Land resigns from GOP National Committee

U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land resigned Friday from the Republican National Committee, effective immediately.
AP Wire
Feb 1, 2014

Land told The Associated Press in a written statement that she wants to focus her attention on the campaign. The former Michigan secretary of state was elected for a four-year term to the RNC at a state Republican convention in 2012.

"I had planned to step down from the Republican National Committee after the (August) primary in order to focus our full attention on the general election. Now that it doesn't look like there is a primary, the timing makes sense," Land said. "It is time to move forward as the candidate for U.S. Senate."

Michigan's other RNC elected member is Dave Agema, who has refused to step down after making anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments, despite calls from many top Republicans to resign. The Agema controversy has been awkward for Land politically, though she did not mention it in her Friday resignation statement.

She initially expressed disagreement with Agema but did not ask him publicly to step down until shortly after RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak called for his resignation a week ago.

The Michigan Democratic Party earlier this week asked if Land would campaign with Agema after he praised her on Facebook.

It is up to the 113-member Michigan Republican State Committee to choose Land's replacement, possibly as early as its Feb. 14-15 meeting if the rules allow it.

"We thank Terri Lynn Land for her service as National Committee Woman, and while we are saddened to receive this news, we understand and support her decision," Schostak said in a statement.

Land's likely Democratic opponent is U.S. Rep. Gary Peters.


Mystic Michael

"Michigan's other RNC elected member is Dave Agema, who has refused to step down after making anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments, despite calls from many top Republicans to resign."

Why would they ask him to resign? Bigotry and xenophobia is what the GOP is all about, and Agema is only keeping it real. So why are they so afraid to be upfront about it?

Tri-cities realist

While I'm not a fan of Agema or the RNC for that matter, they certainly don't have a monopoly on bigotry (if Agema or the RNC are really bigots). Recall, the democrats poster boy, Bill Clinton and his "coffee" remark when referring to Barack Obama. I don't recall seeing your outrage over Clinton's remarks, I must've missed that.


Agema's continuing biased remarks are universal in scope - he has spoken out against both homosexuals and Muslims, and he insists he speaks before packed audiences who fully support him. Agema should never have been put into a position of power - he was elected by the Republican party in Michigan, and they now are scrambling with the task of damage control to deal with their poor decision, in an election year. Good Luck with that.

But you are right - there are bigoted and racist people throughout the spectrum, regardless of political persuasion, but the current conservative right-wingers win the prize, hands down. Scarcely a day goes by when you don't hear about a Tea Party Republican in a leadership position make some outrageously biased, hateful, bigoted, or racist public remark. They have their 15 minutes of fame, and then are cast out at the next election.

So, with that in mind - Carry on, Dave Agema!

Tri-cities realist

And which party had the most recent member of Congress that was a KKK member? Yep, the democrat, Robert "sheets" Byrd. Which party had the higher percentage of congress that opposed the civil rights act of 1964, the democrat party, and the likes of Byrd, Strom Thurmond, etc. So please don't lecture us about the RNC being bigots, the democrat party has a strong history of racism.

Mystic Michael

This is 2014. Republican bigotry & xenophobia are defining characteristics of their ideology. It is widespread and running rampant - right now.

Democrat bigotry is NOT a defining characteristic of Democratic ideology. It exists primarily on an isolated one-off basis, and has not been widespread within the party for many decades.

Remember: 2014. Focus.

Former Grandhavenite

Abraham Lincoln would be about as welcome in today's Republican party as Barack Obama would be in the Democratic party of 1860.

Tri-cities realist

Granted, 1964 may be the distant past, but what about Bill Clinton's remarks? Were you ok with his racist remarks because he is a democrat?

Please show me a link to the RNC platform which sanctions bigotry and xenophobia. While I usually don't agree with many things the RNC does, to cast republicans as bigots is pure sophistry.

Tri-cities realist

Still waiting


"Land's likely Democratic opponent is U.S. Rep. Gary Peters".

This statement sounds tenuous, but apparently the Dark Money special interest advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, believes it, as they have three weeks of ads scheduled to run against Gary Peters, totaling $1.8 million. The Americans for Prosperity is a pressure group created and funded by David Koch, of the Trust Fund Billionaire Koch Bros.

Dark Money group Americans for Prosperity - please stay out of Michigan. Michiganders don't need Trust Fund billionaires who aren't particularly connected to the State, the candidates, or Michigan citizens to tell them how to vote.

Tri-cities realist

Will you allow the DeVos's to spend their money here, or aren't they connected enough to the state of Michigan?


The closest I've come to "allowing" the DeVos's to spend money is during the 2006 election when Dick DeVos spent 35 million of his own money running on a conservative plank, and lost by double digits to Jennifer Granholm. But, of course, that didn't stop him from cramming the RTW law down the gullets of our Republican legislators 6 years later, under the threat of the wrath of God, sorry - I mean the wrath of DeVos.

But I digress. At the very least, the DeVos family has done marvelous things for Grand Rapids, which has put Grand Rapids on the map. Besides the positive attention garnered from Art Prize, and the medical community, Advocate magazine rated GR as one of the gayest communities in America, and GR was voted BeerCity 2013.

Tri-cities realist

As a small business owner, I would have thought you might mention the thousands of jobs the DeVos and VanAndel families have created, in addition to their philanthropy, hospitals, museums, etc.

Former Grandhavenite

It's a relief that she's been apprehended, but the public must remain vigilant as some Republicans are still at large. If a generic, windowless white van rolls up next to you and offers you campaign cash or free candy if you'll just get in and go for a ride you should be wary. Also, watch out for signs of 'grooming' voters, as that's also a tactic serial predators have been known to use. Law enforcement also recommends checking the online registry of lobbyists to find out if any are living in your neighborhood so that you can tell your kids to never go into a voting booth alone with them.

Mystic Michael

LOL, dude! Just LOL...


I second that!

Tri-cities realist

Is ACORN still doing this stuff? I'm sure you all are gravely concerned.

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