cities like Detroit, Michigan would be flourishing like the states with republican legislatures and governors.


Ok, I'll bite.

Every one of the 10 Poorest States in the Union (2012) all happen to be ALEC Right-To-Work (a law which has nothing to do with the right to work) states except for two: Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, New Mexico, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia (non RTW), New Mexico (non-RTW).

Interestingly, none of the 10 Richest States are RTW states. And, although ALEC RTW is touted as being "business-friendly", none of the 10 poorest states are on the list of the 5 friendliest states for business, nor the 5 states with the lowest taxes for business. Makes one wonder just what the purpose of the ALEC RTW law is?

It should be noted that all of the 10 poorest states are predominantly Republican states. Additionally, 5 of the top 10 states receiving the most federal money for every tax dollar spent are on the list of the 10 poorest states. On average, Republican states receive $1.46 in federal spending for every tax dollar paid, and Democratic states receive $1.16.

As for Detroit, as a relative newcomer to the state, you may be forgiven for not knowing that Detroit's slow but sure decline over the past 60 years had been under the governance of 7 governors and legislatures, many of whom were Republican.

Tri-cities realist

PU-LEASE. The last 60 years? Really? Detroit in the 1950's and even 60's was a far cry from the last 20-40 years. And there hasn't been any (ok maybe one city council member in the 70's, I think) Republicans in Detroit's govt for about 40 years, and you are going to try to blame their bankruptcy on Republicans? Lanny, I didn't think you could be that blindly obedient to the Dems, in the face of overwhelming evidence. You are better than that, or so I thought. The way I see it, the Dems and unions have been running that city for decades, are we really surprised that it is bankrupt? But I'm sure you have a different take on it.


I was referring to the state legislatures, and I was correct in my statement. Am I trying to blame Detroit's bankruptcy on the Republicans? Of course not! That would be stupid, wouldn't it? Detroit's problems are complex, complicated, entwined by business, unions, politics, corruption, greed, mismanagement, a slow decline in market share of the Big 3. There is no way I would espouse such a simplistic opinion that it is all the fault of any one political party or unions.


Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Ha....Lany. You'll blame a republican for a hang nail but give Detroits Dems a pass on the cities problems. That's ok, now one will be back to read anymore on this post but I just had to comment whether you read it or not. Nucking Futs comes to mind again on this one if you cannot see the link between the politics in the city and its problems.


Na Na Hey Hey - I did find this, so don't think you can weasel out of this. When in the Wide World of Sports have I ever said Republicans were to blame for Detroit? I went out of my way to put the blame on all sorts of things other than Republicans. You can't get in my grill over this by.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h...


Re read my comment. I didn't say you blamed Detroit on a Republican. My point was you can find the weakest link to blame a Republican for a issue but can't bring yourself to see the clear connection in Detroit to any of the Democrats politics for all of the decline years.

No music link yet but I have some that might fit after your retort!


I can't believe this! I think you've been looking at way too many fireworks lately. If it will make you happy - yes - Democrats presided over Detroit during the last 60 years, and were a cog in the wheel of it's eventual demise. Just don't think I will ever agree that Democrats and unions are the sole reasons Detroit tanked, because that is much to simplistic and inaccurate.

I can't wait to see what lame and ineffectual music link you will dredge up....


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K... might be ineffectual but the song rocks.


Notice how Obama never takes responsibilty for anything. It's always everyone elses fault. Just think if if a ship sank and the captain blamed everyone except himself. That's what we're seeing here.


Apparently you have forgotten the auto bailout. You'd better say a little prayer thanking the good Lord for Obama, who saved the US auto industry and an estimated million related jobs, and that the Big 3 are now reporting record profits, just a few years after they were literally a few days from liquidation bankruptcy.

Without the auto bailout, coupled with the Detroit bankruptcy, Michigan would have crashed and burned.


Thank who for the Detroit Auto bailout? Busy Lannering the truth again I see!


Thanks for the link - and The New Yorker, to boot! Ben would approve!

I have often started my auto bailout speech by incorporating this point - that in the final, dark and stormy days of the Bush years, W actually did something fiscally responsible by providing the hemorrhaging US car industry with a smallish loan, just enough to see them through until Obama officially inherited the mess.

The fact remains that Obama inherited a shatstorm from the get-go, when literally every facet of American society was rolling full speed down the banks of the river Tartarus, and Obama stepped in and moved heaven and earth to stop it. We should be forever grateful instead of chronically critical.

And conservatives are still wondering about the death of four Americans insisting on staying at a small outpost in the middle of terrorist territory, on 9/11, when they could have stayed safely in the protection of the embassy, and why Obama orchestrated it all from afar. The shame....


