Agema: 'God, family and country' his core issues

Embattled Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema is hitting back at critics of his anti-gay and anti-Muslim Web postings, saying he stands on the same issues he always has — "God, family and country."
AP Wire
Jan 21, 2014

The committee meets Wednesday in Washington.

Gov. Rick Snyder has indirectly criticized Agema, calling for an end to derogatory and negative comments. Other Republican leaders, among them ex-Republican National Committeewoman Betsy DeVos, have said Agema is hurting their party.

"I appreciate Betsy DeVos speaking up," Snyder told reporters after a Martin Luther King Day luncheon in Lansing. "I'm not going to get into specific individuals. I'm sticking with my call across the board for civility and respect towards others."

Michigan Democratic Chairman Lon Johnson criticized Snyder for not being more forthcoming, repeated his call for Agema's removal from the committee and urged Michigan Republicans "to finally embrace calls for common sense equal rights protections for everyone in our state."

In a Facebook posting reported by the Detroit Free Press, Agema said "people are feeding half-truths to the news within the GOP, stirring up divisiveness."

"I stand on the same issues I always have — God, family and country," said Agema, a 64-year-old ex-state representative from Grandville. "There are times I have posted or linked an article to encourage discourse. This does not constitute endorsement of that position, but some capture a controversial snippet and allege those are my words.

"It is an unfortunate and uncivil tactic meant to ruin a person's reputation."



Lon Johnson the MDC isn't very smart. He should just let Agema stay there and continue to poison the party.


Maybe Agema is a DNC 'plant'....

Former Grandhavenite

As one who is not a fan of the Republican party (or any major party for that matter), I hope they promote him to national press secretary and change absolutely nothing.


Politics and spirituality typically do not mix may find yourself straddling the fine line of serving self, compromise your faith to stay in politics or serve your creator and get out or forced out at the ballot box. Serving masters of light and dark at the same time never works well.


Republicants like to portray themselves as bible-thumpers. But the Crusaders were bible-thumpers also. Not much difference today, if they could slay the 'unjust', they would.


I plan to vote every Republican out,City,State,Fed.

Former Grandhavenite

I doubt Agema even realizes how much he has in common with his 'enemies', the hard core fundamentalist Muslims. They also think every single thing in every realm of life, especially politics and government, should revolve around religion. I'm sure he would say that he's different, because see, his religion is the One True Religion, and his God is the Right one...not like all those other infidels (again, similarity to the Muslim conservatives). Honestly I could see Osama bin Laden agreeing with Agema on most issues when it comes to the role of religion in politics and the separation of church and state.


"I stand on the same issues I always have — God, family and country," said Agema,..". If that were true, you wouldn't be spewing bigotry - again, so soon after your Allegan conference homophobia comments. After all, Dave, God, through Scripture, tells us to love our neighbors; everyone has a family, a mother and father, and besides, what does family have to do with your racism and bigotry?; and as for country, the US is made up diversity, it's what makes this country great - and let's be honest, unless you are a Native American, and clearly you are not, you are an immigrant, too.

You, apparently, are the one who is addicted to stirring up divisiveness; you believe you are speaking for Michigan conservative Republicans, and thus are justified in your bigotry, and are above reproach by dragging God, Family, and Country into the cesspool of your belief system.

Meanwhile, Terri Lynn Land, the Republican candidate for Senator, and a colleague of Dave Agema's, says nothing. If the Republicans were smart - and that's a big if, these days - they'd force Dave out asap. Think it will happen?


How can someone who votes for cuts for the poor, sick and old be for GOD, Family or country? As a Republican he is for the rich.


Short answer is that he's a hypocite and not a very bright one either because he's telling the whole country!

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