Body found in woods

(UPDATED: 1:30 p.m. ) Police await autopsy results, investigate Fruitport Township death.
Becky Vargo
Nov 19, 2013

Police have confirmed the body of a 54-year-old man was found in the woods Monday afternoon in Fruitport Township.

"There are no obvious signs of foul play," said Detective Bruce Morningstar of the Fruitport Township Police Department. "There are no outward signs of trauma."

Police said the man had been living in a tent in a wooded area in the 5200 block of Quarterline Road.

He was discovered unresponsive by a family member who went to check on him shortly before 3 p.m. Monday.

Emergency units from Fruitport Township Fire Department, Fruitport Township Police Department and Pro Med Ambulance responded to the scene.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene, Morningstar said.

Police and the Muskegon County medical examiner's office conducted an investigation at the scene.

Police said they would not release the man's name.


Barry Soetoro

Thanks for the link to the GH Tribune.

Barry Soetoro

Why did you take down the link? I found it helpful.


I dont understand, family went to check on him ? why was he living in the woods.


Although this is a tragedy for the gentleman, his family, and his loved ones, could it have anything to do with the fact that 5,000 unemployed Americans are living in tent-city Obamavilles? If George Bush was the President, I guarandamtee you that would have been the headline and the focus of the story.


Only 5,000?


I'd give a source but so many folks here object to cutting and pasting links to actual news reports I've decided to go with the flow. 5,000 was the story I would have linked to.


just that that number seems pretty low. Trouble is I'm not real sure if that's a plus or minus for your team?
Also, you expect me to believe that you stopped posting links, in this case at least, because some folks object to cutting and pasting? When in the last year or so have you ever considered anybody else's point of view viable, unless they're in your fan club?


LOL! you're a hoot. And only a almost 2 year old link. Thanks for Staying relevant and current! BBC?



deuce liti

Vlad- "the fact that 5,000 unemployed Americans are living in tent-city Obamavilles?"

Your posts are starting to resemble sales bots. I don't disagree with what you said (although anything positive about GWB means you have OSTRICHism), I just start looking for the link to a dating site or a hot dog venture capitalist mega opportunity or some other third thing that preys on the materialistic instinct of 50-somethings that can barely work a computer let alone super glue the shattered remains of their pathetic dreams while desperately clutching the vapors of millionaire retirements and daily golf outings.

Just saying.


Now that was a mouthful. I'm 60 though so maybe that's why I don't get it?? Clarification please.

deuce liti

Sales bots are auto posts in threads that sound like a real person posting at first, but are actually pre-written form posts that a script program generates in various web site's forums. They always try to sell stuff like viagra,, make millions just thinking about it while on the toilet, retire early by eating grapenuts cereal, etc. They're program posts and not human.

Robots selling people dreams: sales bots.


Yeah, got that part, just bamboozled by all that stuff after that part :-)


Nothing like a mouthful for the Vlad.


Dear VTImpotent, I am confused. Do you care about those people living in Obamaville (formerly NutBush City) or are you just glad there's one less of them to piss you off? I'm sure you know, given that you know all, that there were actually homeless people before that Obama cheated his way into our lives.

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