Arctic sea-ice melt linked to extreme weather

A growing body of evidence demonstrates a link between the melting of Arctic sea ice and worsening summer heat waves and other extreme weather in the United States and elsewhere in the world, leading scientists said last week.
MCT Wire
Dec 15, 2013

“The Arctic is not like Vegas. What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic,” said Howard Epstein, a University of Virginia environmental scientist who’s part of a team that produced the Arctic Report Card for the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The report card, released Thursday, said that while this year’s melting of Arctic sea ice didn’t reach the record levels of 2012, the ice was thin and was at the sixth-lowest minimum since observations began in 1979.

“We cannot expect to be smashing records every year; there are going to be ups and downs. But those up and downs are going to be superimposed on the trend of a warming Arctic,” said Martin Jeffries, a University of Alaska Fairbanks professor who’s the adviser to the U.S. Arctic Research Commission.

The decadeslong decline in Arctic sea ice is among the most visible signs of global warming. NOAA’s Arctic Report Card came days after a study in the journal Nature Climate Change linked the sea-ice melt to extreme summer weather in North America and Europe.

Experts from China and the U.S. wrote in the journal that rising temperatures over the melting Arctic were changing the character of the Northern Hemisphere jet stream, the fast-flowing air current that circles the globe.

“More frequent extreme summer heat events over mid-latitude continents are linked with reduced sea ice and snow through these circulation changes,” they wrote.

Scientists are strongly debating those conclusions. But Jeffries, who edited the NOAA Arctic Report Card, said Thursday that they reflected a growing body of evidence.

“We can say the statistical relationships are there,” Jeffries said.

He said more research was needed to understand the process and to get a better sense of the underlying physics.


Mystic Michael

But...but...I thought that global warming was a hoax! All the recognized climate science "experts", such as Senator James Inhofe and the Koch brothers, have been telling us so! Now it comes out that it's actually real???

Next they'll be telling us that FOX News isn't real news, and that the earth isn't really flat! Hah!


For those of us that live in West Michigan, we need to be very thankful for Global Warming. If it were not for global warming we would be living on a glacier. People are so very short-sighted and self-focused. We can not truly appreciate the Great Lakes without understanding that the Great Lakes is a result of glaciers receding ... through global warming. It must have been from all of those internal combustion engines thousands of years ago.


Global warming u say, ya when hell freezes over


Yeah . . . upworthy ... nice reliable ... unbiased source there.

Mystic Michael

It's a televised Charlie Rose interview of the late Dr. Carl Sagan. I suppose next you'll be insinuating that Carl Sagan wasn't a reliable source of information about science???

So sorry that the facts disrupt your nice, orderly, hermetically-sealed world view. Reality can be like that sometimes.


"..the ice is melting more rapidly than previously thought.

This amount of loss is staggering; it’s equivalent to about a hundred billion tons. That’s equivalent in volume to a mountain about four kilometers (2.5 miles) high, roughly the size of a medium-size mountain in the Rockies.

I’ll note that some people who deny global warming like to talk about ice in Antarctica increasing, not decreasing. This is at best misleading; the sea ice fluctuates every year, and has grown marginally recently, but this is tiny compared to the loss of land ice. Overall, Antarctica is losing ice, rapidly, with more melting every year."

It's silly and disingenuous to argue against Global Warming/Climate Change based on the fact that the climate has always changed, and there has always been periods of global warming punctuated with ice ages. Of course there has! It's all about the the degree of warming, coupled with the speed in which the changes are occurring - historically, measurably faster than what has been predicted or estimated.


Has everyone forgotten the 70's? Everyone was worried about Global Cooling and that we were entering the next Ice Age. C'mon people, the earth is millions of years old. The short amount of time that we have been able to Scientifically monitor it is incredibly small. Pay attention to weather patterns since the time we began monitoring it. I believe it is simply that, a pattern. The earth is going to survive us and whatever our offspring do to her. Greed, Politics, and War will destroy life as we know it before Mother Nature does.

Mystic Michael

1) The consensus within the climate science community is that the rate of global warming has accelerated rapidly since the 70s - even during the past 20 years. We have access to much more data, and much more recent data, than was ever available some 35-40 years ago.

2) Notwithstanding the importance of actual weather data, climate science is based on a LOT more than just daily temperature & precipitation measurements. Much of the data is based on events & processes that are hundreds, even thousands of years old.

