5 things to know about Snyder's State of the State

Gov. Rick Snyder will lay out his 2014 agenda tonight in his fourth annual State of the State address.
AP Wire
Jan 16, 2014

Five things to know about the speech:


The Republican governor typically uses the State of State to touch on broader themes, saving key details on many initiatives — including a potential tax cut or rebate — for his budget proposal due in three weeks. But there will be hints at his spending plan.

Eliminating a waiting list so 16,000 more disadvantaged 4-year-olds can attend preschool for free is close to his heart, and he's likely to tout Michigan landing for the first time federal grants to improve early learning programs.

The state is expected to collect nearly $1 billion more in taxes than anticipated from last fiscal year through next.

"I think it's something we should be proud of and highlight," Snyder told The Associated Press on Tuesday at the auto show in Detroit. "It's because the economy is growing. ... I view it as a good problem to have."


Up for re-election in November, Snyder no doubt will continue talking up Michigan as the "comeback state." So expect mention of the auto industry's resurgence, tourism, Detroit's bankruptcy restructuring, the extra revenue, improved credit ratings, modest job gains and the population growing for the second straight year after years of decline.

He'll again forgo a teleprompter and base his speech on a two-page outline.


Snyder is likely to revisit items from last year's State of the State that stalled in the GOP-led Legislature. Though he already has dialed back expectations of major election-year legislative achievements before November, he remains hopeful lawmakers could agree to replace Michigan's flat per-gallon fuel taxes with percentage levies based on the wholesale price.

He may try again for gasoline tax and license plate fee hikes, but legislators are much more likely to instead use some of the surplus for another temporary boost in road spending.

Other bills Snyder is hoping to revive — but remain stalled — would expand a state district for K-12 schools in the lowest 5 percent for student test scores and lower auto insurance premiums while scaling back unlimited medical care for people seriously injured in vehicle crashes.


Snyder likely will focus mostly on updating legislators and the public on previously announced plans and the state of his Michigan Dashboard: measures in key areas such as economic growth and citizens' health.

Yet look for him to possibly illustrate further some of his ideas on immigration — he says Michigan needs more immigrants — improving mental health services and foreshadowing a later special message on seniors.


Democrats say what the governor doesn't talk about will be just as important as the "spin" on his record and the record of GOP lawmakers.

He won't ask for a minimum wage increase they and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer are seeking. He won't mention tax increases on individuals that were enacted to offset a business tax cut "to corporations and the wealthy," House Minority Leader Tim Greimel said Wednesday while flanked by fellow Democrats, a minimum-wage Burger King worker and a retired teacher whose pension is no longer exempted from taxation.

The most recent monthly unemployment rate of 8.8 percent in November is down just slightly from 8.9 percent when Snyder delivered his last State of the State and is the third-highest in the U.S.

"It's clear the Republicans are not on the side of everyday people," Greimel said.


When: 7 p.m. EST Thursday

Where: Delivered in the House chamber, at the state Capitol, to a joint session of the Legislature

Shown live on: Public TV stations.

Heard live on: Michigan Public Radio Network stations across the state and other stations.

Seen online at: http://www.michigan.gov/snyder



I really don't know who is worse; Obama or Snyder. Are they competing with each other of who can be the worst? One would think so. The BEST thing that could happen for Michigan is that Snyder is voted out of office in November 2014. He is simply no good for Michigan. Never has and never will be. He certainly is no JFK and I think that is common knowledge. I've heard dog catchers speak publicly better than him. ABS=Anybody But Snyder.


Lets see:
Obama: deficit increases how many trillion?
Snyder: Goes from a 1.8 billion deficit to a 1.3 billion dollar
Snyder is the best thing that has happend to MI in 2 decades! You can't please everyone, and even if you're a lazy union fat cats you can't argue with results! You probably like obama b/c he tells you what you want to hear even though it is not true...where snyder gives it straight up!
I wonder how many states have a surplus right now???


Man are you delusional or what? You either need to up your meds or decrease them. What did you have for breakfast? A bowl of stupid or what?


Michigan - the Comeback State - has two people to thank: President Obama and the auto bailout, and Governor Granholm for 8 years of fighting tooth and nail to keep Michigan on a straight course through years of drastically falling revenues and deliberate state senate stagnation. Without the revitalization of the auto industry and supporting auto suppliers and other industries, there would be no surplus to celebrate - it's that simple.

We have yet to hear of any definitive figures regarding how many jobs have been created from the two major pieces of legislation passed in 2011-2012 - the cutting in half the Corporate Tax Rate, and the Right-to-Work law. Both were touted as major job creators - but where are the statistics to back up the claims? More jobs and the tax revenue they bring has been the rationale behind years of cuts to services and education, coupled with the increase in taxes on pensions, etc.

Truthhurts - many state governments all across the country are finally experiencing budget surpluses to some degree or another after the severest recession to hit in 80 years.

Barry Soetoro

Don't forget Blanchard. I'm sure he had a hand in it, too.


Did I make you crack up again? Actually, he did. That was back when State Congress worked hard for Michigan citizens, compromised, and problem-solved to get the job done.

Governor Blanchard's eight years as Michigan's chief executive were notable for his success in turning around Michigan's finances, working with the private sector to attract business investment and trade from around the world. He won national acclaim for his innovative approaches to economic development, education, crime fighting, environmental protection and helping children and families.

