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Mar 11, 2014


The sex assault case is jeopardized by word that the military may have pursued a trial partly to demonstrate that it does not take such allegations lightly.


The seas are vast, and the Malaysia Airlines jetliner may have veered from its normal flight path.


The pathologist who performed the autopsy on Reeva Steenkamp's body gives graphic descriptions of her gunshot wounds — testimony that causes the Olympic sprinter to vomit.


The minority ethnic group fears it could be mistreated by the Russians, 70 years after ill-treatment at the hands of Josef Stalin.


The Rocky Mountain state raked in $2 million in marijuana taxes in January, the first month of recreational sales.


Adam Lanza's father says in a magazine interview that his son was clearly capable of great evil — and even would have "killed me in a heartbeat, if he'd had the chance."


Amid intensifying competition, the veteran fast-food chain is, among other things, testing a "build your own burger" concept.


Nicotine "vaping" now has its own YouTube gurus, trade associations, lobbyists, vapefest meet-ups and trendy hipster hangouts.


Wild elephants can distinguish between human languages, and they can tell whether a voice comes from a man, woman or boy, a study says.


The number of police will be doubled and spectators are being asked to carry personal items in clear plastic bags, among other security upgrades.


Tri-cities realist

4a - So now according to Putin's logic, any country is allowed to invade another country, so long as they have at least one citizen living in the other country.

10a - On a lighter note, in a little publicized briefing, Boston authorities are also urging spectators to wear transparent clothing.


11.) The Koch Bros are spending millions in Michigan, inundating the airwaves with misleading and false ads about a Michigan woman with cancer who claims her insurance premiums have gone up under Obamacare. The ads are directed at Gary Peters, Democrat, who is running for Senator Levin's seat in the Senate.

Listening to these ads makes ones blood boil! How terrible for a person suffering from cancer to now have to suffer high premiums under Obamacare!

Except in truth, her premiums have gone DOWN - considerably - under Obamacare. Just another Koch Bros lie debunked again - they all do eventually. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/20...

"Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers, is running Obamacare attack ads featuring a cancer patient who claimed her treatments were "unaffordable" under the new health law. On Monday, The Detroit News reported that the patient will actually save more than $1,000 a year.

Before her plan was canceled, Boonstra was paying a $1,100 monthly premium. That's $13,200 a year, without adding out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and prescription drugs. But under her new plan, the Blue Cross Premier Gold, Boonstra's premiums are down to $571 a month, and out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100. That's a maximum annual expense of $11,952 a year.

The ads set out to target Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), who faces former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land (R) in a tight race for Michigan's U.S. Senate seat. Peters voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

The billionaire Koch brothers have spent millions in attack ads in Michigan...".

Barry Soetoro

Not to worry Lani, we found another "D" vote for ya:



Of course, you do know I voted mostly "R" up until about 2006?

I think this one allegedly fraudulent vote requires drastic measures, and, bypassing the many stringent voter fraud laws already in place, we need to add more regulatory voter suppression laws limiting the number of people allowed to vote ~ immediately! 2014 is right around the corner and someone might make another allegedly fraudulent vote again.


At least this one's alive, although her poor sister is in a coma. How many should we multiply these by? But voter ID is raaacist. . . .http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-n...


You are correct - Voter ID and other voter suppression laws are not only racist, as you point out, but are age discriminatory, creating stumbling blocks to senior citizens, especially the very elderly, and college students, as well as discriminating against voters who live in rural areas.

Makes you wonder - After centuries of elections and voting, when by 1913 with the passage of the Suffrage Act the entire body of US citizens had the legal right to vote, with stringent voter fraud penalties in place for decades and the number of convicted cases of fraud negligible, not to mention that most Courts have ruled voter ID/suppression laws to be unconstitutional - Why does the GOP continue to push for even more Constitutional infringements? Why now?

A funny story you will appreciate about a family member in another state that tried to pass a voter id law that would require people to go to a licensing center office to apply and pay for a voter id. At the time, the law requirements would have meant that this person would have had to pay for transportation to get there, making the costs to acquire the id to add up to about $50. Fortunately, the proposal was blocked before the election, and my family member was able to vote unimpeded, as she had since 1940 - which, by the way, was at the same polling location where she had worked during elections for several years. After she voted, I asked her (jokingly, as she had always voted Republican) who she voted for. I was shocked to hear her say "Democrat - straight ticket - even Obama"! Why? This always unfailingly lady-like person who grew up during the Depression, said, "I'll be da**ed if I vote for some S0B who wants to charge me $50 to vote".


