Tea party leader to challenge Lt. Gov. Calley

A Michigan tea party activist said Monday he will challenge Lt. Gov. Brian Calley next year as a way to protest major policy initiatives of Gov. Rick Snyder, a move that could muddle the Republican governor's expected re-election bid.
AP Wire
Aug 27, 2013


Wes Nakagiri, founder of conservative political group RetakeOurGov and a vocal critic of Snyder's proposed expansion of Medicaid, said he would bring a "conservative voice" to the administration.

"Having a grassroots conservative on the 2014 ticket will energize the base of the GOP to come out and work hard on its behalf," he said in a statement.

Though gubernatorial candidates are chosen in primary elections, their running mates are picked at party conventions. It is customary for delegates to get behind the gubernatorial candidate's choice.

Yet in 2010, tea party activists insisted on a rare roll call vote for lieutenant governor even though the more moderate Snyder — after beating four more conservative candidates who split the vote in the primary — had named Calley his running mate. Fruitport businessman and tea party favorite Bill Cooper ultimately withdrew his name, but not before the convention erupted into angry chants and booing.

Nakagiri's announcement came ahead of this week's expected Medicaid expansion vote in the Republican-controlled state Senate. Days before the GOP-led House voted in June to expand the government insurance program under the federal health care law, a group of tea party and conservative activists announced their opposition to Snyder's re-election.

"There is no doubt that the expansion of Medicaid is a key component of Obamacare. Indeed, this expansion is directly at odds with the Republican Party platform," said Nakagiri, an automotive engineering manager who lives in Livingston County's Hartland Township.

Snyder has never been embraced by tea party leaders, but having to stave off a challenge to Calley may waste time and resources within the GOP that could be devoted to helping Snyder defeat likely Democratic challenger Mark Schauer.

In an appearance on public television's "Off the Record" show last week, Calley addressed the possibility of facing a challenger.

"The convention knows that I'm a conservative voice in the governor's ear," he said. "Our administration has vigorous debates behind the scenes and then we come out with united positions."

Calley, a former state representative and banker from Portland, said he will not take his re-nomination for granted but is confident he will have strong backing at the convention.

"Regular tea party voters" will look at the totality of what the Snyder administration has accomplished and be supportive, he said, because "not everybody requires that you have 100 percent agreement."

A message seeking comment on Nakagiri's announcement was left with Snyder, who has not officially launched his re-election campaign.

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Cascade Township Republican who is popular with the tea party movement, took to Twitter to stand behind Calley on Monday, calling him a "great friend & ally."


Mystic Michael

Whenever I hear a Tea Party clown exclaim, "We need to take our country back!", I always think two things:

1) It's not just "your" country. It belongs to ALL of us.
2) How far back? To the era of the robber barons? To the Gilded Age? The time of slavery? Colonialism? Feudalism?

Haven't we had too much backward looking - and backward thinking - already? Enough of darkness & ignorance. Let's bring our country forward!


Just like MSNBC slogan "Lean Forward and Bend Over"


How far forward? To Sweden? To Russia? To China? To North Korea? To liberal clowns, "forward" always means a diminution of the the rights of individuals, an expansion of power of government, and re-distribution of wealth from those that earned it to those who live off the earnings stolen from their fellow citizens.


Dang it, you beat me to it Vlad!

Notice how the left always puts down what has been our history and tradition in this country. Look at the liberal havens in the country and the distress and trouble they are in. 5 years of moving "forward" and look at the countries mood, racial division, economics and how we are playing on the world stage. It's really a sad state we are in.


Your grammar and punctuation are really in a sad state.


There, is that better biped? Now if you really think grammar and punctuation are so important, work on your moniker and your level of engagement on issues if you are as smart a s s you think you are! Oops, did it again, my bad;-)




Wingmaster's comments are in a sad state, the state of Michigan - which is in a sad state, and is one of the combined United States - also in a sad state, of affairs. That's what is being discussed here; and you want to talk about punctuation? Get a life you two footed ... To use an avatar that many can't use because of injuries sustained fighting for yours and my freedoms, yes I served too, is tasteless. You would probably yell for people to sit down in front, at a blind convention, because you couldn't see the speaker. How about trying to keep you eye on the ball and stick with the conversation rather than attempting to elevate your status and scream your superiority because you noticed a grammatical faux pas.


"Forward"? "Foreword"? Seems I have seen that used as a slogan before the Mythical one - I just can't remem - Oh Yea, the Obama Campaign slogan. But I think I recall it being used before. Oh yea, Communist and Socialist propaganda for over a century! http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Gov...

By all means, drag us forward Comrade MM.

Mystic Michael

Progressive: the 40-hour work week, employment benefits, collective bargaining rights
Conservative: mandatory 80-hour weeks, dangerous & deplorable working conditions, child labor

Progressive: women's suffrage, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Conservative: women as second-class citizens, the GOP war on women

Progressive: Emancipation, Reconstruction, civil rights
Conservative: slavery, discrimination, racism

Progressive: The Voting Rights Act of 1965
Conservative: GOP voter suppression laws in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, etc.