On January 1, 1983, he took over what was described as "the toughest governor's job in America." His state faced a $1.7 billion deficit, the threat of bankruptcy, record high unemployment of more than 17 percent and the worst credit rating in America. Working with leaders of business, labor, education and local government, the governor put together a strategy for Michigan's future and made the tough decisions necessary to keep it on track. Jim Blanchard completed his work as Michigan's 45th governor having balanced eight consecutive state budgets, boosted the state's credit rating to AA, established a $422 million "rainy-day fund" and produced a solvency dividend of more than $1 billion in savings from reduced borrowing costs. His aggressive small business and economic development efforts helped create more than 650,000 net new jobs, improve the business climate, increase companies' global competitiveness and make Michigan's economy 35 percent more diversified than it had been a decade earlier. Most noteworthy, Blanchard initiated Michigan's first Office of the Great Lakes and created the Michigan Education Trust (MET), the nation's first tuition guarantee program. He was reelected 1986 by the largest margin of any governor in Michigan history.

Newsweek credited Governor Blanchard with leading "one of the most dramatic economic turnabouts in the recent history of state government," and national publications such as U.S. News & World Report listed him among the best governors in America, one of the innovators and energizers who made things work in an era of declining federal aid. Wiki.

He didn't have to stoop to R-T-W laws, and Rape Insurance laws to burn up time.

Barry Soetoro

You're welcome. Always glad to help, L.


Lanivan has taken to copying some unusual sources: http://www.meridian.org/meridian...

And Jenny was a huge success, essentially based on her intellectual and "economic" background: http://youtu.be/b4FJIP-eZCA

Not to mention her dalliance with some kind of substances: http://youtu.be/b4FJIP-eZCA, and the fact that the bailout lost taxpayer money, Detroit is now being bailed out.

I guess Lanivan thinks with her manipulation of words (she's good at it) we will be so mesmerized that we will forget the recent past, and the present, like the Obama economy and foreign policy over his last (not Bush's) six years.


Hey vlad why dont you go hobble back under your bridge troll.

Tri-cities realist

We're in the lower peninsula, so according to yoopers, we are all trolls.


Yes you are....


What?! I cut and pasted directly from Wiki. Facts are facts - oh, I get it, Blanchard is a Dem, which means he couldn't possibly bring the Michigan economy swimmingly back from the nasty Reagan recession.

You must get over your fixation with Jenny and the Dating Game video. Just be in awe of intelligence, ambition, and beauty all wrapped up in one neat package. Keep pushing it and I'll be forced to drag out the George Bush and Rick Perry college cheerleader videos.

Oh, and that bailout loss - $11 Billion. Contrast that with the Republican-crafted extortion attempt of a government shutdown loss - $24+ Billion.

Oh, gee - there I go again, manipulating all over the place......

Tri-cities realist

Such a balanced, centrist Republican response Lanny. Except that you never give any positive credit to Republicans. Hmm, makes some of us wonder, if you can't be honest about the simplest things like your political affiliation....


Pick, Pick....Pick. You are correct - I'm an old-fashioned William Milliken/Gerald Ford girl. Rigidity, tight adherence to labels, confining paradigms suck the life out of it for me. Extremists on either side are damaging this country, are not allowing government to do what it should and must - address the serious reform issues through problem-solving, advanced abilities and desire to govern, and a balanced theory of reason. Instead, they are too busy dreaming up multi-layered assault sequences. If you want to question my honesty as part of that assault, be my guest. And political affiliation is never a simple thing these days, especially if you are honest about it.

I did receive Christmas cards from both President Obama AND Governor Snyder - O, the horror! A traitor to the label!!! Pull out the stops!

Barry Soetoro

I continued to be amazed that Lani is always on the winning side. I can only dream.....


I did lose once, voting for George Bush Senior in '92.


Her tax policies were a disaster, especially for small businesses. Snyder has used tax reform and spending cuts to balance the budget. Jenny's tax-hard spend-hard approach only created more problems for our economy.


Hey Dude - I want what you're smokin'. I have been a co-owner of a small business during the last three governors, and the taxes haven't changed one iota. As for Governor Granholm's tax-hard spend-hard approach, in addition to it being fun to type, is a crock. If you're going to put out statements like that, please provide some links to back up your claims.

Tri-cities realist

The corporate tax rate cut didn't apply to your business, or did you forget to mention it in this post?


Yeah - notice how echo5oscar (wth..?) hasn't replied after his scorched earth comment? His comment specifically mentioned Governor Granholm's tax policies as being rough on small business, and as a small business, it just ain't so, but is just another fluffy word cloud meant to be a lightning bolt. And, btw, how would you know if the CTR cut didn't apply to my business, unless,....O.M.G. ;-D

Barry Soetoro

Come on L, some people have businesses to run where they put in countless hours for no pay. They can't be on Trib at all hours pounding out 500 word essays for anyone who dare disputes their comment.


Clearly, you haven't even cracked open the signed copy of my latest book I sent you. There are times, exhausted from fighting the good fight with 'Higgins' (Vlad) - (the Magnum P.I. Higgins, not the professor) - this close to waving the flag of defeat, your words, beacons of positive light and energy, inspire me to write just one more word....just one more....one more....


This isn't Colorado! No smoking!


Thanks - I didn't see this before I replied to TCR. Finally - a link behind the Foster Grants. It doesn't especially validate your "tax hard spend hard" canard, as she actually didn't do either. But her take-away is correct - governments should save when the money is coming in, and spend when it isn't.


I choose not to cherry pick news all day.


O, really? Then how do you define what you do?

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