Marriage ban could be lifted

A decision from a federal judge is expected any day regarding Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage.
Krystle Wagner
Mar 19, 2014

After a two-week trial, Judge Bernard Friedman is looking at arguments presented by state officials and two women who filed a lawsuit challenging the 2004 voter-approved ban of same-sex marriage in Michigan, and the state’s adoption laws.

Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer of suburban Detroit hope the judge overturns the ban so they can jointly adopt the three children with special needs that they are raising. Currently, Michigan law doesn’t allow the couple to jointly adopt the children because they’re not married — and they can’t legally marry in Michigan.

As some county clerks prepare for the possibility of issuing same-sex marriage licenses, Ottawa County Clerk Dan Krueger said he is waiting to see what happens with the judge’s ruling. He said Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette sent a letter informing the state’s county clerks that there would be an appeal in the event the judge overturns the ban.

“We’re not anticipating anything eminent when that decision comes around,” Krueger said.

Muskegon County Clerk Nancy Waters did not return calls seeking comment about what the judge’s ruling would mean for that county’s residents.

Joy Yearout, spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, said Schuette sent the letter after several clerks asked for guidance when the federal judge was expected to rule on the ban before deciding to take the case to trial.

Yearout said nothing would legally change if the judge overturns the ban and places a stay on the decision. She said Section 25 of the state’s Constitution defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

“The attorney general made it clear he will be defending the Constitution,” Yearout said.

Greg Varnum, director of external relations for Equality Michigan, said his organization is preparing for the possibility that there will be a window of time when same-sex marriages could occur.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.



Got a feeling that it's gonna be a bad year. Peace Out ❇♥❇


Let them marry like anyone else in the eyes of the state but stop pushing it as normal and natural for same sexes to interact as thought they were not, God does not make mistakes.


Perhaps not "normal and natural" to you, but I would think that the gay/lesbian population do in fact consider themselves "normal". And being with someone of the same sex does feel "natural" to them. I find it hard to believe that this is just a big ploy to overturn a law or Biblical passage that they simply don't agree with.


When scripture says it is as blasphemy you are advised to heed the warning but I love them all the same, let them marry, let them adopt kids and have all the tax incentives and/or disadvantages as the rest of us but for me I feel it is not for us to cherry pick what scripture to follow and which not to follow based on our emotions or who causes us to have sexual desires.


Fair enough. But again, if we were to follow every scripture to the letter.... yikes. Just seems that when most people use the Bible as a reason to be anti-gay they themselves are "cherry-picking" which parts they want to heed. The man who yells hateful things at a gay couple then has no right to put his daughter on birth control. His vasectomy is a sin. The girly calender he has hanging in his garage is a sin. Eyeing his neighbors wife while she waters the garden is a sin. He shouldn't get to pick the parts that fit into his life, and say the others are evil or blasphemous just because he doesn't like the way it looks or makes him feel.


I agree, no one should "cherry pick" the verses they want to abide by. Unless someone is 100% free of sin, they should not judge another or tell them who they are or are not allowed to love. Here is a link on "11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway"


Mistake? Who said anything about a mistake? Homosexuality or hedro is not a human only condition. It is found elsewhere in nature. And I've never felt that my gender, or the gender of any partners I've had, was a mistake or choice. If there is a divinity he/she made us this way. And there for gave us a voice and since of self worth to fight for.


The "found in nature" argument is deceptive. Anyone who was raised on a farm could tell you homosexual and inter-species sex occurs among animals. However, this has absolutely zero to do with long-term loving relationships and everything to do with dominance, self gratification and/or mating/hormone confusion. If you want to hang your hat on animal behavior, what about cannibalism and coprophagia?


Gender is a grammatical term. People are one "sex" or the other.


My father said you can not change people, but you can change how you feel about them !!


lady1983-you forgot that most of us could kill others for wearing mixed textile clothing! All the haters better look harder at Leviticus and read ALL the verses. I am straight, but I have friends who are not. Friends who have managed to maintain a wonderful relationship for years. Why shouldn't they be able to be married? His engagement ring is positively gorgeous, too!


I too am very happily married to a man. I have never been attracted to a woman, though I know an attractive woman when I see one. I have had friends over the years of all different kinds of sexual orientation, and never once thought differently of them because of it.


HM... Go ahead and voice your opinion, but don’t spread misinformation. Instead of just parroting the ignorant (or intentionally misleading) statements of others you should actually do what you imply. If you read the Book of Leviticus, you will find capital punishment DOES NOT apply to wearing mixed fabrics (or eating unclean foods). Also, along with “homophobe” and “bigot” the use (actually, overuse and misuse) of the word "hater" as it applies to the SSM issue is sickening. Try using your own words for a change

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