PTSD added to medical marijuana-worthy conditions

A state official has reluctantly added post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana in Michigan.
AP Wire
Mar 19, 2014

Steve Arwood, who heads the agency that oversees the program, said he's following the recommendation of an advisory panel, especially the affirmative vote of Michigan's chief medical executive, Dr. Matthew Davis.

"I do remain very concerned with the scope of this approval and the process in general. ... First, the condition of PTSD is a mental health issue. Granting this approval steps Michigan away from the use of marijuana for disease of the body or chronic pain symptoms of a physical nature," Arwood said in an order dated last Friday.

PTSD is considered a mental health condition linked to a terrifying event. Since Michigan voters approved it in 2008, marijuana typically has been used to relieve the side effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV, hepatitis C and a few other conditions. PTSD is the first condition to be added to the original list, although seven other states allow doctors to recommend marijuana to treat the disorder.

Michigan users of medical marijuana need a doctor's diagnosis and a card from the state. More than 100,000 people have cards, including 86 who are under age 18, according to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

"I remain concerned that there may be insufficient evidence on the effect of marijuana on minors," said Arwood, department director.



Yep, soon bad mood, toe stubbing and slow internet angst will be added as a reason for Dr. to prescribe getting bong blasted...the next chapter after this is taxpayers paying so lay-abouts that simply must stay high do so on yet another tax payer funded program...and we claim it’s out of love and compassion we allow a brother to step back from life and all it has to offer?

Mystic Michael

Your intolerance is exceeded only by your ignorance, Wolverine. And your equating of PTSD with "bad mood" clearly illustrates that.

Anyone who has actually suffered from PTSD knows that it is a very serious condition, with the potential to destroy one's ability to function, completely degrade one's quality of life - and even lead to premature death. If reputable medical authority judges cannabis to be an effective treatment for PTSD, one that can alleviate the symptoms of constant, unrelenting anxiety and dread, and help the patient to feel better and to function more normally, then that's good enough for me. And if you hadn't already made up your mind against it - facts be damned - it would probably be good enough for you too.


I am all for the relief of PTSD, especially for our vets. I just find it funny to prescribe a drug that causes Anxiety to someone that suffers from Anxiety. But if it helps, more power to them.

Back to the Wall

And paranoia. Let's give a PTSD sufferer a drug that causes paranoia. Sound like good medicine.

Whatever it takes. The heads are incrementally getting their full legalization.

Fill it, light it, shut up, and close the door.


We're gonna sit around the. Oh S, is that a cop?


If MM truly has a place to help those suffering from PTSD, then so be it. As long as MM is used/consumed in accordance with current laws... then so be it again. As far as paranoia? LOL. Generally this is only experienced by those not legally allowed to possess the product. However I have one issue with MM. Are doctor "follow-ups" ever performed to establish the weed is working as it was prescribed or allowed as an excuse to simply get high at will...? Just my opinion

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