Minimum wage supporters want voters to OK $10.10

Supporters of boosting the hourly minimum wage in Michigan want to put a bigger proposed increase before voters than previously announced, organizers of the effort said Monday.
AP Wire
Feb 18, 2014

The Raise Michigan campaign said it now wants to raise the minimum wage from $7.40 per hour to $10.10 per hour by January 2017. The campaign previously had submitted proposed ballot language to increase it to $9.50 per hour by January 2016.

In a statement, the campaign said there is "strong public support" for the idea.

"This proposal gives people who work hard ... a better chance to escape poverty, and allows businesses more time to adjust to the proposal," Raise Michigan said.

The Michigan Board of Canvassers plans to review the petition at its meeting Wednesday, the group said. If approved, supporters of Raise Michigan say they plan to collect 258,000 valid signatures from Michigan voters needed to put the proposal on the November ballot.

Critics say raising the minimum wage would hurt the economy. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who is up for re-election, has said increasing the wage could have negative consequences. Michigan's GOP-led Legislature hasn't embraced the idea of raising the state's minimum wage above $7.40.

A full-time worker making $9.50 per hour earns $19,760 annually — right at the federal poverty level for a family of three this year. A worker making $10.10 per hour over the same time period would earn just more than $21,000 a year.

Michigan's minimum wage is slightly higher than the $7.25 federal minimum.



Say hello to higher prices on goods and services, higher cost of living, and goodbye to the small businesses the back of this country is built on.


Say goodbye also to adequate staffing...but that will be the next mandate from Uncle Sucker...this would be a mistake, I think people would support $8.00 but not $10.10, if it happens businesses and quality of service will suffer and the entitlement roles will swell.

Grand Haven Happy


You hit it exactly on the head. All goods and services will cost more and many jobs will be eliminated also as always has happened over the proven decades of trying these boneheaded minimum wage increase stunts. Wow! What great increase I got before I was let go! O'well, there's always unemployment benefits and we'll just have to hunker down!

Please note!!! A dollar only contains 100 cents or pennies and the extra money for the higher wages has to come from somewhere. There's only one place it can possibly come from.

Short sighted people are very gullible and being so misled by these dumb proposals. Need a class to learn: How to pull the wool over low wage workers 101! Hey, no problem, they'll never realize what happened until they find they actually have less usable money each week, month, or year and by then it'll be somebody else's problem! Another great class people might want to sign up for is: How to climb up one step and actually fall back down two!

Higher minimum wage sounds so good until you see it real effects. Yes, sounds so good on the surface but the details that follow are brutal. Higher cost of goods and services balances the wage increase out to even again as it always does and must and the only winner is the government with the higher tax paid on the higher price of purchases. The government just loves you people and even more when you pay more taxes on your higher cost purchases so they can collect more to spend and waste it.

Wake up people!


I don't know why we can't do what the United Kingdom does.
Set minimum wage by age. This will help to keep the costs down in menial jobs, which should be held by new job seekers (kids), and will allow for a livable wage for older citizens.

Businesses can then employee as needed to fulfill the price points the market will support. It means your Mcyd's is going be staffed by 17 year olds, but that's the way it should be!

And it means that a 45 year old man who wants to work rather then going on welfare, can do so and make enough to get by.

Seems pretty simple!

Tri-cities realist

What an idea! Discriminate based on age. Why should older people make more if they don't bring better skills and judgement than younger people? Entitlement? I hope you weren't serious about that idea.

The Stevens Family

What about those people who spend tireless hours juggling work and school to get a degree for a better paying job??? Will we get a raise to compensate for the increased rate for minimum wage people?? How fair is it for those of us who work their tails off for a degree and better job opportunities? We work to get a better paying job and then some people who choose to not further their education and work for better money, get a pay increase? Not fair at all! You are screwing the economy up for everyone. Watch everything go up, gas, utilities, homes, rent, food... thanks a bunch.


The picture says it all, look at all the dumb sheeple delight in the Emperor with no clothes. There too dumb to realize the economics of the proposal and how it will ultimately ruin them financially either with a loss of job or inflation on the dollar.