3) I believe you've put your finger right on the pulse of the problem - without realizing it. Yes, the earth itself would probably be doing just fine without us - if we weren't here to mess it up. So Mother Nature per se isn't really the culprit here.

It is in fact greed and politics - the greed of the fossil fuels industry and their co-conspirators, and the "pay to play" politics that allows their high-priced lobbyists to kill off reformist legislation, buy up venal politicians, and marginalize progressive politicians who threaten their cozy arrangement - thereby preserving the dysfunctional status quo.

Thank you for making my point for me.


1. Consensus? I thought science WAS about indisputable fact!
2. Twisting data and events to arrive at a preconceived conclusion. Yup that's liberal science.
3. The electricity you are using to type your gibberish is causing global warm. Why don't you unplug and do us all a favor and save us and the planet. Good lord do you ever get tired of parroting the left gases?

Mystic Michael

And yet, for all your bluster & bombast, you have yet to actually refute me. Should we not assume that if you were able to do so, you would already have done it?

For the record, there is no such thing as "liberal science". There is only good science and bad science. Or apparently in the minds of certain ultra-conservatives, non-existent science.


Great. Just great. Wingmaster's back. Yay.


I stopped being a believer when all the "Green" candidates flew private jets to the 2007 debate.


LOL! Excellent point! The ole "Do as I say, not as I do".


Just like old blowhard Al Gore, who was globe trotting via jet while promoting his slide show about "An Inconvenient Truth." He also lives in an energy-sucking mansion, and tells us mere serfs we need to live by candlelight. I'm just not sold on climate change. I remember during my high school years, when Newsweek's cover was warning us about "The Coming Ice Age." Nature always wins in the end, to paraphrase Robert Service.


Yes. The same Al Gore who sold his network to .... Al Jazeera.

Tri-cities realist

What a fine patriot. Funny how the left overlooks his blatant profiteering.


^^^Funnier yet how all these amazing Repucklicans who champion free enterprise would bash him at all! ROFLMAO! hahahahaha His right to make as much as he can! lololol Capitalism rules! lol Greed is great!


bigdeal = 1. Tri-citiesrealist = 0.


BD he is profitable from what he is trying to destroy. market! That's the rub. He gets a pass for creating hype around bad science that iS NOT conclusive and agreed upon from all in the field and makes money telling lies. Thought that was a liberal chant about the fat wall street! WTF! He is a hypocrite plain and simple.


So what you're saying is he is suppose to be a Republican? I'm not sure I understand your point???


No better then any Rhino which is most of the party. That's my be'atch all along your just voting for the next jack e phant to pad his or her bank account. No one is representing us and if they dare do the media and the rest of the party (insert Rep/Dem) do everything they can to silence them. Time for major change that will make you chumps from the 60's look like school girls!


I was with ya until that last sentence. Not sure why I'm a chump and a school girl because I came of age in the 60's.

Who or what is going to start this major change? Anything we should be looking for? I have a hard time thinking of anything worse than Viet-nam.


Same here, seems the time off has soured wingmaster even further. Seems he is more sensitive now, which we all know leads to liberalism! I do agree with him, both sides are to blame for the mess we are in. But people are too passive today, just like 'they' want them to be. No revolution here, a drone will take you out before you get to the capitol. Better go watch TMZ, my news source.


WTF? Gore is doing what?
1. Destroying free market? By writing a book? Better ban books!
2. Lying for profit? I can't believe any politician would do that. Better ban politicians!
3. Everyone has to agree before something is truth now? Since when?
And, no pass. Where is Gore in politics at this moment and how have the voters rewarded him?
And LTA is correct, Gore should be a Republican, he has their morals and values!
BTW, nice to ave you back Wing, no matter how slanted your views are. lol


What did you guys do with Vlad? Now there's only me to blame it on Obamacare. Hopefully climate change will warm things up some more so I don't get a cold and have to see an Obamadoc.


I think you wore him down, Goyo. He has admitted defeat, and is now working as a navigator for the Michigan health care insurance market exchange. He's the one wearing the T-shirt: "I don't argue, I explain why I am right". (Which he bought with the gift certificate I gave him rather than revealing his t-shirt size and accepting a gift he didn't choose, but which he really wanted, faithfully following the conservative way).


And, for this job, he didn't even have to pass a background check to garner all your information!

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