Progressive: The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, EPA
Conservative: strip mining, fracking, unabated chemical runoffs

Progressive: the Magna Carta, the US Constitution, representative democracy
Conservative: plutocracy, Fascism, Feudalism


What these gentlemen are really pining for are the simple, halcyon days of when men (white) had great power and control, which was their duty and obligation to enforce and execute to the best of their collective abilities, and when the rest of society went along with it, uncomplaining, privileged to serve, honor and protect.


And there you go...


Let me be so bold to complete your statement.

.....with your constant attention to race where there is no racial issue. It's called "race hustling" and it is a tired tactic of the Democrat party even if your a centrist......Lanny.


And there "you" go...


So, gentlemen, it appears I am correct?


It was a simpler time, and it worked...didn't say it was always correct.


I call bull! It wasn't because times were simpler, it was because government was less in our business and it worked better with freedom for the individual to achieve to his or her capacity. Now the government is capping achievers and punishing them thru taxation, regulation. Meanwhile, it encourages slackers who don't want to work by making it easier for them to just hold out their hand. I'm not talking about the truly needy here so don't give me the mean ole conservative line either (Lan)!


It probably was not as simple as we think, it obviously didn't work as society fought hard to gain equality through change, but it may have been correct for the times.....does this make sense?

Mystic Michael

Indeed, it is all about power & control: who has it...and who doesn't. Always has been. When you strip away all the red-faced huffing & puffing, all the bluster & bombast of the Right, power & control is what it all boils down to.


Apparently you are historically challenged as well. From your silly list you misrepresent so much, but to just name two relevant today:

Emancipation, Reconstruction, civil rights - Abraham Lincoln and the rest of the Republican Party in the mid 19th century - the Progressive response was the creation of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 -

The two numbers in each line of this list refer to the number of representatives voting in favor and against the act, respectively.

Senate: 77–19[21]

Democrats: 47–16 (75%-25%)
Republicans: 30–2 (94%-6%)

House: 333–85[22]

Democrats: 221–61 (78%-22%)
Republicans: 112–24 (82%-18%)

Percentage wise, more Republicans voted in favor of the Act than liberal democrats, and Lyndon Johnson would not have gotten his bill passed without strong support from Republicans.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 - passed due to Republican support because it was being filibustered by democrats.

Democrats voting against: Albert Gore, SR.; J. William Fulbright;

Claiming credit for liberals for the Magna Carta, the Constitution, and Representative democracy merely proves how bankrupt and corrupt your list is. Why not claim credit for what liberals really have done - the dependency class, the state of the black family, the urban underclass, racial strife, the dumbing down of public education, high taxes, tolerance of crime and criminals, timid foreign policy, unemployment, failure to secure the borders, tolerance of voter fraud, and big obtrusive government, to hit a few highlights?

Mystic Michael

Snark away all you wish. It sheds no light; it changes nothing.

If you'll manifest even an iota of intellectual honesty, you'll admit that I framed my remarks in terms of progressive values & accomplishments vs. conservative values & resistance - not primarily in terms of Democrats vs. Republicans. And that I made reference to contemporary Republican machinations, only insomuch as they illustrate the continual conservative resistance to progress, i.e. GOP voter suppression laws, etc.

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of American history knows that the Republican Party & the Democratic Party of 1865 were very different from the Republican Party & the Democratic Party of 2013. Even the Republican Party of 1965 was very different from the Republican Party of today.

Who can honestly argue that the Magna Carta didn't represent a huge leap of progress from the status quo of its time - the first major, official devolution of power from the English crown, to the people?

Who can honestly argue that the Constitution didn't represent a huge leap of progress from the status quo of its time - the first major challenge to the power of colonialism, independence from the hegemony of the British crown, and the world's first fully-functioning manifestation of self-government?

Who can honestly argue that Emancipation did not represent a huge leap of progress from slavery? Or that the Nineteenth Amendment did not represent a huge leap of progress from the political disenfranchisement of women? Or that the conservative forces opposing progress in each of these instances weren't deeply invested in conserving their exclusive privileges & perks of the status quo?

Progress. That's what it's all about.

(The key word here, of course, is "honestly".)


Hope that's not to snarky. Nice accurate speech...Bluto


How Progressive, how Liberal - when it is demonstrated that your assertions are misrepresentations, you assert that the writer and other readers don't understand "Nuance."

And "Nuance" in the lexicon of serial misrepresenters means, of course, that all advances from the primordial mass to new STD's are "Progressive."

Nice work if you can get it full-time in spite of Obamacare.


It's not very often the argument between progressives and conservatives is framed with such a stunning lack of contrivance, and achieves a logical summation with such eloquent candor and clarity, that any response to it is petty, trite, and banal (including this one).

Thanks for treating me to this tour de force, Mystic Michael.


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