Mich. beats health insurance sign-up targets

About 112,000 Michigan residents chose a private insurance plan under the federal health care law in the first four months of enrollment, outpacing government projections by 12,000.
AP Wire
Feb 13, 2014

Numbers released Wednesday by President Barack Obama's administration show 36,500 more people in the state signed up through a federal website from Dec. 29 to Feb. 1.

Eighty-six percent of those picking a plan qualified for tax credits to offset a portion of their premium, a higher proportion than 82 percent nationwide. Fifty-six percent of state residents signing up through January were women.

Young adults represented 26 percent of enrollment in Michigan, similar to the national rate.

The website allows consumers to compare and buy insurance. It's a key element of the health law along with an expansion of Medicaid to more low-income adults, which begins April 1 in Michigan.

Most states are still lagging when it comes to sign-ups under the health law, but Michigan is among a dozen high-achievers getting ahead of the game, according to an Associated Press analysis.

The administration has been unable to say how of many of those enrolling for coverage previously had no insurance. Some might have been among the 225,000 Michigan residents whose previous policies were at risk of being canceled because they didn't meet the law's standards.

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said there's still time to enroll by March 31. People risk being fined for not having insurance starting in April.

Erin Knott, state director of Get Covered America, said she expects enrollment to "grow significantly" as more consumers look for health coverage and find out about financial assistance.



Good news here! Now, wait for it...

Mystic Michael

B-B-But I thought that the ACA...um, I mean "ObamaCare" was an abject failure! I mean, that's what all the suits on corporate media have been telling us!

Next we'll be finding out that "trickle-down economics" was just a cruel hoax; a way of further enriching the already wealthy & powerful at the expense of everybody else - while conning the middle class and working class into supporting their own exploitation. Ha!

Tri-cities realist

If insuring less people was the goal, then the ACA has been a success, otherwise not so much.

Tax and spend has been working well for us, eh?


Ignorance is bliss, eh? Intelligent conversation you say?
From fact check, President Obama has not raised taxes, that is a lie:
The truth is that Obama repeatedly cut taxes for families, first through a tax credit in effect for 2009 and 2010, and beginning in 2011, through a reduction in the payroll tax that is worth $1,000 this year to workers earning $50,000 a year. And while it’s true that some tax increases contained in the new health care law would fall on individuals, they have mostly not taken effect yet and are small compared with the cuts the president already enacted.

Tri-cities realist

Hmm, crickets on the net effect of the ACA producing more uninsured than insured in Michigan. How telling!


Clearly you are one of those who are benefiting from this debacle. Not everyone is. Many middle class have seen huge increases in their monthly premiums and are told they do not qualify for any subsidy but you enjoy yours Michael and know others are going with out medications or doctor visits because they can no longer afford them. Many are being forced into paying for options on their insurance they obviously do not need. I am one of these people. It's not just the rich that is getting left with the bill here.

Mystic Michael

There have been SO many false, counterfeit, bogus claims made by Republicans in order to gin up artificial outrage against the ACA (i.e. Cathy McMorris Rogers' official GOP response to the SOTU address last month, etc.); claims that readily fall apart with just the slightest bit of honest scrutiny, that they have become almost impossible to all keep straight.

In such a toxic, disingenuous political environment, it has become very hard to take ANY such anecdotes at face value.

Tri-cities realist

Ok, let's start with this: in michigan, 100,000 or so have signed up using the exchanges, 200,000 or so had their policies cancelled due to the ACA. Do you still consider this a resounding success?

Mystic Michael

I'm saying that a very great number of so-called policy "cancellations" that have been reported since October - mostly via the right-wing and corporate media - have proven to be nothing more than either the usual corporate shenanigans in which insurance companies have routinely engaged for decades in order to enhance their profits, OR actual cancellations of sub-standard junk policies, newly-outlawed by the ACA, in order to protect the general public from fraud.

I'm saying that in those cases of alleged cancellation that have actually been researched, investigators have overwhelmingly found that the alleged "victims" held a pre-existing bias against the ACA, such that those persons either refused to even look on the exchanges for a new, improved and affordable replacement policy - or they simply made up a completely false story - just to get their names and faces on FOX News.

The practice has been so widely used, abused and manipulated during these past four months, especially by Republican politicians, that Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers even made such a bogus claim the centerpiece of her case against the ACA, delivered during the official GOP response to the President's State of the Union address last month.

Think about the utter, brazen chutzpah of it all: Telling a bald-faced lie, straight into the TV camera, during a live address to an audience of more than 50 million people!

I'm saying that I don't trust your claims. I'm saying that you are not a credible vehicle for those claims. I'm saying that there is more than ample reason to be highly suspicious of such claims.

Tri-cities realist

I'm just referencing the data the media cite. So if you have an analysis showing how this is all some vast right wing conspiracy, I'm all eyes. And to claim "fraud" is a bit much. If their were so many "fraudulent" policies out there, why weren't they investigated and snuffed out prior to ACA? It's not like the industry had NO regulation or oversight. Perhaps people wanted a more "bare bones" policy that served their needs and they could afford... Nah that could never be the case. Your conspiracy theory doesn't pass the smell test.


