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Jan 14, 2014


So far an older, costlier crowd is enrolling for president's health insurance, with fewer healthy, younger people who will be needed to keep the premiums down.


Up to a quarter of the 300,000 residents whose water was contaminated after a chemical leak can use it again, once they flush their systems.


That's how Umm Hassan, a mother of two toddlers, describes starving Syrian refugees in the beseiged Yarmouk camp outside Damascus, where women brave sniper fire to forage for food.


Chris Christie must touch upon the traffic jam scandal when he gives his State of the State address on Tuesday.


Southwest Airlines grounds two pilots who mistakenly set down their Boeing 737 with 124 passengers at a small Missouri airfield instead of nearby Branson Airport.


As drafted, the legislation would restore federal jobless benefits for some 1.3 million people who have exhausted their state-provided support.


"If my assault rifle took people's lives, it means that I, Mikhail Kalashnikov, ... son of a farmer and Orthodox Christian am responsible for people's deaths," he said in a letter last April, a few months before he died.


The sale comes at a time when bourbon — a type of American whisky that is made primarily of corn and typically distilled in Kentucky — is enjoying a global renaissance.


Nadya Suleman, who has 14 children, has been accused of failing to report $30,000 in earnings while collecting public assistance.


The Denver Broncos quarterback can't stop talking about Nebraska's largest city, and officials there are willing to pay him to keep it up.




11. Newly declassified sworn testimony on Benghazi proves Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice lied about the cause of the Benghazi attacks. Media will get around to investigating after they have destroyed a fat man over a local road closure, annointed Hillary as Queen Bee, and discovered Ted Cruz's dog has sniffed other dogs in the past. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/...


It's just hawwwrible! Not only that, but did you see the way Alicia had to speak to Peter! (I loved the suit she was wearing)....and Anna - OMG, poor Anna, I can't even think about it....and that dress Jennifer wore to the GGA! Wth was she thinking? Do you suppose the NSA is spying on the CBI team!!!.....and then Castle's father - Babs' husband -......


Vladtheimp you should take a deep breath of fresh air and let it go....... You need to stop waking up angry at the world and how bad it is for you. Pick up your head and stop kicking stones down the road all day


Wow, I agree. Although the anger is probably the only thing keeping him alive at this point.


Just an angry little man is all, yelling at the clouds again. Bengazi? Really? You get so worked up over a little incident caused by R's cutting funds to protect our foreign diplomats? Wonders!


Little incident? 4 American deaths.


I would say something about him needing the restroom and a magazine but then that gets me blocked. Ex Lax.


Nice :) A bit of humor.


What's funnier - this cartoon, or the desperation it attempts to gloss over? Hilarious! - after beaucoup dollars and hours, exhaustive research, hearings, and fact-finding missions, 24/7 media coverage, the partisan witch hunts, laser-focused on manufactured scandals - rather than a quest for truth - has drummed up nothing illegal or unethical by Obama, SoS Clinton, or the Administration. No amount of cherry-picking of evidence, overstating the 'scandals', or violating the principle of presumed innocence was enough to get the job done - Major Bummer!

Right-wingers even threw the IRS manager behind the extra review of Tea Party groups under the bus - and he describes himself as a "conservative Republican". Poor conservative Republican guy - as a 21-year IRS employee, he was just doing his job, for the love of Pete!

But today the attention is on Chris Christie - looks like he's become a huge liability to the Repubs - #1: Stood close to the President in a cooperative pose during Hurricane Sandy - (cooties!!), and now this: #2 - presiding over a team of retribution-driven aides who shut down one of the most heavily-trafficked and important national security bridges in the world for 4.5 days just to get even because they can, and oh yes - there's that little matter of Hurricane Sandy funds appearing to go towards the Guv's campaign, leaving many hurricane victims stranded.

I can just imagine the funny bones of those right-wingers as they gaze at this cartoon, aching with mirth, laughing themselves nearly to death.


