Crackdown on solicitors

The days of free-for-all soliciting in Spring Lake Township are numbered.
Marie Havenga
Sep 13, 2013

The Township Board voted this week to crackdown on solicitors by requiring door-to-door salespeople to register at the Township Hall.

“The overall concept was discussed by our community policing officer as a requested tool to deal with our solicitors who may not be aboveboard,” Township Manager Gordon Gallagher said.

Besides registering, solicitors will have to pay a $25 registration fee. Renewals will cost $15 for 30 days or $100 for a one-year period.

Registrants may also be subject to a background check.

Gallagher said he has received some complaints from residents about door-to-door salespeople. He noted that Robinson Township has a similar ordinance in place.

“This will help us ensure that the people going door-to-door are actually legitimate,” Gallagher said. “They will be required to give their name, information about who they work for, a copy of their driver's license — things of that nature. If we get a call at Township Hall saying, 'So and so was just at my house,' we'll know if they are a legitimate company or we'll send somebody out because they haven't registered.”

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Oh great! Now the Township is going to make money off the annoying people who knock on my door!

What about the girl scouts, and kid's selling magazines?
Are they going to have to register as well?

Why can you not just ban these people?
(I don't mind the girl scouts, but I can't believe this is the best means for them to sell their cookies)
The kid's I can cope with, but if one more Hanson's sales guy stop's by my house this month, I'm liable to lose it!!!


"...but if one more Hanson's sales guy stop's by my house this month, I'm liable to lose it"!!!

Ain't that the truth! Those pushy yahoos hit my house 5 times in a 3 month period and I live in Grand Haven. The last time they stopped by I told the guy that the next time a Hanson's guy bangs on my door they'll never see him again! I then called headquarters and explained to them how this deal is suppose to work...I'll call you (NOT now...Never)when I'm ready, you don't come to my house and tell me it's time to avail myself of your services!
And as someone else said, a NO Solicitors sign on the door doesn't do any good either. I don't think most of these guys banging on doors even know what a solicitor is......
and one last thing, if everyone sells their windows at 1/2 off, or buy 3 and get 3 free....that's not a sale any longer that's the standard price! Does anybody even know what a window costs so we'd know it when we saw one for 1/2 off???
I need new windows, hopefully by spring I'll be able to get them and I'm trying to find someone local who's reputable and talks straight. Wish me luck.


LTA, same here with Hanson's. Guy comes to the door and knocks, say's I'm so and so from Hanson's and were having a sale on roofing, siding and windows. The response he got was see the sign? uh no.....I asked this idiot did you even look at my house before knocking? uh no was his answer. K, hang on one sec I replied. Took this moron outside and said does it look like I need a new roof? A dazed look comes to his face. Now look at the siding and windows, um ok he replies. So I asked again, does it look like I need anything from your company? My roof is 2 years old, siding and windows 5 years old, do I need you for anything? Well I guess not was his answer, next I asked if he could read? Ya he says. well you didn't read the sign that said No Soliciting on the front of the house didya?. Now get the $%#%$ off my property.

I also called Hanson's and told them about this idiot, they were like were really sorry about this he was just doing his job....Just flippin wow and the call ended.

LTA check out Premier Building Products Inc. or ABC Supply Company in Muskegon, good people and products with reputable installers. Avoid Jacks Wholesale Window at all cost!


Aha, so I'm not the only one.

Thanks for the tips and the warning. I'll check those places out and get a quote.

Tri-cities realist

I've heard decent things about Blackberry in Kalamazoo, although you'll want to do your research, from what I've seen, the quality varies greatly in the replacement window industry. You should check out actual work done on homes, their product samples appear nicer quality than what is installed sometimes, and not just this company. Good luck.


Good suggestions, thanks. I didn't think about going that far from home for a quote, would rather deal with someone local and keep the money in the area, but who knows who I'll end up dealing's a big deal to get a house full of new windows and I want it done right the first time.


What about the people who came knocking door-to-door at 9:30pm on the night before school started giving away buckets of Lysol wipes? Aside from being annoying, I do not enjoy strangers knocking on my door after dark!


buckets of Lysol wipes? What the heck is that all about??


If it is the same company that came to my house and handed me a can of Febreeze air freshener immediately upon me opening the door, it was the Stanley Vaccuum Company. I politely told them that my home is only a year old and we have all hard wood floors, so no need for a $400.00 vaccuum. He grabbed the Febreeze back and turned and walked away. Nice salesmanship!


I agree that this practice needs to be banned ... not just regulated. It is trespassing and annoying.


I've got No Soliciting on my door and they still stop?????


My home is in Spring Lake Township and I have never had a solicitor, or anybody else that I don't know, knock at my door. My drive is approximately 100 yards long and right at the turn in is a sign I had made up; Private Property, residence armed, violators will be shot.

Tri-cities realist

I'm guessing your sign had something to do with it lol


Ruk - whoa! I, too, am a SLT resident, get very few solicitations, and have, by the front door, a cute concrete squirrel holding an acorn that has inscribed 'welcome' on it...(maybe it has something to do with the fact that the house sits on a dune at the end of a long, steep driveway??)


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks.


Why would you post something like this?


Maybe beeman is suggesting that being a registered sex offender is one way of cutting down on the number of solicitations at your residence??


...At least from the girl scouts!

I didn't see beeman's post before it was removed so I'm just fishin', Don't get all bent out of shape.


No worries - I'm still bent out of shape from the last Twister Game....


Can't say I'm not surprised.
You did notice that your whining about my "mean spirited" chubby cougars comment got wiped after you pointed out that you weren't the originator, but merely the repeater?
For the record I bare you no malace.....this time. :-)


I fear you, beeman, and I share a common bond, a fellow commenter distinction, having all been moderator-wiped. Yes - I did notice you got the delete button, and danced the Twist with glee when I saw it. But now you're the repeater, repeating what you had originated....

"I bare you no malace" Olde English of you! I suspect you don't, having gotten away with calling me an old cougar, for the love of all things Holy, but just don't repeat it, or I will be forced to start in on my political rant crap.


ACK!! not that please, I'll be good, at least until I wake up in the morning. Time for bed now, been a long, busy day of play and I'm all tuckered out.


“I will be forced to start in on my political rant crap." At least you aren't in denial and know ... LOL ... You crack me up...


I can't take credit for the prose...I was referring to LTA's words to me in a past post (ain't he a charmer?). Unfortunately, I've never been blessed with the gift of denial, being all too aware, even and especially when I'd rather not.

As for my political rants, it does stave off impending, future age-related memory loss. Btw, you have the same effect on me!


Actually, I am a charmer, just ask my wife. Everywhere we go small children and dogs come up to me for interaction. Everytime we go to a restaurant (you already know which one...) some munchkin pokes it's head over the top of the booth to say hi...happens everytime. it just the adults, with all their issues and thin skin that are hard to deal 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is sitting in my lap right now asking me to fire up Youtube so she can watch Gigglebellies so I gotta go....


I believe you - I think it might have something to do with lower levels of adult filters, which we develop over time, - this isn't always a bad thing. Doesn't bother me at all, but then again I don't have many issues and my skin has thickened considerably since posting here! Maybe you'll learn some social skills today from your granddaughter and Gigglebellies, such as how to be more amused by things....


How does that work for those Jehovah's Witnesses? come to think of it - haven't seen them lately? So how would that work any church denomination?

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