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Jan 24, 2014


After cheating allegations and an investigation of drug use among missile launch officers, the defense chief summons military leaders to discuss the potential threat to the public trust.


Syria's government says stopping terrorism - not talking peace - is its priority, but both John Kerry and the head of the opposition deride the idea Assad should stay in power to fight terrorists.


One opposition leader urges protesters to maintain a cease-fire after a meeting with the president, but others say negotiations gained little.


The ex-Arkansas governor tells fellow Republicans that Democrats use the promise of contraception to try to win over female voters and insult them "by making them feel they are hopeless without Uncle Sugar."


The newly elected attorney general says the state's ban on gay marriage violates the Fourteenth Amendment.


Vincent Asaro, 78, is accused of helping to direct the 1978 $6 million Lufthansa Airlines theft at Kennedy airport, which was dramatized in the hit Martin Scorsese movie.


After seeing a YouTube video of a former student confronting a former middle school teacher, an 18-year-old decides to speak out.


Unlike previous dustups, the pop star faces potential jail time after police arrested him on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest.


"No one ever expected this — that after 10 years a Mars exploration rover would continue to operate and operate productively," the project manager says.


Computer menus, icons, dragging and dropping — even the trash can— all harken back to Steve Jobs' creation.


Barry Soetoro

6). I thought Henry Hill gave those guys up years ago.

"I've been telling you your whole life, don't talk on the (expletive) phone, and now you understand, huh?"



“Notably, new regulations and presidential announcements over the last several months with respect to the ACA have imposed operational changes well after product and pricing decisions had been finalized.”

Things are moving as planned - only Obama single-payer can save us from the health insurance crisis caused by Obamacare. Never let a good crisis go to waste.


Here we go...good morning Vlad, nice to see you "stay on topic".


Good morning to you, Bigdeal - sorry that news impacting roughly 450,000 human beings employed by health insurers got in the way of the important "topics" of your day, like what some former governor said, a mobster pleading Not Guilty, a teacher's union pervert, and Justin Bieber.


I mentioned the Huck below, but have no idea what else you are talking about. Better hit on that BHO again.


Did you know, Vlad, that the quote, "Never let a good crisis go to waste" originated with Winston Churchill? He also said, "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject".


Mr.Lani.....that was priceless! Say so much with so few words. Wish I could do that :-)


We all march to our own drumbeat, LTA - I, for one, enjoy the diversity. Drum on!....


4. Well he was the gubner of ArKansas. That about says it all right there. Conservative is becoming a swear word. Surprised I didn't get moderated for printing that word. Conservative=war on women. If you are a conservative woman, you are an oxymoron!


Well I've heard big being called Ox and Ye are a moron, so sometimes big dumb guys can be an oxymoron too; but really only if the clown shoe fits.


Back at ya sweetheart.


Holy Return, Batman! I was beginning to think you chucked it all for a warm beach with your guitar as your new revenue source. Hope all is well....


Gosh, next thing you know he'll be found to have diddled an intern, be found guilty of perjury, and be credibly accused of raping a number of women, all while he was married to the smartest woman in the world, like that other conservative governor of Arkansas, you know, Slick Willy Clinton. Oh, pardon me, I guess diddling interns, cheating on your wife, and rape don't constitute being a war on women if you're a Democrat.


You Republicans are brilliant - brilliant, I tell you! Hucklebee disapproves of something that allegedly increases women's libidos. Yeah - that's a winning campaign strategy that will bring in the votes of all their men.


I rarely say this about the feisty Lanivan, but in this case you have no idea of what you are talking about. Here are the exact words from Huckabee (and I'm not a fan of his):

"I think it’s time for Republicans to no longer accept listening to Democrats talk about a ‘War on Women.’ Because the fact is, the Republicans dont’ have a war on women. They have a war for women – for them to be empowered, to be something other than victims of their gender.

Women I know are outraged that Democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have a government provide for their birth control medication. Women I know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything anyone else can do.

Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women. That’s not a war on them, it’s a war for them. And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of government, then so be it. Let’s take that discussion all across America, because women are far more than Democrats have made them to be. And women across America have to stand up and say, ‘Enough of that nonsense.’”


Right now there are 700 bills sponsored by Republicans in state legislatures, all intended to restrict women's access to contraception and abortion. Determined to repeal both Obama's Affordable Care Act and women's reproduction rights, Republicans have flooded the courts with efforts to accomplish both.


Your source tells me where you get your misinformation. "Restrict women's access to contraception and abortion" means, in reality "restrict government from requiring taxpayers to pay for women's contraception and abortion."


of course, the detractor is always the messenger we hear, as is yours, which I fully understand. Have a better reply? Guess we have to read between your lines also?


I am quite capable of understanding what I read without your assistance, Vlad. You have just wasted your "mock Lanivan" capital on what amounts to a major losing strategy of the GOP.

Essentially, Mike Huckabee is saying, on behalf of the GOP, is that providing contraception to women under the ACA turns women into sluts who want free stuff from the government, and that the GOP is there to protect them from that.

This from a political party that has infamously made statements such as: "legitimate rape", "women's bodies have ways to shut the whole thing down", and calling bright young women "sluts" and "prostitutes".

Huckebee is just attempting to criticize Obamacare and Dems through illogical political grandstanding, given that in 2006 Gov Huckabee signed into law Arkansas health care reform that provides women with contraception. Talk about hypocritical!

Women do not need the GOP to take away their rights to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies in order to "empower" them; women are capable of controlling their own libidos without the fear that only government is giving them the means to do so, or should I say, "Uncle Sugar" (what a creep).