Those that want to hear shall hear loud and clear and act accordingly, those that choose to stay drunk on the idea of Hillary or anyone else becoming president will listen but hear only what tickles their ears. There are some that will pull the lever for Hillary (if she’s the candidate) despite her ineptitude of anything she’s been involved with other than setting herself up as someone competent to run the US.(she played Bill like a fiddle though).
Most Americans will be turned off by what could be described as a callous attitude while Americans died for no reason…or is there a reason they wanted Mr. Stevens silenced…like his involvement in gun running arms that may have ended up in the hands of our enemies…there are whispers of such out there. When Hillary chose to show her feelings toward somebody else’s loved ones being raped and murdered by screeching “what difference does it make” spoke volumes.
Remember (paraphrasing) “read my lips” and “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” then we were assured “ the patriot act is needed to keep Americans safe” and “mine will be the most transparent administration in history”….add “what difference does it make” to that list of famous or infamous quotes.


I hear ya, but don't believe you. Got links? Ya must have read it on the internet somewhere? "Most Americans"???, turn off Faux News and tune to a real network with truth instead of their regurgitated tripe. Wow, to be so upset about a small incident halfway around the world, you are really on it!
Bill Clinton's lies about a blow-job and semen stains on a dress did not kill anyone. Remember 'weapons of mass destruction', 'the war is over', "We believe that, in fact, Saddam Hussein has reconstituted nuclear weapons." Dick Cheney said this on Meet the Press in 2003. Even as Bush and others were careful of going overboard, Dick "Goebbels" Cheney kept going for not just the Big Lie, but the Grandaddy of them all., "We will be welcomed as liberators", "We have found WMDs in Iraq.", Bush, who tried to extend taxes to thousands of businesses and not call it a tax increase, now claims that if his 2001 and 2003 tax cuts are not made permanent, that is a tax increase. Now, remember, the law as written says those taxes automatically phase out if nothing is changed. Bush now says if the law as written -- the law he signed -- is not changed, that is a tax increase. And I could go on...

Tri-cities realist

And how did Hillary vote on the authorization of use of force in Iraq?


She was duped like the rest of us!

Tri-cities realist

Hmm, I thought she was the smartest woman in the world!


On Friday, the State Dept named the groups responsible. Ansar Al-Sharia. This kinda debunks the old "flash-mob because of a video" routine.


Y'All have it all wrong - Democrat lies and liars becoming exposed; folks beginning to see beyond what they are fed in the mainstream media - I'm a happy guy! http://youtu.be/6bWyhj7siEY

But you really have to step up your games - Barack Hussein told you “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun;” The White House said: “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.” And the best you can do is malign the messenger without disputing the fact that Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice lied? Tis a shameful day for the likes of you.


There has always been a tension between security and diplomacy in the U.S. State Department. There are some diplomats who consider security to be antithetical to diplomacy and, like Mr. Schlesinger, believe that U.S. diplomatic facilities need to be open and accessible rather than secure. These foreign service officers (FSOs) also believe that regional security officers are too risk averse and that they place too many restrictions on diplomats to allow them to practice effective diplomacy. (Regional security officer -- RSO -- is the title given to a DSS special agent in charge of security at an embassy.) To quote one FSO, DSS special agents are "cop-like morons." People who carry guns...and who go out and arrest people for passport and visa fraud are simply not considered "diplomatic." There is also the thorny issue that in their counterintelligence role, DSS agents are often forced to confront FSOs over personal behavior (such as sexual proclivities or even crimes) that could be considered grounds for blackmail by a hostile intelligence service.
Republicants cut funding for overseas protection of our diplomats, remember that with your selective memory? So who is the liar now?


QUESTION: It has been suggested that budget cuts were responsible for a lack of security in Benghazi. And I'd like to ask Ms. Lamb, you made this decision personally. Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which led you not to increase the number of people in the security force there?



QUESTION: So there's not a budget problem. It's not you all don't have the money to do this?

LAMB: Sir, it's a volatile situation. We will move assets to cover that.Washington Post Fact Check: Barbara Boxer’s claim that GOP budgets hampered Benghazi security - 3 Pinoccios (Significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.)

“The Department of State’s base requests for security funding have increased by 38 percent since Fiscal Year (FY) 2007, and base budget appropriations have increased by 27 percent in the same time period,” said the bipartisan Senate Homeland Security Committee report on the Benghazi attack.

