Senator says his wolf story was untrue

A Michigan senator apologized Thursday for putting false information about the sighting of wolves outside a day care center in his resolution urging Congress to strip gray wolves of endangered species protections.
AP Wire
Nov 8, 2013

Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, acknowledged on the Senate floor that his 2011 resolution included fiction.

"I was mistaken, I am accountable, and I am sorry," Casperson said. "Words matter. Accuracy matters. Especially here, with a topic that is so emotional and is so important to so many, especially those whose way of life is being changed in my district."

An Ironwood woman said she saw one wolf on her lawn in 2010 while she was caring for children inside. Lori Holm said she screamed and it fled.

The resolution reported a different scenario.

"Wolves appeared multiple times in the backyard of a daycare center shortly after the children were allowed outside to play," it said. "Federal agents disposed of three wolves in that backyard because of the potential danger to children."

No children were in the backyard that day, and three wolves were shot seven months later less than a mile away, said.

Casperson said there remains a sound basis for hunting wolves.-

"Contrary to those that oppose the hunt, wolves can and will attack humans," he said, citing an attack on a teenage camper in Minnesota this year.

"A decision here of whether or not we use sound science to manage wolves, as with all decisions this body makes, should not be based on emotions, agendas or innuendo, but rather on facts," he said.

Casperson said he still supports the thrust of the 2011 resolution sent to Congress, despite the factual errors it contained.

"Years ago, when I worked for my family's trucking company, we didn't scrap a log truck because it had a flat tire," Casperson said. "We fixed the tire and kept trucking. For the same reason, I will not disown the whole resolution about wolves because of an error in the text. I will correct the error and continue to promote safety in our communities."

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His statements included fiction; there's and interesting way to avoid saying "I was lying". I don't understand why this is even an issue, we all know every politician lies to us, even Obama; right Lani? It's ok to admit it, he's not alone in this arena, and this in and of itself doesn't make him a bad person, or president for that matter. They all do lie though, it may even be in the job description.




Very disturbing. I am very disappointed by this. This seems to be the norm for our politicians. I see Obama and Casperson as having the same problem here ... it is called lying.

Bram S

One day a young boy was walking around his small village and decided to have some fun. As he passed some sheep that were out to pasture, he yelled "WOLF! WOLF!" and the town folk came running to save the sheep which were their sole source of meat for the coming harsh winter. When they arrived, they asked the boy where the wolf was, and the boy laughed and laughed at the trick he had played on everyone. The townspeople left and spoke harshly of the boy to each other.
"That boy is nothing buy trouble," one said.
"He's been that way all his life," said another.
"Well at least he's not a senator," said a third.
A couple of days later, the boy was walking aimlessly again and saw a wolf eating one of the sheep.
"WOLF! WOLF!" he yelled.
The wolf heard him and chased him into the woods where it devoured the boy. The townspeople slowly arrived where the sheep were grazing and stood near where the half eaten sheep lay dead.
"I think there must have really been a wolf this time," one said.
"It may have carried the boy off too, should we go look for the lad?" another asked.
"Meh," said the rest of the townspeople.


Haha! Careful there Bram, this borders on plagiarism, but it is funny nevertheless. Wish I could find the spider one here again. My daughter hates spiders and that one seriously creeped her out. :-D


So the wolves come into our living areas and we find them a threat and kill them. We enter their territory, they act as they do in Nature and, well, we kill them. What a backwards way of thinking today's society has. There has been a risk to going into the forests as long as there have been trees. Take the necessary means to protect yourself with you but there is no need to try to wipe out the wolves as some have suggested. I agree with a "controlled" hunt as I would with any game. I don't however believe in killing anything unless, 1. I am going to eat it or 2. I am protecting myself. I can tell you I have no interest in eating Wolves so I have no interest in it myself.


I would agree with you watching you....just like the local deer issue, there are not enough wolves around these days to consider the need for trying to wipe them out, again.

I'd be willing to bet most of the putz's that want to slaughter these magnificent creatures have never seen one in real life and in fact would be too scared to go far enough away from town to have a chance to ever see one.

LEAVE THEM ALONE and clean up your own backyard. Lying about it to further your own agenda, while done all the time with these fools, is reprehensible and this idiot should suffer removal by his constituency.


I hope the people in his district will remember this and vote in someone who is at least honest in the beginning. How disappointing to have someone like that in office, poor wolves are having enough trouble just trying to live.


What a shocker! A politician lied!


That's not the only "fiction" out there regarding the wolves. Karma.....soon please! What a piece of shameful work that guy is.


I don't see the senator deciding to terminate the wolf hunt, or deciding to let the signatures from those who do not want a wolf hunt to take precedence over the desires of some hunters and their lobbying groups. Coming "clean" apparently is a preemptive strike for his reelection campaign when his competition will be sure to point out the inconsistency in his silly little lie and actually try to use it against him. But by admitting this faux pas, he can have it all; a wolf hunt, the eternal gratitude of the lobbyists and unsportsmanlike hunters, the one or two slob cow ranchers, and the eager-to-kill group! Unfortunately, wolves don't vote and will be killed as planned. I hope every single person who signed a petition asking that a wolf hunt not be initiated remembers this travesty and votes this man out. It won't be easy, but it will be necessary.


.....and don't forget who was right along side Tom in pushing this bill thru our very own Arlan Meekoff


You bet he was -time to dump Meekhof.

Tri-cities realist

I will admit he lied. I wonder if others will admit that another important politician also lied, regarding his signature piece of legislation? One can hope, but i doubt it.


They ALL lie dude, deal with it. Our job is to hold their feet to the fire when they do lie, or do things that we don't agree with them doing.
The fact that they get away with so much of this crap indicates that we, as citizens, do a very poor job of holding their feet to that fire....

Tri-cities realist

Agreed. But when some of us have pointed out the train wreck that is obamacare, we are smeared as racist, radical, right wing nuts. I just wish the obama-ites could see through the smoke and mirrors. But I will keep trying.


You could start by keeping your Obama rants out of topics like this one, which has nothing to do with Obama. That would go a long way as seeing you as something other than a bug-eye racist ranter.

This is about the wolves and if there really is enough of them to make a hunt necessary. I seriously doubt that Obama knows anything about our wolf (problem?) and I also doubt that he cares. I'm sure he's got enough 2-legged wolves after him to prevent him from worrying about the 4-legged ones.

When you try to blame one guy, who's basically a figurehead for leadership (think Queen of England) for every single problem under the sun it just makes you sound incredibly ignorant of how the world works. We'd have pretty much the same set of problems we have today, if the other guy would've won. The only difference would be that your self-professed "side" would be making excuses instead of accusations.

Progress moves slowly thru time and leaders with vision do what they do so that the next generation will enjoy the fruits of their labors. By the time those things done now take effect, most of us will be long gone. That's the way the leaders of this country used to govern. They planned for a future they knew they wouldn't experience. Something happened at some point and now everybody wants instant gratification. To h*** with our grandchilden right? It's all about what you want now.....


This wolf bill/law /hunt was co-wrote by our very own Arlan Meekoff, amazing that Arlan is so educated on wolves when there isn't any in Ottawa County


DoBy MLive/Grand Rapids Press guest opinion
on April 16, 2013 at 4:08 PM, updated April 16, 2013 at 4:52 PM
es a proposed law working through the state Senate put Michigan wolves in danger?

A number of letter writers say the public should have a direct say in protecting wildlife from hunters, and stand in opposition to a bill co-sponsored by Grand Rapids-area state Sens. David Hildenbrand, R-Lowell, and Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive.

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