Humane society power restored

The light, heat and water were all back Wednesday at Harbor Humane Society, 14345 Bagley St. in Olive Township.
The Holland Sentinel
Nov 20, 2013

The animal shelter has been without power since Sunday when heavy storms and strong winds moved through, knocking down trees and power lines across the state.

Volunteers were cleaning cages with bottled water and putting blankets over cages to keep some of the more than 300 animals warm as temperatures dropped.

Now, the real cleaning has begun, said Jeff Stiegman, interim operations director at the facility.

Stiegman asked people with strays to turn in to hold on to them until Thursday, if possible, as volunteers catch up at the facility.

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So the stay of execution is over. How many will die tomorrow?

Tri-cities realist



It is not the humane society's faulty.. The dogs do not just show up at their door looking for a hand out, it is irresponsible pet owners who are to blame.


I agree that it's not the Humane Society's fault....but they are assigned the dubious task of trying to find new homes for the animals in their charge and if they aren't able to after a prescribed time what happens?

It's my personal opinion that they make it too hard to adopt a pet, too many qualifiers. I have 2 dogs now that usually hang in the house with us, although they do have a large run area that takes up half the backyard. According to the person I talked to the last time I was there, I wasn't eligible to receive a Humane Society dog because my entire yard wasn't fenced in. That my friends is stupid. I often wonder if the dog I was looking at, found a home after I gave up or did they kill him off? I'm sure he'd have been more happy in my house then being killed off because no one else came along who lived up to their requirements.....

Clearly there are a lot of people who own pets, who shouldn't own pets, but unless you want to get the government involved in "who gets to have a dog and who doesn't", you're going to continue to have this problem. Back in the olden times only the king was allowed to have a dog.....

In recent times the lousy economy, forcing people from their homes, job losses and other large issues has caused families to jettison their pets more than usual. That is a different issue than those who simply shouldn't own a pet for whatever reason.

My comment may have been harsh, but it is reality. I wish we could find homes for all of them. I know I haven't got what it takes to be able to kill off a perfectly good companion.


Well said ...


I've made an attempt to adopt from there as well.
It's easier to buy a house.

I'm aware they are making an attempt to ensure the animal goes to a good home, but for the love of Pete! I have two dogs. (We had 3 but she passed of cancer this year, at a cost of over 3k in an attempt to save her).

For new animal owners, I agree a check and some restrictions should be there. But I have dogs. You should ask me for a reference, and I'll give you my vets number. They will tell you my dogs are healthy and well cared for. That should be more than enough verification for adoption.

But hey, what do I know.


I'd agree with what you said. Not only was I not able to meet their stupid requirements and thus not be able to save a sister-in-law tried on several occasions to adopt and she was told each time that there were multiple reasons that she wouldn't be a good fit for one of the H.S.'s dogs. I don't recall now if they ever even told her
what the multiple reasons were, but I'd be willing to bet at least one of the reasons would've been no fenced-in yard. Of course they live out in the country, where few cars go by their house, so it'd be a stretch to have a problem there even if she did let them run free. With some simple training you can teach any dog where the property lines are....done it many times since I was a kid of 10.

Bottom line for my sister-in-law was that she was so ticked about being denied that she ended up going to a breeder and bought herself a pup, (usually a better idea anyhow if you want to bond with a pet) and now she is the proud owner of two pure-bred yorkies. The dogs get treated like royalty so the H.S. and their stupid rules lost them at least two sales that I know of personally.

The irony for me is that now that I'm retired, I would like to volunteer there just to be around the critters on the Green Mile and help take care of them, but I'd be willing to bet you that I'd be banging heads with the ruler in a fairly short time due to their stupid policies....

Are there any numbers available on how many dogs they put to sleep in a 12 month period? I don't really want to know, but it might be an eye-opener.


i think i have heard a similar argument used before....similarly the government giving hand outs and the pets come back for more and they come to expect it.


I felt so bad to read that all of those animals were so cold and there was no water for them to drink or to clean the cages. I think the staff at Harbor Humane are hero's for going to work under those circumstances and doing their job, how many people would want to work in a freezing building and make the best of it without complaining? I will be mailing out a check right away to help out wherever they need it. Wish everyone would do that.

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