Wowser, the Koch Brothers are definitely living rent free in your head - hope whatever you're being paid (cash or psychic reward) by David Axelrod and Jim Messina for your astrotufing makes up for the lost rent.

In fact, the lady's story is that she was stricken with a potentially fatal disease, had health insurance that she was happy with and met her medical requirements, and Obama forced her to lose it, notwithstanding his many pledges to the contrary. In addition to the stress of battling leukemia, she was forced to try and find comparable insurance under the socialized Obamacare plans - her freedom of choice was taken away from her. She is still unsure that her out of pocket costs will be affordable, given they are an unknown under the new Obamacare policy.

And isn't it passing strange that the liberal press and blogs somehow know what she paid under the contract with her private insurer to the penny, or claim they do - well, the democrats do control the NSA so I guess it's possible.

On another lighter note, did you make it up to the rallY? Koch Brother Donates Money to Hospital, Liberals Protest
(Not a Parody)http://freebeacon.com/blog/koch-...

Barry Soetoro

Did she make it up to the rally? If I had to guess I would say that was her and LTA in the picture of the two guitar players. That's just a guess though.


It is very possible that's LTA, but my coat is fuschia, not purple.

Barry Soetoro

Sorry. I should have figured you to be sporting a "Choom Choom Gang" t-shirt or something to that effect -- out of your vast collection of t-shirts.


That reminds me - I've got to pull out my green and white O'Bama t-shirt for St. Patty's Day! It was a big hit wearing it around town last year....


On a more serious note, there are more fraudulent and deceptive issues at play here than just the actual Koch Bros ad.

First of all, if I was paying for a multi-million ad campaign to saturate a state, I would make absolutely certain that the ad did not contain anything that my detractors could easily dissect and claim to be fraudulent, leading to a federal investigation. Apparently, the Americans For Prosperity Koch Bros people are so seeped in hubris, they figure their supporters will simply allow themselves to be blindly led down the ideological primrose path without a peep. Sloppy execution based on a weak premise, geared to people not used to critical thinking or doing the math, and now may be under federal investigation for deceptive advertising. The people responsible should be fired.

Unless you don't really care because you figure the people who want to believe you will no matter how much deception is uncovered.

Secondly, I think it's horrible that Ms. Boonstra has allowed herself to be used in such a way. Now that her claims have been scrutinized and found to be dramatically incorrect, I think it is abhorrent that she become a poster child for the stereotypical swarmy Koch Bros ad. See the accompanying link - she can not get her act together. The stress must be terrible, and can't possibly be good for her condition. I wish her all the best as she battles her cancer, and I am grateful she actually has a good health insurance policy, will be paying significantly less for it, and will never have to face the prospect of her policy being canceled by her insurance company, or be denied coverage due to her pre-existing condition in the event she needs to find a new policy some time in the future.


"As for AFP, one would think they would be considerably more careful in picking the ‘horror stories’ they chose to tell. One might also want to consider what it means when this is the best anti-Obamacare groups can come up with when attempting to undermine the future of this law.

Given that so many other ACA horror stories have also turned out to be highly suspect, could it be that the time has arrived for the public to take a look at this with a more objective and discerning eye?"

Thirdly, no - didn't make it to the rally. Perhaps Mystic Michael did. Of course, we shouldn't be so cynical as to wonder why the Koch Bros, who have devoted hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for the sole purpose of defeating Obamacare, a government/free market coordination that vastly improves the health care options of US citizens, donated money to a hospital - especially when the donation will be used for the construction of a new "DAVID C. KOCH CENTER" of New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Can you say - "pathological"?


O.K. Let's assume for the sake of argument that you and your liberal cohorts know everything there is to know about Ms. Boonstra's condition, the exact terms of her old policy, and how much her out of pocket costs will be under Obamacare. Let's also assume that your allegation that the Americans For Prosperity ad misleads Michiganders.

