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Ottawa County did more on Thursday night to educate citizens about fracking — this time on the topic of oil and gas leases.
Alex Doty
Mar 1, 2014

“When it comes to oil and gas leases, many landowners haven’t been through that, so they don’t know what to expect,” Michigan State University Extension educator Curtis Talley said.

Talley went over state regulations that apply to oil and gas leases, what people should consider when negotiating a sale or lease, and how to evaluate contract offers from an oil and gas company.

“This is our third meeting in Ottawa County,” Talley said. “Our first meeting was in Olive Township in November 2012.”

Fracking is a process that maximizes the output of natural gas and oil wells to make them productive.

An operator pumps a mixture of water, sand and a small amount of chemicals into an oil or gas formation. The pressure fractures rock layers and releases oil or gas reserves, and the sand holds the fractures open to allow the oil or gas to flow into the well.

“Some people don’t want ‘em, and other people want to get paid,” Talley said. “Oil and gas leases are a choice. Just because someone comes to you with a lease doesn’t mean you have to lease your mineral rights.”

Talley noted that there are resources available for people interested in oil and gas leases. The MSU Extension service maintains a website focused on special oil and gas leasing information, with links and information, as well as a 45-minute video discussing oil and gas rights for landowners.

Thursday night’s session at the Ottawa County Fillmore Street Complex in West Olive was the second in a three-part series hosted by the Ottawa County Planning & Performance Improvement Department.

“For the most part, (the first one) went really well,” said Aaron Bodbyl-Mast, land-use planning specialist for the county. “We started this series in response to a meeting we held last summer.”

During that meeting, more than 200 people showed up to get information about fracking.

“One of the things people (at last year’s session) said they wanted was information on oil and gas leases,” Bodbyl-Mast said.

The final session on fracking will look at local government regulatory options. It will take place at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 20, at the county office on Fillmore Street.



What about the damage to Michigan water? Our water supply is more important than Gas or Oil.


Did this guy actually say "a small amount of chemicals"? Hundreds (up to 994) different chemicals. I know there is controversy over the movies "Gasland " and "Gasland 2 ". I know we are a country of over consumption, but watch these movies before you lease your land for fracking. They are terrifying - not only for the cost to the environment but the way a big, powerful industry with plenty of lobbyists can steamroll over anything that gets in the way.


Skyking and Cant, Oil and gas companies do not drill into Michigan water and frac! These wells do not drill into your lake or surface water supply as the media leads you to believe. Oil and gas companies drill Thousands of feet vertically before they start to directionally drill thousands of feet horizontally into a layer of rock that contains the hydrocarbons they produce and sell to the public in United States of America gas stations. Companies that drill these wells are very safety conscious and apply all procedures to make sure no environmental problems happen.


Our concern about our water is real. Oil companies have a record of lying to the public and not caring about the environment. While I do not trust the media I trust big oil less.


Unlike, say, environmentalists and Global Warming Nazis.


And yet not of the conspiracy geeks clamoring for us to do without and the minnows to have dominion over man will toss the cell phone, disconnect from the power grid and walk everywhere they go...their covetousness and duplicity never end. Their horror stories of what drilling or fracking have done are akin to the wild eyed UFO experts. I recall for many years it was pretty much fact a Lancaster converted to carry passengers (Stardust) was proof of alien presence and abduction launched an industry (STENDEC). Oops but it seems bits are being spit out by a glacier in the Andes along with human remains. So what was once thought to be a really good reason for wearing the tinfoil hats was nothing more than errors by a navigator and wireless operator; for you that seem to put fact aside for fantasy and sensationalism I should explain a wireless operator “operated” a Morse code transceiver set, they didn’t talk on a cell phone).
Here’s an idea, If they must do their part to combat the evil of the energy business then perhaps they will give all they have to the poor and live in the forest with the beasts!... Otherwise I wish the hypocrites would just get outta my grill and move out of their Mom’s basement.


Outsider, I am aware they do not drill directly into our lake, but you will have a hard time convincing me that all those chemicals being forced into the ground don't have an effect on our water supply.
I can't imagine how you would explain away the earthquakes fracking causes. Youngstown Ohio had no earthquakes from 1776 until 2011 when fracking began there. After fracking 109 earthquakes were recorded. Scientists have said the fracking caused these earthquakes. NO THANK YOU.


Anyone interested in real research and studies?

*UPDATE VII* On Shaky Ground

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