The report added that baseline funding requests have not been fully funded since fiscal year 2010, but noted that Congress had been responsive in providing “Overseas Contingency Operations” funds to the State Department in response to emergent security-driven requests, mainly for Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“However, there was no supplemental or OCO request made by the President for additional diplomatic security enhancements in FY 2010 or FY 2011,” the report pointedly noted. “Neither the Department of State nor Congress made a point of providing additional funds in a supplemental request for Libya, or more specifically, Benghazi.”

Meanwhile, while the Accountability Review Board investigation into the attack lamented the failure of Congress to provide necessary resources — and called for “a more serious and sustained commitment from Congress to support State Department needs” — it fixed the blame for the lack of security squarely on State Department officials."



Obviously you did not read my links- "For fiscal 2013, the GOP-controlled House proposed spending $1.934 billion for the State Department’s Worldwide Security Protection program — well below the $2.15 billion requested by the Obama administration. House Republicans cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in fiscal 2012. (Negotiations with the Democrat-controlled Senate restored about $88 million of the administration’s request.) Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Republicans’ proposed cuts to her department would be “detrimental to America’s national security” — a charge Republicans rejected." I read yours, how about returning the favor before blasting away?


And the person in charge of security, Charlene Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, was asked,under oath, “Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which led you not to increase the number of people in the security force there?”

Lamb responded, “No, sir.”

Lamb denied requests from the top diplomatic security officer in Libya to retain a 16-man team of military personnel who had been protecting diplomats.

Is this really so difficult to understand?


Big deal, 4 Americans get killed instead of 20. wow. Good call Lamb!

Tri-cities realist

The callousness of your comment is illustrative. However, it lacks logic as well as being absurd. 20 military trained and equipped individuals would have at least had a fighting chance, who knows, maybe no one would have died. Take your apparent glee about 4 dead Americans, and run along.


Not running anywhere. Glad you would rather have 20 dead Americans instead of a paltry 4 so you could make an even bigger story out of this. Of course, more means we would have won, correct? "Maybe no one would have died', good one. R's cut the funding, plain and simple. Read my previous statements. Not callus at all, let's all be realists here.

Tri-cities realist

So when someone pulls a gun on you, would you rather: A) have your hands tied behind your back, B) have a knife, or C) have a gun of your own to protect yourself?

One dead American is one too many.


Vlad gets his a$$ handed to him almost daily. What a sad individual. It is comical though to watch him try to put his right wing spin on the truth.

Former Grandhavenite

I honestly think that if you look at the Benghazi 'scandal' through a nonpartisan lens, they've absolutely investigated the hell out of it and found- at absolute worst a failure to immediately report what was known by the administration. Even that's debatable.

I have no loyalty to either of the major parties so I feel like I'm not looking at it through any particular colored glasses- I just see it as a total non-issue. There are so many real scandals going on now including our proven spying on supposed allies, drones being used for domestic surveillance, failure to separate the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal from Lake Michigan, the fact that the Wall Street types have never been held accountable for crashing the economy, no safeguards have been put in place to stop it from happening again, etc etc etc.

There are plenty of scandals to get upset about, and plenty of wrongdoing by all political parties. It's always a tragedy when an American dies in the line of duty, but this just such a laughable non-issue in the grand scheme of things.


It's not about the failure of security, or maybe even the orders that stopped the military from attempting to rescue the Americans - it's all about the cover-up, about lying to the American people, the families of those killed, and to the world about the origins of the attack, all to protect Obama's precious re-election bid.

If they will lie to the families of an ambassador and men attempting to protect him, they will lie about anything, and that is the big scandal.


Very statesman-like of you (bows, applause), but sadly, exhaustive and countless hours of government and independent research, hearings, fact-finding missions, 24/7 media coverage, and a great deal of taxpayer money have not, as of January, 14, 2014, found any evidence of a cover-up, of lying, of anything illegal or unethical, or even seriously incompetent, of any individual or agency, beginning at the top with President Obama, all the way down to the Libyan informants.

Rather, it has revealed a series of events, when assembled in an appropriate order, that underscores weaknesses in security, an over-estimation of our 'allies' on the ground, the under-estimation of the power of the media (video) on the Libyans, the sadly incorrect analyzation of the Libyan people by Ambassador Stevens, especially during the 9/11 time frame, faulty intelligence by the CIA, and the need for better, or perhaps different, foreign security.

Focusing on the manufactured 'lies' is the real scandal, and a terrible breach of integrity to those who serve our country.


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