CBO report released today said minimum wage at $10.10 would result in 500,000 jobs lost.

Vast Right Wing...

Don't want to work for minimum wage all your life? Get an education and/or apply for better jobs. Guess that you will have to quit smoking dope and be able to pass a drug screening test to get a better job!

Michael Johnson

I love cherry-picking the CBO report. So as long as that's what we're doing...

CBO finds that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would directly benefit 16.5 million workers.

CBO finds that raising the minimum wage would increase income for millions of middle-class families, on net, even after accounting for its estimates of job losses.

CBO also found that raising the minimum wage would lift 900,000 people out of poverty.

Or you could just read the Center for Economic Policy and Research's report from this month entitled "Why Does the Minimum Wage Have no Discernible Effect on Employment?" Of course you won' I'll summarize it for you: more than 1,000 employment estimates found that the most precise estimates were heavily clustered at or near zero employment effects.

Long story short: fear-mongering by desperate politicians during an election year is effective on those who allow themselves to get suckered into it. And as with any economic policy, there are pros and cons to raising the minimum wage. But good policy has more pros than cons for the greatest number of people directly affected by that policy.


Exactly right. Many studies have shown that when people in the lower economic rungs get paid more, the extra money goes directly back into the economy. This extra stimulus increases demand, and employers then increase production and hire more workers.

As you mention, the extra wages often are enough to allow people to get off food stamps, etc.

Essentially, if demand increases for a product or service, and sales increase, the pros will outweigh the cons.

Tri-cities realist

Except that with higher wages, prices will go up, unless workers are let go to keep prices the same. With higher prices comes less demand, you know the rest of the story from Econ 101. So either way it is bad: workers lose jobs now, or later because of decreased demand.

Back to the Wall

Why only ten dollars an hour? Raise the minimum wage to 25 dollars an hour, then everybody can make 50,000 dollars a year, and afford a house, because this is America and everybody deserves a chance to own a house if they want one. Think of all the construction jobs that'll create!!!

Tri-cities realist

I like your idea. Previously I had suggested raising it to $50 an hour. Who in America doesn't want to make a six figure income. Oh the injustice :-S


Minimum wage jobs aren't supposed to be long term jobs. These should be for high school workers or someone working to better themselves. If you're stuck in a minumum wage job something is seriously wrong. There's dones of programs out there too like unemployment benefits, WIC program, food stamps (EBT card) where you can make more than minimum wage and you don't have to work! So if you're not taking advantage of our democratic president's handouts then you're a fool.


So it is bad if the lowest paid workers get a raise, but okay for the CEO's of companies to take MILLIONS in compensation. Please don't say that the CEO's receive MILLIONS because that is what it takes to retain their talent.

Tri-cities realist

CEO's receive MILLIONS because that is what it takes to retain their talent.

There I said it.


BPicker, You get a raise if your work ethic pays off, you don't just get one because you think you should or because someone else is making more than you. Whining about a CEO making bank cuz he/she runs a billion dollar company gets you no where.'d want a MW earner to run your billion dollar enterprise ?

Back to the Wall

The kid from Deliverance makes a great point!!!

Let's raise the minimum wage to $75 dollars an hour, then we'll all make $150,000 dollars per year, effectively neutering the oppressive 1%'rs, and the occupiers will have been successful and there'll be no more poverty ever because we can all afford to give to charity and pay extra taxes for social programs that won't be needed because even a single mother working 10 hours a week doing menial work like bussing tables will be making nearly 40k a year and that's really good money for ten hours a week, enough to go to Disney World so let's raise the minimum wage 75 dollars.

Tri-cities realist

Why stop there? Lets make it $500 an hour, then we will all be millionaires! This is America after all, don't we all deserve to be millionaires?


TRC,BTW,LIAMD, when you all grow up you will be great CEO's just like Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Bernie Ebbers, Ed Lampert, Chuck Conway, and Bob Nardelli. Now punch in and get to work.


Brilliant, BanjoPicker!


My new forum hero!


Thanks Lani, and LTA.

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