High-tech tickets

A traffic stop in five minutes?
Becky Vargo
Feb 3, 2014

That’s not out of the question with new technology recently implemented in Ottawa County.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Todd said the electronic system used to input and print traffic tickets is a big time saver.

Not to mention the fact that he’ll no longer get calluses on his finger from pressing so hard to get through a 5-carbon copy ticket.

Local police agencies have already been using an in-car computer to run information on a vehicle and registered driver.

New software and a printer – implemented within the last few weeks — allow them to input the traffic offense and print a copy for the violator.

No additional written copies are needed because all of the information is now stored in a database, immediately accessible by administrative staff and court employees.

Todd said what once took a couple of days to get to the district court offices is now available in just a matter of hours.

Capt. Steve Kempker of the sheriff’s department said the county took the lead on the project because of the computer and software implementations needed for the court system, as well as the police cars.

Kempker said the whole process is a lot more efficient – just the next step in the county’s effort to use new technology.

“We will see more technology advancement in the next few years,” he said. This will include records management and dispatch computer aided design.

One of the immediate benefits of the software used for the e-tickets is the information gathered.

“It also creates a very valuable database for us for investigative purposes,” he said. “We can run a report for all people ticketed in a certain place during a certain time.”

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oh come on

Well, I guess the day of talking yourself out of a ticket is long gone.....


Read the article, the deputy still has to input the violation, to generate the ticket.

oh come on

Yes, I understand that. Let me clarify for you. In my opinion the days of talking yourself out of a ticket are long gone.


Leaves more time for donuts, mmmm...


Nice pic.....walk in their shoes for one shift and see what they actually go through.


Well said.


Not that big of an ego, sorry. They do walk tall though, and carry big sticks now in this New World Order...




So take a few bad apples and judge them all. Intelligent.


so stick your head in the sand, intelligent.


So all police are bad?


where did you read that? is that your own statement?


Nice try. But you are the one stereotyping.


Nice try. But you are the one stereotyping.


So, all police are good? you are the one stereotyping!


As I said before, you are judging them all from a few bad apples.



Now it's easier than ever to self fund ones own job !


Calluses? Did I miss the joke? LMAO


I’ve always admired our State Police; to me at least they have been professional, courteous and have never hassled me for stupid things.

Local Cops usually are the doughnut eating citation addicts we've all learned to dislike. I've found that our cops and Ottawa Co. don't like speeders but beyond that they leave you alone.
Every citation I've ever received in 40 years of driving has been in Whitehall or Montague...and I never lived there; I hear that you may want to stay below the radar in Rothbury too; there are more cops than citizens.


Ooooooookay..... I can agree that the State Police are professional, but they sit in the median with their radar looking for speeders just like the locals. The difference is they are on a limited access highway where in good weather an average driver could easily do 85 and not pose a significant threat to my family. Local cops are trying to stop cars doing that speed on Mercury Dr. where there are cross streets, driveways, bicycles and pedestrians. That's where the cops need to be in my opinion. It all goes back to if you choose to speed, don't be indignant when a cop does the job we pay him to do by giving you a ticket.

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