Mich. jobless rate drops to 8.8 pct.

Michigan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen two-tenths of a percentage point to 8.8 percent, still well above the national rate.
AP Wire
Dec 19, 2013

The state Department of Technology, Management & Budget announced the November job figure Wednesday, saying the drop followed three months when the jobless rate remained steady at 9 percent.

Nationally, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell 0.3 in November to 7 percent.

The state said Michigan's jobless rate remains unchanged from November 2012.

The state's seasonally adjusted civilian workforce fell by 17,000 in the latest month to 4.707 million. The state agency said the number of people working also fell by 7,000 to 4.294 million.

Total employment in Michigan is up by 69,000 since November 2012.




So unemployment rate is down because of people leaving the workforce or leaving the state.
Snyder is worse than Obama. That's hard to do.


If they left the state, they wouldn't be considered unemployed in the state. Now keep in mind that the rate is the percentage of labor force that is currently unemployed but was available for job in last four weeks and was actively seeking employment in that period. It is the ratio of the number of unemployed people to the sum of the number of employed and unemployed people. The rate typically drops this time of year because more people are working seasonal and are not available for work. Others don't even bother to try and find work right now.

Our State has been in shambles longer that Snyder has been in office, but I guess you need to blame someone huh.


Right if they leave the state they aren't considered unemployed, that would cause the unemployment rate to drop.

Obviously the state was in trouble, I was referring to the garbage that comes out of Snyders mouth about job creation. Such as eliminating business tax and right to work, all done under the disguise of job creating.

Neither has proved effective.

Mystic Michael

So-called "right to work" laws (i.e. union-busting) are not chiefly economic in nature anyway. They are chiefly political in nature - a way of further concentrating power at the top of the pyramid, by taking it away from those at or near the bottom of the pyramid.


Have you read the report that came out today, MM? It appears that a recent study shows that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will affect 27.8 million workers; their take home pay would amount to about $35 billion in additional wages. (Huffpost)

The economy would grow by $22 billion - initially, and that growth would result in about 85,000 new jobs to keep up with demand.

Stunningly, you would have to go all the way back to the 1960's to achieve the real value of the minimum wage. Think Congress will pass it?


The numbers only count for people currently collecting unemployment. As they run out, they are no longer considered 'unemployed' by the state. The true unemployment rate is MUCH higher.


This is true. The uncounted unemployed numbers are probably closer to 20+% in Michigan. Those who no longer collect unemployment are just not counted whether seeking a job or not. So by denying to extend unemployment benefits after the end of the year, Congress will once again artificially 'lower' the unemployment rate. And they want you to think our economy is recovering because the stock market is artificially inflated by all the corporate stock buybacks which increase a CEO's bonus'. Seems the feds low rates are increasing this activity, reducing the number of jobs. Ain't capitalism great?


spam filters will not allow me to enter any links wth? To back up my statement above, go to marketwatch dot com and then to the Tell. Find the story: Fed’s low rates may be juicing stock buybacks at the expense of jobs.


Right, in the governments eyes, those who have been out of work long enough for benefits to expire are considered Dropped out of the Workforce. That is the number I would like to see. How many people are able to work but cannot find work? How many of those are collecting other Entitlements? The Feds really do think the Sheeple of the country are stupid don't they?


And the sticker in that theory might be this...more older people (50+) have lost their jobs in the last 10 years. This has been a sort of 'cleansing' for companies to hire younger 'healthier' employees. The former employee now loses their health care coverage. And because they did the right thing and put money into a 401k, they do not qualify for any of your Entitlements, and must draw money from their retirement with a large penalty for early withdrawal of money THEY put away. No entitlement there! Any jobs available are for just over minimum wage and less than 20 hours a week. More like 8 hours a week.


You got it pegged big guy. I won't bore y'all with my story again, but this is reality for us.

Oh, and I just tried to imput a link....no problem. Either you ticked someone off at the Trib, or The clueless one had used up all the available links at the time you tried... :-)


I have read your story and there are many of us in the same proverbial boat. Trying to fix the leaks we can to stay afloat.
I have tried for two days to enter links, but am blocked. I have emailed them (with no reply) but I think everyone available is out in the field gathering the news so they can't answer.


LOL! I'm sure that's where they all are....

Sounds like maybe the link problem might be a local issue with you. My last name ain't Gates, but you might want to try clearing your cookies cache, reboot and try again. If that doesn't do any good then we'd have to dig alittle deeper. If you've already done that and it did no good than I'll get back to ya.... :-)


Yep, and I am very soon to be one of those numbers since Congress failed to even attempt to extend EUC. My state unemployment runs out on the 31st, and of course by then there will be no federal EUC.

I honestly have no clue what I am going to do; I have enough in savings to get my fiancé and myself by for about two months, after that if I have not found a decent job we will both be homeless. It honestly scares the hell out of me. Luckily, she is a manager/shift leader at a local eatery and is in school getting her bachelors in food and beverage management, so it will ease the blow a tiny bit, but we still will not be able to make ends meet. It is heart-wrenching to know that I cannot support the two of us like a man should be able to.