What information that was omitted from the article is the 234,000+ Michigan residents who "Lost" there healthcare plans due to Obamacare. The first clue when determining reliability when reading this article from the Tribunes passing of information from the AP, is the first sentence - Numbers released Wednesday by "President Barack Obama's administration" Be vigilant in obtaining factual information, Obamacare is destined to reach "all" American households, when it does "Affordable Care Act" will not be the first description coming to mind. The full negative affects of Obamacare are being tempered politically around elections, the mass impact is yet to come...

Tri-cities realist

Exactly. 112,000 sign up. 225,000 or so lose coverage. Apparently some of the sycophants can't do math, that is a REDUCTION of over 100,000. Change you can believe in.

The administration can tell us how many enrollees were women and young people, but they can't (or perhaps more accurately WON'T) tell us how many were previously uninsured. That is either due to sheer incompetence or willful suppression of the data. The kool-aid must be really good.

Mystic Michael

Whether they were previously uninsured, or previously insured, the quality of the actual coverage they now receive is almost certainly just as good, and likely much better, than the coverage they received, or would have received, prior to implementation of the ACA. Because there now exist actual, enforceable minimum standards required by law, that are required of every single policy from now on. And that is a very good thing.

Tri-cities realist

So less people insured is a good thing, huh? I get it now. You don't really care how many people are insured, as long as the govt is in control of what is covered.


I think the problem lies in your attitude, Tri. Check out this timeline of postwar government environmental regulation: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/american...

Given that health care costs now make up 24% of the Federal budget and are expected to do nothing but increase without some moderating influence with the arrival of the much-anticipated baby boomers (10,000 a DAY applying for Medicare), government regulation regarding the right of US citizens to health care, and especially regulating the insurance industries' long-time habit of selling sub-standard policies while simultaneously practicing rescission on a regular basis, surely requires some government action. ( And all this while insurance industry CEO's are now some of the highest paid in the Corporate world).

It's just a matter of government doing it's job. Surely you don't think the Founding Fathers were opposed to government doing it's job when they wrote the Constitution, do you?

Mystic Michael

Indeed, TCR's attitude is such that, if the President were somehow able to discover a miraculous cure for all known diseases and develop a miraculous therapy to heal all known injuries, TCR's only response would be to snark bitterly about him having a "Jesus complex", and chastise him for having put the medical profession out of business.

Tri-cities realist

Nope MM, I wouldn't complain one bit. In fact I would finally understand why some have given Obama the status of "holy one" from the minute he stepped into the national spotlight. Until then, I can't understand why people worship him.

Mystic Michael

I fully expected you to tee off on that set-up. You're welcome. But that's the last one you get from me.

Tri-cities realist

Fore! ;-)

Tri-cities realist

Ah, I see, now MY attitude is the problem, not the failure of ACA to do the ONE thing it was "supposed" to do: increase the number of insured. Go check which chapter of Alinsky you are adopting.

Government doing its job? Please cite which Article and section of the Constitution authorizes the federal govt to meddle in what products or services Americans are compelled to purchase. The founding fathers were vehemently opposed to the federal govt overstepping its authority, look it up.

Also please cite which Article of the constitution contains "right of US citizens to health care". I can't find that one.

If the fed govt wanted to change Medicare due to the large numbers of baby boomers retiring, why did they need to mess up the private health insurance industry? The answer is they think they know better what is good for Americans, than the citizens do.


Wong spot for comment. Won't let me delete...


Well said...

Mystic Michael

I'm not conceding a single thing to you, regarding any alleged facts, figures, or anecdotes that you might claim, TCR. Experience demonstrates that your mind was firmly closed against the ACA, and you were already declaring it a failure, well before it ever reached even this point of its implementation. Many alleged "facts" that you've cited previously have already proven to be grossly distorted - or flat-out false.

I'd say there are multiple reasons to be hopeful and encouraged by what the ACA has wrought thus far. But the ACA is still evolving, and is still a work in progress. So at this point, the jury is still out, and the ultimate verdict is yet to come.

I say let's give it a chance - a FAIR chance - to see what it will ultimately accomplish, and how well. Until that time, let's try to keep an open mind, shall we?

Tri-cities realist

Sure, I'll keep an open mind, just as soon as you can substantiate this statement: "Many alleged "facts" that you've cited previously have already proven to be grossly distorted - or flat-out false."

Just cuz you say it, doesn't make it so.


A perfect example is the current Justin Amash political ad airing on TV. He has a guy that is clearly over the age of Medicare eligibility complaining about how the government is controling his ability to get insurance because of ACA.
If he is Medicare eligible, he is not covered under the ACA.
Justin is fighting for the people by continuing the mis-information campaign.


Did we have any other choice ?, Signup if you do not have insurance, you must or get fined and may hold your income tax if you fail to comply, nice alternatives but who knows, i hope it work,s, other country s says it takes awhile to iron out the details and fine tune


"it is what it is and its here to stay,move on"

Former Grandhavenite

I'm sure that all you Obamacare haters will change your tune when you see this new study done by Michael Moore in collaboration with the Huffington Post. According to their research, it turns out that Obamacare is awesome. Now that the debate has finally been settled for all time most of the anti-ACA folks will probably retire from their posting careers I'm sure.

Tri-cities realist

Well if Michael Moore says its awesome.... I do like your sense of humor.


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