Holland battery factory to resume production

A factory that makes lithium-ion batteries for General Motors Co. plans to resume commercial production on Monday after halting production because of a controversy over a chemical.
AP Wire
Oct 27, 2013


LG Chem halted production in September after saying a chemical used to make batteries may not have been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA said it didn't order the shutdown but had issued a subpoena on LG Chem, seeking to learn what chemicals are used at the factory. Production had begun in July in Holland in western Michigan.

LG Chem said the first shipments from the factory are expected in November.

The company drew attention during its 2010 groundbreaking when President Barack Obama traveled to Michigan for the event.



I thought all these hybrid cars with these batteries were suppose to be better for the environment??

Vast Right Wing...

It has to be better, "Dear Leader" obummer said so, and spent billions of our children's dollars on this, and Solyndra, etc so that his puppeteer, Soros can make more money.


'Joint investment between the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors has enabled a breakthrough in lithium-ion cell technologies that could cut the price of electric vehicle batteries in half.

Armed with $7 million from from General Motors’ venture investment arm, G.M. Ventures, and $4 million from the Energy Department’s advanced energy research program, ARPA-E, California-based Envia Systems announced that it had created a battery pack with cells with energy density far greater than other technologies on the market.'

Barry Soetoro

Where does the U.S. Department of Energy get their money to invest in this project?


Now, Barry - we're missing the point here, now aren't we?

And that is that the biggest automaker in the world is even investing in batteries, not just Obama. But why do I think you already know this?

Vast Right Wing...

Its not Obama's money its "My Money and I want it NOW!"

Obama stealing taxpayer funds to fund something that private industry should be funding is the problem. I have no problem if GM, Ford or you want to put your money towards something, and I hope that you succeed; but the Federal Government is borrowing money that our kids have to pay back, to fund private industry is WRONG!


You poor soul. I'll try to break this gently: Federal energy tax subsidies began in 1789 when Congress passed protective tariffs that greatly benefited the coal industry, and have been going strong ever since - way, way before Obama. If you can handle it, read on:

A 2011 study by the consulting firm Management Information Services, Inc. (MISI)[7] estimated the total historical federal subsidies for various energy sources over the years 1950-2010. The study found that oil, natural gas, and coal received $369 billion, $121 billion, and $104 billion (2010 dollars), respectively, or 70% of total energy subsidies over that period. Oil, natural gas, and coal benefitted most from percentage depletion allowances and other tax-based subsidies, but oil also benefitted heavily from regulatory subsidies such as exemptions from price controls and higher-than-average rates of return allowed on oil pipelines. The MISI report found that non-hydro renewable energy (primarily wind and solar) benefitted from $74 billion in federal subsidies, or 9% of the total, largely in the form of tax policy and direct federal expenditures on research and development (R&D). Nuclear power benefitted from $73 billion in federal subsidies, 9% of the total, largely in the form of R&D, while hydro power received $90 billion in federal subsidies, 12% of the total.

Barry Soetoro

You left out this one......



Sorry - I left this out, too (my facts ended at 2010)..

House Republicans investigating Solyndra have claimed that the Bush administration ultimately rejected the Solyndra loan, but that's not quite the case. Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and news media point out that Bush energy officials wanted to get the loan closed on their way out the door — it was listed as the first of their "three highest priorities through January 15." (Obama took office Jan. 20, 2009.) But the Energy Department's credit committee held things up for more analysis.

"The number of issues unresolved makes a recommendation for approval premature at this time. Therefore, the committee, without prejudice, remands the project to the LGPO [Loan Guarantee Program Office] for further development of information," the committee said.

It noted Solyndra's project "appears to have merit." But the clock had run out.

That didn't keep Bush from touting the loan guarantee program on his way out of office. On Jan. 6, 2009, in remarks on conservation and the environment from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, he said, "We dedicated more than $18 billion to developing clean and efficient technologies like biofuels, advanced batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, solar and wind power, and clean, safe nuclear power. We're providing more than $40 billion in loan guarantees to put these technologies to use."

Barry Soetoro

Oh. I thought the article was about LG. Sorry about that.


On Monday, @ 12:04 a.m., Vast Right Wing mentioned Solyndra in his comment.

You can be excused this time.

Barry Soetoro

Hopefully LunchLady will be along shortly to administer you a stern talking to for not staying on topic.


"to administer you a stern talking to for not staying on topic."

Oh no!....a first for me! Meanwhile, Barry has nothing to add about federal energy subsidies, the emergence of lithium ion batteries, LG Volt batteries, electric cars, Tesla, Volts, Toyotas, Solyndra, etc, etc......

Barry Soetoro

The hydrogen fuel cell is where it's going to be. As a self-proclaimed environmental steward I'm surprised you're not on top of this, L. And GM actually had the foresight to team up with Honda on this. Oooops - off topic again.


You can be forgiven for bringing up hydrogen fuel cell technology. Forgive me for the following:

'Of course, if the DOE wants to work toward an energy-independent America, then they’ll need to put more funding into alternative fuels, renewable energy, and advanced powertrain technology. In the last ten years or so, hydrogen fuel cell development has reduced costs by up to 80% and increased efficiency dramatically. With better than 400 patents related to hydrogen fuel cell development and about 100 technologies on the market or close to market, the DOE says that the US is at the forefront of global hydrogen development.

With the $25 billion advanced powertrain development loan program still on the books, the DOE, in June, announced that $9 million would go to further developing hydrogen fuel cell technology. This month, half of that will be going to two projects focusing on advanced fuel cell membranes. 3M, in Minnesota, will receive $3 million to develop scalability of manufacturing, durability, and performance. The Colorado School of Mines will receive the other $1.5 million to develop membranes that are simpler, more affordable, and that will perform at higher temperatures.'

Tri-cities realist

Yep, kinda like the earth friendly curly Q CFL light bulbs that contain mercury. Thankfully light bulbs never break, oh wait... and yet just crickets from the enviro-nazis. George Orwell would be so proud.


Quick - throw that watch away, and while you are at it, pry those mercury fillings out of your cavities. And don't breathe around the BLP smokestack for in at least a 1-mile diameter, unless it's a windy day, then make it a 5-mile diameter, and those florescent tubes over your work bench? O - the horror!!!

Tri-cities realist

I see. So now mercury is good for us. I guess we should go back to the old mercury thermometers, they were fun to play with when they broke.


Ahh....mystery solved!

Tri-cities realist

Haha. I knew you would go there.


i can not see buying one of these electric cars at 40,000 plus, they are small, you can pass up the gas pumps but to find a plugin station is another, have you seen one of these in the tri-city area ? another consideration is the cost of a replacement battery, don,t even want to know, another job for Japan because i don,t think that plant is going to make it like most government subsidized businesses, take the money and run then file bankruptcy, called greed

Barry Soetoro

You mean coal fired cars?


How I long for the good old days, when we hopped in the car, spun our feet real fast, and took right off with good old foot power. Simpler times. Great Brontosaurus burgers too.


LOL! You just blew your cover. NObody on here is gonna think I said that cuz I'm not that funny.
I could tell you a funny story about my first car and it'd fit right in with your Brontosaurus burgers, but I get it......yer mad and don't like stories.


ok, ok...it was funny, Fred!


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