Michigan jobless rate ticks up to 8.8 percent

Michigan's seasonally adjusted jobless rate has risen one-tenth of a point from June to 8.8 percent in July, as the size of the workforce grew and the number of people employed remained flat, the state announced Wednesday.
AP Wire
Aug 15, 2013

June's unemployment rate of 8.7 percent was up 0.3 point from May.

About 418,000 people remain unemployed in Michigan.

The rate has dropped a half-point from July 2012's 9.3 percent, according to the report from the Department of Technology, Management & Budget.

Michigan's jobless rate remains higher than the nation's July rate of 7.4 percent, which fell from 7.6 percent in June.

Michigan's civilian labor force rose by 9,400 to 4.728 million in July, while the number of those working held steady at 4.31 million, the department said.



This is the new normal. Get used to it. Most people I know are drowning in debt and if they do have a job it's doesn't pay very well.


I get so sick of hearing about Michigan's high employment rate - when there are actually a LOT of jobs available. There are just too many people who choose their jobless state and Obama has made it better for them to sit home everyday while all of us hard working people pay for them to sit around!!!

Grand Haven Happy

Totally agree as we personally know several of these leeches. A common reply said by most of them we've talked to is:

Why should I ever get a job when I can just stay home or go fishing anytime I want and still enough money, food stamps, and such that just keeps on coming in to easily get by?

Another comment we have heard several times is:

I'm not taking any job until I find one that pays as much or more and has the same or better benefits as the job I was laid off from! Or, I'll only get a job when my unemployment extensions finally runs out!

We're so tired of hearing this said by these lazy sick bums that are admittedly and happily sucking from society!

Let's get back to 26 weeks max of unemployment benefits period, and drastically limit approvals for food stamps by raising the requirements. It would FORCE these lazy bums to work or starve and also additionally hold them legally responsible for child cruelty if their kids (at home under age 18) are not fed or clothed adequately! The system we have now is not remotely working and and is bankrupting the country and must be stopped immediately! Get smart people!




Your comment is rousing, but you are woefully behind the times. It used to be that all states provided 26 weeks of unemployment benefits; that changed to 99 weeks during the height of the 07-09' recession when unemployment was through the roof and businesses were laying off millions of workers.

Michigan now has a maximum 20 week unemployment benefit program, so those lazy bums who are chronic abusers of the system and are single-handily bankrupting the country have just 5 months to do so.


MARKET NEWS: Dow dives 200+ on corporate gloom | Check indexes

Need I say more?


The truth is most job's are temp jobs,Grand Rapids was just named temp city. another truth is most people that work for these temp services are under employed $8.50 an hr with no insu. Holland is big also..so you try paying your bills and feeding your children on those wages and no medical insurance. All the wile the coperations are making huge profets who refuse to share with the workers.

Say no to new taxes

Gas is alnost $4 a gallon. Health insurance is $350 per month per person. Rents are off the chart and they expect people to be excited about landing an $8.50 per hour job?

Tri-cities realist

Woah, from where did all these "mean-spirited" people who think that the unemployed might just be taking advantage of the system, come? Welcome to the fold, I always knew there were a bunch of us who are sick and tired of being taken advantage of.

And if someone is complaining about the "huge" profits that companies make, I have an idea, why not become one of them, instead of working for them? Think it is too difficult? Perhaps. But instead of complaining, apply your energy to something marketable. People do it everyday, become one of them! Don't believe me? Well the Trib has an article today about a guy and his photo booth. Who knows if it will be successful, but at least he isn't sitting around complaining (that i know of) about his income.


You're kidding me right? The "huge" profits are made by the "huge" global corporations, whose top brass rake in scads more money than their workers. Since 1970, executive pay has increased 430%, far above a 250% increase U.S. corporate profits -- and wildly above the 26% increase in wages for ordinary workers. http://hope.journ.wwu.edu/tpilgr...

The average small business owner makes about $34,393 in the first years to $105,757 after 10+ years. Certainly good income, but hardly rolling in the dough.

Tri-cities realist


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