Seniors share their memories

Pens moved with a fluid motion across lined sheets of paper as silence filled the room.
Krystle Wagner
Dec 20, 2013

Memories flooded the minds of 10 writers as they responded to a prompt asking them to write about a "first experience" in their lifetime.

The group meets once a month as part of a writing club at Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging in Grand Haven.

Each year since 2007, the group compiles their essays to publish a book. From topics such as “things their parents told them” to "things they should really do,” this year’s collection of essays is called “From the Corners of Our Minds: The Memory Keepers 2013 Anthology.”

Tricia McDonald — a writing coach, author and owner of Splattered Ink Press —leads the group as she provides topics and offers positive feedback about memories they share.

“You hear amazing stories,” she said.

When the group convenes, they share stories they spent the past month creating based on a homework prompt. McDonald said stories often bring about laughter and tears as the writers remember their pasts.

“We’re trying to get out there the real feelings that’s going on,” McDonald said.

After sharing homework essays, the group takes 10-15 minutes to write a response to a specific topic. McDonald said the group’s one rule is that they can’t be negative about their work.

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Alzheimer’s 101, share memories! Alzheimer’s 202, what are we sharing?

Hey I can say that, I could participate in this "sharing" if I could remember where I left my pants. Damn, I need a scotch.




This is the second article on seniors in as many hours. Are we to read between the lines here? Although I'm eligible to get a senior coffee at McDonald's, I'm many, many years away from being shoved into that category.

Rock 'n Roll will never die!


You go girl! We went to Golden Corral awhile back and the girl at the counter asked me my age. When I told her she said I was eligible for the senior discount. I told her, politely, that I wasn't interested in her $0.65 senior discount...I didn't want to be the reason that they ended up filing for bankruptcy. The other half just giggled and walked off to fill her plate.

65 cents?? woohoo, think I'll go buy a suit with the savings!


At the very least, they can never, ever be accused of not offering a senior discount. Hey - that .65 could buy you a paper addition of the GHTrib!....or has that gone up, too?


...And like most places like that, they do the very least they can to get their attaboy. Next time we go (yes, there'll probably be a next time) I'm going to give the girl 65 cents to cover the guy behind me's discount. That oughta confused the **** out of her. :-)

And why would I need a paper addition? The wife's last bird died a couple years ago and I threw out the bird cage.


Because I couldn't think of anything else that costs 65 cents?


Yeah, I think that was kinda my point.
How much does penny bubble gum costs nowadays? maybe I could get a couple pieces of that?


Go to a real restaurant please, really please. Oh, and take the discount when offered, believe me it is built into their profit margin.


Yes I know, but once a month at Texas Roadhouse is all our budget will support right now. Golden Corral was not my idea, but hey, if someone wants to pay for my meal I'm long as it's not Asian or a sushi buffet, ack.


Hey, it didn’t take you long to realize and seize the opportunity, “save a dime here and a quarter there.” Why the very next day, Saturday, you were campaigning its virtue, #6; remember?


Really McDonalds? And just think, last week you were talking about turning 50.


I thought she said 60???


I don't remember it that way at all. Odd that with all the comments I've made in the last decade, this is the one you remember.....


Really Lani, are you kidding me? I am not above doing some research and pulling out the stops on occasion to prove that I'm not losing my mind. Happy Birthday yesterday by the way. Your post follows:


Thu, 12/12/2013 - 10:40pm

HAHA! There is no nose ring or tattoos (or botox or mani/pedi's,) - why not? Too cheap! But I was just trying to rattle truth's cage a bit, but looks like I failed miserably if even you fell for it....

I actually would like to get a tat some day - maybe for my 50th birthday - 8:-D


Now I remember! Thanks for the birthday greetings.....I'll hold them close to my heart until my actual birthday, when I will revisit them with fond memories. Would you remind me then?


Now you know why I always get off subject when I ate eggs for breakfast and parked my car somewhere with the dogs. The moon is hot today. I like Turtles, did you see the size of that squirrel. Sorry my ADHD got mixed with my Dementia again. What was I doing?


LOL! Why ask? You wouldn't remember if I told you.

Man, that hits close to home. Since the wife's stroke I have to remind her numerous times a day, but at least she's still around to remind.

deuce liti

I remember when a quarter used to cost a nickel.


I remember the 4 cent stamp!


Wasn't that a dance?

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