Anonymous plans protest against NSA surveillance

Keep your eye on the corner of Jackson and U.S. 31 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11.
Feb 10, 2014

During those times, local members of an Anonymous group plan to be there for an event dubbed "The Day We Fight Back."

The group is protesting the National Security Agency's mass surveillance programs, and will remember the late Aaron Swartz, who focused on political activism in support of civil liberties and justice.

The group's website says this about their mission: "Together we will push back against powers that seek to observe, collect, and analyze our every digital action. Together, we will make it clear that such behavior is not compatible with democratic governance. Together, if we persist, we will win this fight."

Expect to see some Anonymous masks, modeled after the mask in the "V for Vendetta" movie. The main character in the movie focused on rooting out corruption in an effort to create a free society.

For more information, check out the activism website by clicking HERE.




Fellow Citizens of Grand Haven,
"And so it is to the printing press, to the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscious, the courier of his news that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be, free and independent." -J.F.K.

We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, This Tuesday... EXPECT US!


Fellow Citizens of Grand Haven,
"It will be cold, the NSA won't care what happens at Jackson and N Beacon, neither will any of the sheep who drive by. The only ones aware of our message will be the frappe mochachino grande sippers at Starbucks staring out the window." -GHJames

At least you made the paper though. Good luck Legionnaires.


Thank you GHJames. We always enjoy your comments. You stir good conversation. The weather report is appreciated. The whole thing could have been a big flop with all of us thinking it would be over 9000 degrees out. As for the NSA, Little Brother is watching too! But you're right they don't care. Probably because you're right about all the rest, or maybe not? But until they wake up we will fight for them! Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for being you! Hope to see you there. We love you! LULZ


LULZ? Surely that will effect change.

This is all very romantic, but for real protests look at places like Ukraine and northern Africa. We Americans, mask-donners included, are generally too soft for real revolutionary action. Luckily you have good access to your legislators, who are your best hope anyway even with the masks and signs. They might listen better if you show them your face and make a reasoned argument.

Mystic Michael

Appeal to legislators? Just try making the case for reform to any of the borderline mentally retarded, wingnut members of Congress from newly-gerrymandered districts. As if they could give a rip - even if they did understand what's going on, though many are clueless.

Just try having a rational, sensible dialogue with the likes of Louie Gohmert. Or Virginia Foxx. I dare you.

Congress? They'll take care of the problem. Yeah. Right.


I do not promise results from Congress, but I do promise that nothing will change because of some people in masks.

I will always support the right to do this, and there will be some intangible results like participants' morale and motivation for real action in the future, but the grandiose comment above indicates some delusion as to the real impact.

We all know the NSA spies on us. Fight the system from within, or vigorously from without!


Thanks for the advice, but there are Anons in every "Alphabet Agency", we are everywhere! We are trolls too! Though we totally respect & defend freedom of speech, in the digital age ignorance is a choice.


To the protestors, I suggest beginning with YOUR representatives, rather than the tough nuts that Michael suggests.


Why suggest something we already do?
That we had to re-post this link after the Tribune was kind enough to already provide it to you, is as silly as not lieking mudkipz.


'HE' doesn't click on links, 'HE' likes to remain ignorant. 'HE' is a troll with only his own opinions.


LULZ do effect change. To put a smile on someone's face is to change mood. It's only part of the process. As for real protesters, Anonymous has already proven itself there & nobody has to go to any certain level to achieve their goal. Each method & level of protesting is only appropriate in certain situations. Local law enforcement showed us respect today, as they always do. We have no need to slap them in the face by bringing things to another level. Anonymous as an idea is peaceful revolution. If you wish for something more, do it yourself.

Those who were awake or actually do their research know this. As for the comments you keep making on contacting legislators... you must have only read the article & not clicked the link to the activist website. It has a video showing how Aaron Swartz helped organize protests to defeat SOPA/PIPA. By no other means than contacting legislators! That is all part of what we did today. Our protest was just one small part of a bigger picture. Like thousands of e-mails & calls to our representatives, over 6,000 websites posting banners & encouraging participation, & protests to help inform & spread the word.

Yep. You should have done your research... but then again, I'm just feeding a TROLL, right? We accomplished our goal today. We celebrated victories we already made, we remembered a fallen hero, & if you had actually been next to us you would've noticed, we did make an impact. Even if only just one person, that counts, it helps. But instead we did much more!

As for our masks, it's not about hiding. The internet has become a sacred community for free speech. Being "anonymous" online allows you to be viewed as a person with a voice, nothing else. No unfair attacks on an idea because of race, religion, etc. The masks are a offline representation of this. We present information & ideas without blurring them with unnecessary issues. Enjoy your TROLLING! I'm NOT mad bro, are you?


I'm not mad, I'm not accusing anyone of hiding (I doubt you would wear a mask if you were really speaking with a legislator) and the only thing I was ignorant of is that your group already does the things I suggest. My bad for not knowing that. Glad you had a great day and I would apologize for causing you strife with my opinions, but you seem to generally take it in stride, aside from the name calling.

Mystic Michael

Just the sort of full-scale embrace of apathy, passivity and cynicism that I recall so keenly from my childhood in Grand Haven. I guess some things don't change - because the good townfolk reflexively oppose change. ANY change, no matter how beneficial.

Well, you may disappoint, but at least you don't surprise...


Thanks again for denigrating us 'dumb hicks' in boring, stagnant old West Michigan.

Criticism of protestors in masks does not constitute apathy. Maybe it is cynicism, but it truly seems to me that the manhours that went into the protest could have been applied in a more productive manner. I do not say "do nothing", I say "do something that has a chance to make a difference".

By the way, what change are you referring to that the townspeople are resisting in this case?

Back to the Wall

Mystic Michael entertains. He reminds me of this guy that graduated from high school several years before we did. He'd come back to football games or to the cafeteria and tell us about how he's in his third year at the community college and how immature all of us were.


Just taking a shot in the dark but I would assume without the masks these may be the same people:




People should not be afraid of their government, rathe the government should be afraid of its people. Remember, remember. know the rest.


I saw these guys today .I was confussed I thought they were local bums that had on fresh gear!!


Quit smoking that good stuff and you won't be so confused!


THANK YOU to all the people who braved the cold to protest! :)


A very humble welcome back to you. No thanks necessary though, just doing our duty. :) Freedom Forever!

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