The GOP will continue with this nonsense at their own peril.


Apparently you need someone's assistance because Huckabee did not say what you allege he said - if fact it would be strange for him to be parroting Democrat talking points.

Putting aside your nuances, penumbras, preconceptions, misconceptions and bias, can you show where Huckabee said what you claimed he said from his actual words, or are these just dog whistles? (Maybe you should read what he actually said before posting from a story in Democrat Underground or the Huffington Post, or any of the other Republican, Centrist sources you consult on a daily basis)because what you wrote is embarrassing for someone as intelligent as you are!)


The problem here is that I originally read Huckabee's speech and formed my opinion before reading anything else about it. It couldn't be more clear, and perhaps the reason you don't see it, is that you don't want to see it. Or maybe you agree with him, and refuse to believe his critics. If Huckabee really felt about women the way he described his feelings, he would leave well enough alone and step back from the anti-contraception thing; honestly, insurance companies have covered contraception for decades. Contraception is a very important tool for women to have some control over their lives, for family planning, as a treatment for several often times debilitating health issues; this constant obsession about 'libidos' is not only unseemly, it's stupid.

This current GOP attitude towards women and their role in society, and how women somehow are not capable of controlling their lives or bodies, and need a GOP war for women, another logo created in an attempt to undue the damage already done, is summed up by the travesty in Texas, of the Texas law forcing a brain-dead, decaying, pregnant woman - a corpse - to stay on life support because of that baby, tests of which show it is non-viable. Finally, a court ruling allows the plug to be pulled, and this poor woman and her baby can die with dignity. Talk about too much government intervention.

I repeat: The GOP proceeds in this utterly digressive contraception argument at it's own peril. When it comes to the health and welfare of women and their families, the vast majority of women will not take kindly to this.


1. Huckabee did not say what you claim by any reasonable and rational reading of his speech. He described how Democrats treat women, the misognyny of low expectations, as exemplified by the almost scrubbed from the web Life of Julia Obama campaign slideshow http://web.archive.org/web/20130...

2. Insurers covered contraception when it was part of the insurance contract purchased and paid for by the insured - not because Barack Hussein Obama decreed that every insurance contract had to have that coverage, and often at no cost to the insured, just to the employer and the taxpayer. Your strawman doesn't work - no one is arguing whether contraception should be available - the issue is whether taxpayers who oppose its use for religious and other reasons should have to pay for it through their taxes.

3. I happen to agree with you on the Texas situation - I wonder whether you have the same compassion for the millions of babies aborted each year, including those late term abortions so prized by your President and his Democrat party.


1.) What a crock. He inferred exactly what I said. Government is there as a safety net when women, who still generally make less $$ then men, and are often the most disadvantaged at various stages through life, might need it. The big problem: the actual words Huck used resonate with you, and you want to believe him at face value, because you believe it. My detect-o-meter tells me you are not a misogynistic/chauvinistic type of guy; rather, you are in the protective, supportive, non-threatened mode that takes care of their women without needing government support.

2.) Boo-Hoo. I really am angry that I'll be paying taxes to pay for the Iraq War and the 16-day government shutdown until my last breath. Somehow, even with that knowledge, I find a way to get through life.

3.) For the love of Pete, you have to bring up late term abortions? You know exactly how I feel about abortions, so why are you baiting me on this? Frankly, it is disgusting to cavalierly speak of late term abortions when, apparently, you have never known the unspeakable grief, dire circumstances, and haunting decisions that accompany a late term abortion, (or a late term spontaneous miscarriage or stillbirth), which in every case is necessary for the life of the mother, and/or the baby has become non-viable. Please don't bring this up again with me.


How very liberal and progressive of you:

1. Ignore all studies showing rational, economic, non-discriminatory reasons for a wage gap, including choice of career, working fewer hours, etc.; ignore that Senate Democrats and Obama's White House pay female staffers less than male staffers.

2. Ignore the Constitution; ignore the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and bring up the Iraq War and Obama and Reid's Government Shutdown.

3. How especially Progressive to decide what subjects I can express an opinion on. I don't speak cavalierly of late term abortions (what do stillbirths and miscarriages have to do with abortion?). And you know perfectly well that the life of the mother and condition of the baby are not the only legislative criteria permitting late term abortions ("HEALTH" of the mother). I give you 2 words: Kermit Gosnell.

And, FYI, I have tried to protect and support the women I have lived with and/or married, but it has always been a partnership with each contributing something to the relationship. Government support was never an issue - and yes, I often worked several jobs in the early years to ensure we never had to rely on government assistance, but so what? The Democrats have been portraying women as somehow less capable than men - that is simply a demonstrable fact - I don't fault them for it - obviously it resonates with their base and is focus-group tested - but one can't deny it is part of their strategy to claim that Conservatives hate women and only the Democrats, through government, can protect them. Kindly refrain from requesting that I not make reasonable, considered arguments on topics that either offend you or to which you are unable to respond. Thanks!


"..the women I have lived with and/or married,...". Say no more - this explains everything....:-D



Clean cut image? Nothing he does is original, he has been copying Miley's haircuts for years and is going down the same path. At least he has the prison tat's out of the way already. Can't wait till they go away.


Arrgh, you planted the image of Justin Bieber twerking and doing the Miley Cyrus MTV routine - ruined my morning - Thanks a lot.


Who knew that's all it took!? I've been trying too hard all this time.


This is the first time I have seen vlad post anything other than his usual right wing agenda.


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