We don't need to assume anything to know that Ms. Boonstra lost the health insurance she had and liked because Obama took away her freedom of choice regarding health insurance. We absolutely don't need to assume anything about the lies Obama told repeatedly when he announced "If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance. Period." So AFP allegedly misleads the citizens of Michigan and Obama misled and lied to the entire nation. Do you really want to compare the two?

Notwithstanding what the demented Harry Reid has said about everyone who tells a story about how Obamacare hurt them is a liar, you will find that statistically, out of the millions who lost their health insurance, there were a huge number of people who were hurt, and those numbers are being compiled.

You apparently object to David Koch, a cancer survivor who has donated hundreds of millions to research and cancer health facilities, having a new hospital named after him in recognition of his latest hundred million dollar gift. Perhaps in your mind it should be called the Michelle Obama Cancer Center, given Michelle's ties to the hospital community, like her $317,000 a year job to come up with a program at the University of Chicago Medical Center that steers patients who don’t have private insurance — primarily poor, black people — to other health care facilities. Or maybe the David Axelrod Cancer Center, in recognition of the fact that Michelle's patient dumping program paid Axelrod to sell the program through a political like campaign. Or maybe the Valerie Jarrett Cancer Center, in recognition of the fact that she was the Medical Center's Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, who hired Michelle and approved of the dumping program and the hiring of Axelrod.

P.S. If you object to the characterization of "patient dumping" note that the American College of Emergency Physicians. ACEP's president, Dr. Nick Jouriles, released a statement suggesting that the initiative comes "dangerously close to ‘patient dumping,' a practice made illegal by the Emergency Medical Labor and Treatment Act (alas, signed into law by President Reagan), and reflected an effort to ‘cherry pick' wealthy patients over poor." http://articles.chicagotribune.c...


Obama "took away her freedom of choice"? Really? - I wasn't aware that Obama forced Ms Boonstra to do anything. Please explain how Obama has taken away her freedom of choice. Now what he HAS done is limit and restrict the freedom that the insurance industry has enjoyed and prospered to an unparallelled degree, to drop people at will, deny coverage or treatments due to pre-existing conditions, or sell junk policies that aren't worth the paper they are printed on, in exchange for a hugely expanded customer base.

When every story that is used in Koch Bros ads turns out to be false and deceptive, using professional actors, and can be easily debunked, who are the bad guys here? Harry Reid for calling them out? Or the clearly manipulative people who create the ads, and the people who haplessly allow themselves to be manipulated in believing them?

By the way, better not get too fixated on repealing Obamacare. As you know, it's 2014, and the Republicans are now seeing, after wastefully, and to no avail, repealing the ACA 51 times, that their chances of re-election are better if they look like they are doing something for their generous salary and benefit packages for working 113 days this year, are now quietly putting together some proposals to start to make 'improvements' with the law. I mean - how else are they going to fill up their time allotment?

I'm not going to comment on the ER story at this time - refreshes too many memories. Besides - what's your point? That there was a project attempting to make the U of C Medical Center more cost effective? Sounds reasonable to me. After all, there aren't many hospitals that can justify the spending of millions on deliberately wasteful practices and procedures, unlike the deceptive Koch Bros and their ads based on false premises.


Ms. Boonstra had the freedom to choose any health insurance licensed by the State of Michigan that met her individual needs; Obamacare greatly reduced that number and forced her to select insurance that only met Obama's requirements. Your description of insurance is pure bull. Virtually every state, including Michigan, provided for insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions through high risk pools; HIPPA required that insurers could not drop anyone who became sick when their policy expired - they had to re-insure; I guess you're talking about the junk policies that Obama illegally extended for 2 years.

Please, Ms. Harriet Reid, what you stated about the AFP ads is pure bovine excrement; in fact, the actors paid to lie are Obama, Sebelius, Carney and the Congressional Democrats - keep your plan, keep your doctor, save $2500 a year. The irony is that WE are paying them to lie to US!

Maybe, as noted by TCR, they should be doing the modern equivalent of painting their faces and dancing into the night in an attempt to change the facts about the weather?

Don't blame you for not commenting on the patient dumping scheme of Michelle and Valerie - it was a sorry chapter in health care, especially for someone who now claims they want health care for all - just not at the hospital that raised her pay to $317,000 after her husband became a U.S. Senator, and then received a $6 million dollar grant from Sebelius for a program run by an Obama crony. Kind of like channeling Hillary.