Ya I know Libs look at people serving our country as disposable phony diversions.

I know you poke fun with that last comment but it guarantees you Libs lose in 2016. Shrillary is toast because of that little outpost in terrorist territory (American territory actually). Shotgun Joe doesn't stand a chance. Your field of candidates is the worst in my lifetime. Once that all sinks in your Lib land will be freaking!

Enjoy the dark days of the USA falling position around the globe.
*Triple A credit rating- gone
*Islamic terror on rebound here and abroad.
*40yrs of race relation improvements erased.
*Complete gridlock in Washington driven by zero leadership from the man who was to change how Washington works.
*Complete diasaster healthcare reform. ...its free right, lol wait until low information voters find out what's in store for them.
*Divided citizenery driven by a shallow, narcissitic leader unable to bring people together.

We have repaired our country from bad leaders before and we will this time. A shining star always rises when its the darkest.


While totally and irrevocably disagreeing with you regarding who is responsible for any of the points you make - it is a list of a person who is given his marching orders to promulgate biased misinformation without regard to history, facts, or established data - it is nonetheless disappointing that you are compelled to continually rely on smear tactics to support your theory.

Your first statement is the most disappointing of any you've made. It is blatantly unfair, totally wrong, and can not be substantiated. Ambassadors and staff at foreign embassies have been killed and wounded forever. Republicans marched into the War of Lies with nary a thought to the well-being of our troops, sending them into Hades without proper gear and equipment, many of those brave troops never returning home, or are subjected to suffering from life-long physical and mental infirmities.

I take your statement personally, and ask you to retract it.


Take back what statement? What is personal, I'm not good with nuance as you know.


"Ya I know Libs look at people serving our country as disposable phony diversions".

I'm not a 'Lib', but it feels like you are directing this at my comment regarding Benghazi, take it as a personal dig, and feel it is very unfair, as I have stated many, many times my despair at the destruction of war to those who serve our country, and my gratitude for their service.


Ok, your not a Lib so don't act like one. Emotions are the go to position when Libs arguing a losing point.

I believe you when you say you appreciate the service to our country. If you feel I pushed or painted you too broadly in the Lib category, ok sorry. I would also suggest you look at the crowd you are running with as their positions or actions do not always flatter our brave service people.

Obama stating "phony scandals" in a speech this week is disgusting and he should be apologizing to the American families that have lost loved ones in those "scandals".

Fair enough?


Oh and SMILE!


Agreed. By the way, although this thread has nothing to do with the article, this link lists in detail all the many attacks on US embassies over the years. With your interest in Benghazi, you might find it interesting.



.....and five years into Obama's time as the President apologizer has not improved any of this? We will not be rid of this conflict until we beat them into submission. It is the only thing they understand. He should double the drone attacks to beat them into this submission! Hey wonder why he is flying drones around here? Hmmm and yikes!


....and your link only focuses narrowly on embassy attacks without proper perspective of all the attacks on this country. You than get a complete picture of who has been more successful against Islamic extremists attacks on this country. I provided that link before.

What infuriates many Americans is he and the Dems are trying to sweep Bengazi under the rug and down play it to the point of a phony scandal. The commander in chief is supposed to protect, defend and investgate attacks on our country and citizens from abroad. This is a dereliction of duty!

When Obama owns his presidency and stops blaming Bush and others for his short comings, I when then give him some credit.

Pretty sure I'm not going to be giving him much credit for the next three years!


It seems you are just profiling Obama. "The commander in chief is supposed to protect, defend and investgate attacks on our country and citizens from abroad. This is a dereliction of duty!" You've got to be kidding me! A huge dossier of information from both the State Dept and the CIA was turned over to investigators, plus there were numerous hearings. Plus - it seems Benghazi was actually a CIA operation, rather than State Dept - so you're never going to hear all the details, Wing.


Then commander O should not make statements that he will get to the bottom of what happened there.
I cannot fathom how a mother, any parent, could sit through these past months waiting for answers then hear BO lump the event into "phony scandal" statement the other day! What do you call his actions on this? He is POTUS for crying out loud. He can get answers and has answers!

THEY DO NOT respect him and have no fear of repercussion. We will have more of this coming.



Here is a real simple link that even has some nice examples for you Lan.


Thanks for thinking of me, Wing - so thoughtful. And for you, (if you haven't read it yet) the Benghazi special investigation findings (unclassified edition). The bravery of our service personnel that night was incredible....http://www.state.gov/documents/o...



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