Path could be on fast-track

If Ferrysburg voters approve a millage to fund a nonmotorized path in November, they won't have to wait long to see the fruits of their decision.
Marie Havenga
Aug 21, 2013

Ferrysburg City Council informally decided this week that if the 0.5-mill levy is approved, the city will bond for the funds to construct the bike path rather than wait a decade or longer until all the taxes are collected.

The 10-year millage would cost the owner of a $200,000 house $50 per year in additional property taxes.

Council also decided to proceed with separated bike paths instead of bike lanes on 168th
Avenue and North Shore Road, with estimated costs of $250,000 and $750,000, respectively. Proposed routes are North Shore Road from the fire barn to North Beach Park, and 168th Avenue from West Spring Lake Road to VanWagoner Road.

Exact locations have not yet been determined, but council members suggested by constructing on the east side of 168th, the city may be able to collaborate with Spring Lake Township. The land north of Bridle Path on the east side of 168th Avenue is in the township.

“If the millage is approved, we'll get proposals to do the design work — then we'll have some harder numbers to look at,” City Manager Craig Bessinger said. “But both projects will come in at roughly $1 million.”

Bessinger said the millage would generate about $900,000.

Councilwoman Kathleen Kennedy said she's heard many positive comments about the proposed bike paths.

“I know people are excited,” she said. “When my husband and I are out working in the yard, we hear people talking about it. They say, 'Yeah, this is where the bike path is going to go.'

"I really don't care which side of the road it goes on, as long as we get it in there," she added.

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Why? Bikers never use them anyways. Just ask them, they have the same rights to the road as motor vehicles do.


I would vote for the bike lane vs. non motorized' path. Most cyclists will not ride on non motorized paths, as they are too dangerous at 20-25 mph. And Yes, Creedance people who ride their bike on the roads have the same rights as motor vechicles do, unfortunately, many people do not follow the rules of the road while on their bike.


AGAIN, TRIBUNE, there are no "bike paths" in this area! These are at best "non-mortorized paths" and are really sidewalks!
When you ride your bike on a "bike path", in this area, you have no right of way, you are expected to yeild to all other users and stop at every crossing to yeild to all vehicles.
Essentially, they are for the convenience of the drivers not the bikers. they are designed to get the bikers out of the road, not to make the bikers journey easier or safer. Try riding on one once, especially if the path is on the opposite side of the road to which you would normally be on with regard to your direction of travel. So where are the drivers looking as you come from the wrong direction? Then every curb cut, every driveway, every utility cut across the path, every tree root, grass cuttings, and sprinklers and lack of effective maintenance, all combine to make them dangerous and terrible to ride on.
Do you still wonder why someone trying to get somewhere on their bike avoids the "bike paths"?


You sound like one of those individuals that do not obey the laws of the road when your on your bike. Besides being courteous to pedestrians who are walking the bike paths, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to provide a safe place for bikers and walkers. God Bless, and thanks Tribune for doing a positive thing.


I am not sure how you would come to the conclusion, from my description of the obvious safety issues with the paths, which again are not "bike paths", that I would be a scoflaw and an incondierate individual.
When I ride on the road I follow all laws as I am required to. If I am to receive respect as a bike rider on the road, how else would I expect to receive that respect unless I am following the responsibilities of all road users? I have a bell, and good lights for the front and rear of my bike.
When I am on a path, I use the bell to notifiy pedestrians that I am coming. But guess what, most people either have their head phones cranked way up, or stop in the middle of the path, turn around and look back with an expression on their faces like "what is that dinging noise?" The best is when a couple of people are walking next to each other. The person walking on the path on the left side turns to move to the right and the person walking on right side turns and goes left, smashing into each other. Good humor!
The paths are not safe, they are not convenient, they are not smooth to ride on, and they are not maintained. Try and cross 168th, where Ferris crosses US-31, and tell me how safe they are. You have to look behind you to make sure someone roaring off the highway is not going to whack you! Or the right turners on red, they are looking left, and going, not making sure there is no one in the crossing when the walk signal is a GO!
The Tribune is doing anything but a positive thing by perpetuating the myth that these sidewalks are "bike paths"! These paths should be sold as sidewalks in areas that have been built up to the point we are no longer looking at a rural environment.
Look in the Grand Haven Township ordinances, when you ride your bike on one of the paths in the Township, you have no rights. They put up stop signs on the paths for each and every crossing, and require bikers to yeild to all other users on the path, but will not put up a sign on the cross road to warn drivers of a bike crossing. These paths are for the conveninece of the drivers to remove bikes from the roads, not to provide a safe place for bikes.
I prefer to ride down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC at rush hour than ride these paths around here!
There was a great idea on the table for the Grand Haven City Council a while back. Cahnge Robbins Road to three lanes, left turn lane in the middle, with bike lanes on the sides. That has been ignored and the speed limit raised! How did that happen?
Now they can't even get a sidewalk connected between Robbins Road and Meijer! Property owner will not allow it. Emminent Domain!
"your": of or relating to you, "you're": contraction of the words "you" and "are",


There is already a paved shoulder on North Shore Road, why waste money on separated paths?
Is money included in this proposal for maintenance? Sweeping!


I agree. I cycle North Shore nearly every day in my commutes. They simply need to re-pave the bike lane and make it a bit wider.

North Shore is a NASTY road to cycle on, especially near the curves. The road surface is very rough and full of potholes. If they would simply pave the road, widen the bike lanes just a bit, and mark them as bike lanes, all would be GREAT.

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