This comment is a disappointing rebuttal, personal, emotional, and, frankly, not only lame but not not factual. When you must rely on terms like "bovine excrement", "pure bull", "Harriet Reid", calling democratically-elected leaders liars, I know you are getting desperate and loosing your grip on your perspective and your sense of fair play.

"provided for insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions". Oh really? You might want to run that by the major insurance company who refused to insure me back in the 1990's because of a one-time only minor and common medical problem from 12 years prior that was gone in about 24 hours after taking an antibiotic.


No desperation, just telling the truth - If you can rebut,feel free. For the state high risk policy information pre Obamacare, see



What is there to rebut - "The Truth Hidden in Scatological References, and It's Implications For Mucky Debate"?

Tri-cities realist

On a totally unrelated topic, with nothing else going on in the country or world, about 30 Democrat senators decided to filibuster themselves on the most important issue of the day... Wait for it... Global Warming... err... Climate Change. So what evil Republican bill were they filibustering... None, there wasn't one.

So while the House Republicans actually passed bills trying to repeal the ACA, the Senate Democrats wasted all of this time and money on not passing any legislation! I'm sure Lanivan will be outraged!

I applaud the Senate democrats: if they would continue to talk non stop without passing any legislation, I might have to vote for them!

And in another outrageous display of "dark money"... "The California hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer has pledged to spend up to $100 million in this year’s midterm elections to help elect candidates who support strengthened climate policy." Hopefully Lanny will condemn this most heinous act of benefitting from the Citizens United ruling, by a hedge fund manager... Don't hold your breath, just go grab your waders.


Tri-cities realist

$100 million to a hospital = bad, sorry "arrogant"
$100 million to promote global warming which hasn't occurred in 17 years = good

I think I'm finally getting with the progressive program. Nobody could disagree with the above equations, could they?


It's a bummer to spend $100 million on a program for which you will never have a building with the words "DAVID C. KOCH CENTER" displayed on it.

I wonder if Tom Steyer also gives $100 million to ads that promote the dissemination of misinformation, disinformation, deception, and falsehoods about climate change? Or Obamacare?


Wonder no more - 4 Pinocchios for his over the top, jingoistic ad on the Keystone XL Pipeline. http://www.washingtonpost.com/bl...

Of course, what makes it worse is that the Koch Brothers employ over 60,000 people with good paying, often union jobs making products that people need and use while Tom Steyer made his fortune running, gasp, HEDGE FUNDS, and Hedge Funds with Offshore Accounts (Cayman Islands http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/brows...)! Oh the ironing!


There you go again, being cute and charming! Better watch it!

Yep. We can thank our 5 wise conservative justices and their legacy of Citizens United for unleashing the Battle of the Billionaires. While the wealthy cowboys are having a shoot-out at the OK Corral, our functioning democracy is being tarred and feathered and run out of town.

At least Tom Steyer is investing his money and efforts in the interest of all of humanity and the public good, versus the Koch Bros, who are motivated by private gain and self-interest. You know - the Waltons are right up there alongside the Koch Bros in wealth and employees, but I'm not aware of their creating, funding, and manipulating conservative bill mills, think tanks, deregulation centers, cadres of lobbyists, conservative media, and the like.


Romney - Hedge Fund - Offshore Investments = Bad

Steyer - Hedge Fund - Offshore Investments = Good

Kochs & Romney - jobs - Support Middle Class = Bad

Steyer - Kill Middle Class Jobs - Union Jobs (Pipeline) = Good

You must be so proud, even if you don't wonder about Steyer anymore!

Tri-cities realist

Vlad, Lanny should be proud of us, we are starting to see the big picture :-S

Tri-cities realist

Not that I really care what these individuals do with their money, but since you seem so concerned, I find it a bit strange that you would object to the ones who are donating to a hospital, and seem to support the one who is furthering a hoax, anthropogenic global warming. The earth's temp hasn't risen in over a decade and even the IPCC admits that humans are the cause for only about 25% of any climate change. Are those my thoughts? Nope, those are the thoughts of the founder of Greenpeace. Hmm.

Also look up a couple of posts, you must have forgotten to respond to my comment about the Senate democrats... Weird.

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