Teacher gives 5th-graders non-alcoholic beer

A Michigan teacher made a poor choice by giving non-alcoholic beer to a class of fifth-graders in a history lesson, a school official said.
AP Wire
Mar 19, 2014


Superintendent Ed Koledo said the teacher allowed Hyatt Elementary students in Linden to sample O'Doul's that had been brought to school by a student March 6 to represent ale common in the 1700s. The students were told that many people drank ale at the time because water was sometimes dirty or unhealthy.

"We talked to the teacher and said this was an inappropriate choice," Koledo said. "There were a lot better choices to represent a colonial-era drink than what was chosen here."

The students were allowed a small taste, but none were forced to try the non-alcoholic beer, school officials said. Koledo, who didn't identify the teacher, said allowing non-alcoholic beer into the classroom and allowing students to drink it was a mistake.

Hyatt Principal Vicki Malkaravage sent a letter to parents on Friday informing them of what happened. The teacher thought O'Doul's would be OK because the label said it was a non-alcoholic beverage, according to the letter. Three students in the class also took a bottle home, she said.

O'Doul's is advertised as non-alcoholic beer, but it contains a small amount of alcohol. Liquor Control Commission spokeswoman Andrea Miller said giving O'Doul's or similar drinks to minors can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor in Michigan.

No one has been charged.

Koledo described the teacher as a "very responsible person" who didn't intend to expose students to harm. The student who brought the beer won't be disciplined.

"Nobody complained to the teacher, principal or me," Koledo said. "We monitored the situation the next day. It was a dead topic, so we just left it at that."



Next week we'll learn how to load muskets for our revolutionary war studies and the next core we will study the 1960’s to discover what drugged out hippy life was all about…do any of your parent’s operate a meth lab?


This is just amazing how we as a society take stupidity to extreme levels. We excel at it. Over-react like a bunch of pious white wigged Englishmen. If the kid can buy it over the dumb stupid idiotic ignoramous counter at Meijers then what in hobbs is the problem? Some people in this area have lost their marbles completely! Like zoning! Can't have a chicken, car on the grass or leave garbage out by the road or get a ticket. We have taken ignorance and stupidity to a new maximum. What next for pete's sake ?


Once a 5th string manager like person at Meijer’s said my 16 year old could not push the cart for me because it had a bottle of wine in it and then proceeded to tell me she can't touch the bottle or things the bottle touches which I remarked was among the most stupid things I’ve heard come out of anyone’s mouth so then guy follows me around by happening to be near where I was and onto to the checkout after which he pretended to gather carts near me, so I asked if I should take the bottle home and come back for her or would he watch the bottle and I’ll come back after it…he just walked back into the store.
Speed bumps, seat belt laws and the patriot act were all passed to enhance "our safety"...when I hear government shutdown I get a smile on my face and quietly hope maybe this time it will be for good!


I wonder if it was the same idiotic Moron that wouldn't let me buy beer at Meijer because my Toddler children were with me. No really, that happened. How irresponsible of me to not leave my kids at home alone during my shopping trip so I could buy a six pack. When will it become socially acceptable and legal to punch stupid people in the face? Politicians included.


A child can not buy those at the store, just like beer or liquor you must be 21 years of age. It's the law

Barry Soetoro

Next time I highly recommend the teacher serve the flagship beer of Short's Brewing Company - Huma Lupa Licious.....

"Huma Lupa Licious is brewed with five different hop varieties, providing a punch to the palate. Between the beer’s abundance of hops, and the type of hops used in its creation, it has a delicious bitter taste and enticing citrus aroma. The hearty malt bill melds well with the hops for a perfect balance."


Or Perrin's Kona Ale. Fantastic!


I am stunned that this teacher would be so naïve. With half of this state seemingly ready to hang teachers out to dry, that is unbelievable.


These days if you have Common Sense, you are in the minority. I don't care who it is. Like I say, "Remove all warning labels and Stupid will take care of itself."


Poor decision on the teachers part, however, how can the beer be advertised as "Non-Alcoholic?!"


I'd agree we like to mislead people in this country, but here are the rules for labeling:

Classification and Product Naming

Alcoholic content must be included on the label and expressed in terms of "percent alcohol by volume." To be labeled "low alcohol" or "reduced alcohol," the alcoholic content must be below 2.5 percent by volume.

To be labeled "non-alcoholic," the alcoholic content must be below 0.5 percent by volume. Additionally, the phrase "contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume" must be included.

To be labeled "alcohol free," there must be no alcohol at all in the beverage.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_507926...

deuce liti

Our tax dollars at work. Useless government drones educating our children. What's next, the government will provide doctors?

A social health care system would fail just like our social education system.


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