I have been applying to countless jobs; even less than ideal ones. I don't need much to get by being as I am a minimalist and am quite frugal ($1,400/month is enough to easily get by and maybe even save a few dollars). What I am finding is that while I am getting a few interviews here and there, I am being told that I am over-qualified (when I apply at jobs such as retail, or even a couple fast food places), or that I am under-qualified (skilled trades that all seem to want a bachelors PLUS at least five years experience); there no longer seems to be ANY middle-of-the-road anymore in terms of qualifications. There are also many scam jobs out there I am finding that want a large monetary investment up front (like how Amway and other multi-level marketing works, but only disguised as a real job).

At this point I am thinking of taking out a full-page ad in the paper to post my resume. The only thing stopping me is the thought of all the prank calls that would ensue.

I wasn't able to get anything higher than an associates in college since I was forced to pay out of pocket and go to a community college (parents used up my college fund; don't get me wrong, good parents, just some bad choices back then), and my family made enough (but did not contribute any) so pell grants and other funding was tough to come by.

I have a ton of skills in several different areas (electrical and mechanical troubleshooting and repair, etc..., computer hardware/software, automotive repair; used to be state certified in many areas including brakes, driveability, engine repair, automotive electrical, etc..., the list goes on and on).

I have also dabbled in many oddball careers. Used to do load-in/load-outs for concerts back in Flint (I have always wanted to get into the audio engineering and sound reinforcement industry), built several high-end custom bicycles for people, operated and fired 400-ton steam locomotives and worked on the railroad, used to be an award-winning photographer, and of course I run the fountain and do a lot of behind the scenes stuff there.

Add to that the countless hours (well into the thousands; nearly 20-30 a week at the fountain alone) of volunteer hours I put in at various places each year, trying to broaden my skills and help others. I don't do it for self-recognition at all (and would prefer to remain behind the scenes whenever possible), but one would think it would count for something in the job market; maybe showing that I am a self-starter and passionate in what I do for others.

Even with all of that, I am finding it impossible to find a job that will pay at least $1,400/month. Many people won't even take a second look at me because I lack a bachelors or higher, along with many years previous experience in the same field. It is downright scary to think of the future.

Okay enough whining from me for tonight... :)

EDIT: I should add that in the past I have had absolutely NO issue getting a job. Had a very good success rate with interviews from 16yrs old until 2009 when I started on the railroad. I am confident, and think things through, don't drink and have never touched drugs in my life, and have always impressed people during job interviews; often walking out of the interview with the job. Either I have seriously lost my touch, or I was dumped out of working on the railroad into a job market that is worse off than I could ever imagine.


Michigan has become a temp job State., the working poor. In the GR Press a few months ago GR was called "temp city USA"by one repoter. Many of the manufacturying jods and many others,filled with temp service workers are at low wages,no insurance on a day to day basis. This is now the new norm in MI and many other States. I have yet to see the prices of manfactured goods go down like cars or office furniture to name a few,so it seems to me the huge profets manufactures are making are not being shared with the workers.How dose this inpact our State in general, lets take a family in Holland,a family of four, Dad workes for a temp service in a factory and makes $8.50 an hr, brings home about $1,100.00 a mount. This low wage makes the family eligable for DHS services,food stamps and Medicade "Entitlements" ,who pay's for this? all of us, the tax payer's are being held responsible to pay the price, wile the temp service makes a profet, the manufacture's make big profets,this is the new norm for MI,and let's not forget the new Right to work laws,they sure don't want a worker to join a union,they might make a living wage and get off food stamps.

Barry Soetoro

Excellent point.


I had a difficult time getting past your obscene amount of Grammatical and Spelling errors, but you make a fairly good point today. I do not however agree at all with you about the Unions. In my opinion, the Unions of today have been allowed to run rampant with their wages and benefits for far to long. I am sorry but if everyone was paid as much to push a broom as my cousin is, they would be able to afford more but everything would cost more so you would still have less. I hate to say it because I fully support American Made, but perhaps more countries would buy from us if we could compete with cost. It costs America more to make products because of corporate greed. Pay a "fair" wage, not over inflated, give fair benefits, keep cost of living in check with wages, and the economy would be a much happier place.

Now ghjhs, please work on your writing and you will be taken much more seriously. It really doesn't look good and you seem somewhat intelligent.


Look in the mirror watchingyou. Grammatical & spelling errors, you had better edit quick!


Ah yes, you got me. I used the incorrect too in my statement. Although, as you have to admit, it pails in comparison to the heinous amount of errors on the previous statement to which I was referencing.


I would also add to that any capitalization in the middle of a sentence for your own emphasis is incorrect. I never read about the 'watchingyou' exclusion in English class for any of that.


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Tri-cities realist

Amazing... Read it while only having to pause once or twice

deuce liti

What is worse is your pension is considered a win fall and your social security (that you earned and put into) is reduced accordingly. So even if you get a job and for some crazy reason they keep you long enough to retire AND give you a pension (I might as well be writing Lord of the Rings here I'm so far into fantasy land), you're screwed over any way.

Thank God we have plenty of part-time low paying jobs with no benefits for all the college grads that no one wants to hire.

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