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Mar 21, 2014


The aim is to punish Putin for annexing the Crimean Peninsula and head off any further Russian military inroads into Ukraine.


The development raises new hope of finding the vanished jet in the southern Indian Ocean and sends another emotional jolt to the families of the 239 people aboard.


Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair's penalty in a sexual misconduct case is lambasted as too light by some legal experts. Others say the charges against him were weak.


Just 11 percent of Americans who have been unemployed for more than six months will ever regain steady full-time work, a study finds.


The House Democratic leader predicts the health care law will be a winner for her party in this fall's elections — despite ceaseless Republican attacks.


The Olympic runner needs money to pay his legal bills, his lawyer says, and can't imagine ever living in the home again.


With alternatives like designer mints, chewing gum sales in the U.S. have tumbled 11 percent over the past four years.


Some believe that the Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps, who died Wednesday, actually helped the cause of gay rights by serving as such a provocative symbol of intolerance.


The company has improved the encryption technology for its flagship email service — making it harder for the NSA to intercept messages.


After the tournament's first afternoon, about 95 percent of people who filled out brackets had missed at least one game.



#5. Sorry Trib, but Granny McBotox will scold you for calling this monstrosity "Obamacare" (How dare you associate Obama's name with his signature program that is destroying American healthcare?)

"Pelosi, who was holding a rare news conference during a congressional recess week, also corrected a reporter who called the healthcare law “Obamacare.”

“By the way, it’s called the Affordable Care Act. It’s called the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi said. “That’s a case we have to make. We’re grown-ups.”

When the reporter noted President Obama uses the term himself, Pelosi said: “I tell them the same thing I told you.” http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/poli...

Doctors Say Obamacare Rule Will Stick Them With Unpaid Bills (AMA that vociferously supported Obamacare hardest hit - wants an exemption. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/...

11. RUSH LIMBAUGH NAMED FINALIST FOR CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD (Leftists Head's Explode)http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn...

On Lanivan's anti-Rush Limbaugh propaganda from yesterday, read em & weep: http://www.talkers.com/wp-conten...


11. "On Lanivan's anti-Rush Limbaugh propaganda from yesterday", would you kindly show where anything I said in said "propaganda from yesterday" is not true and can not be entirely substantiated with any numbers of unbiased sources?

Also, as to the "read em & weep link", this supports my assertion that conservatives who listen to Rush Limbaugh are drawn mainly from the white, male, senior citizen crowd. Who else has the time to sit around and listen to a morbidly obese, uneducated, thrice-divorced, pain killer addict guy who was arrested for smuggling Viagra across the border, and who makes in excess of $50 million/year through the spewing of hate-filled rhetoric that even he doesn't believe - about President Obama, liberals, women, poor people, gays, people of color - well, you get the picture. Basically whatever those millions listening want to hear. Please provide supporting facts that Limbaugh's sponsorships have not made a mass exodus the last few years.

Most of the other segments of society are busy working and using their time for different, i.e., more productive, activities.


Golly, you leftists sure know how to hate, but mostly your fellow Americans. I wish I had ever read one of your comments expressing the same hatred of Islamo-fascists, Communists, racialists, murderers, and other true enemies of our population that you reserve for Limbaugh, Bush, and the Koch Brothers! Morbidly obese? uneducated (guess you have to go to Havaad to be considered educated)? thrice divorced (guess Hollywood doesn't count these days)? taker of Viagra? My guess is that you have never even listened to one complete show of his, which would account for your ignorance about spewing hate-filled rhetoric.

But, to get to your propaganda, (and since you cited no responsible source for your over-inflated claims about his audience and sponsorships), how about a reference to the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/li....

The problem with leftists is that they live in their leftist cocoon without facing reality, like trying to defend the many failures of Obama and end up believing their own B.S. (I know, that reference again).

Since Limbaugh's ratings are so far above every other radio talk show host other than Hannity, is it so far fetched to believe that he has plenty of advertisers desiring to reach such a large audience? Get real - you might find it a rewarding experience.


"You leftist sure know how to hate"...are you kidding me? If you only listen to crap you can only spew crap. Deaf, blind and dumb is what Limbaugh is and if you follow any of his beliefs that is what you become! Limbaugh failed at everything he did until he found an audience that would follow him which is the current disgust that you like! He thrives on controversy. Reference anything you want he is the biggest hater of all Americans and a personal failure. I bet his mother hates him.


Thanks, I love intelligent, well thought out constructive criticism, especially when it is presented in such a grammatically compelling fashion.


Ok - now I'm really miffed! In all this time, you've never complimented me like this.....


When you post something similar I'll be sure to pass the compliment on.


It's a deal - I'll hold you to it.


So now my comments have morphed from propaganda status to hate talk, since I think Rush Limbaugh is a total waste of time, space, and energy, who is making tens of millions spewing whatever drivel will inflame his audience. No - I have never listened to his show in it's entirety, but I have friends/relatives who are faithful listeners, and I have heard snippets over the years. To be honest, I don't hate him or anyone, for that matter. I just don't feel the hate for people that some seem to feel. In fact, a part of me admires Rush for his ability to make $50 million+ a year off his charade of bigotry, racism, and intolerance, when I, a poor sap who has worked hard all her life to get an education, raise a family, manage households, work long hours, be a good friend and a good person, take care of family/friends during many illnesses, etc, blah, blah (just like most of us - I'm nothing special), will never see a paycheck along the lines of a Rush Limbaugh.

When I believe Obama has failed, you will be the first one I will go to. You can have a field day calling me out. But until then, I will concentrate on the real enemies of the State, the clear and present danger - the conservatives that are trying to buy America - and will do so until you have to pry the keyboard from my cold, dead hands.

Now. Again, your washingtonpost.com link is old, and oddly skewed. Here's another take: Clear Channel Loses $424 Million in 2012, StopRush Rolls On. http://www.dailykos.com/story/20...

"Buried on the business page of mysanantonio.com today, so brief you could easily have missed it, was the news that Clear Channel Media Holdings just reported losses for the last quarter of 2012 of $191 million, and $424 million for all of 2012.

Clear Channel has been in trouble for a long time for a variety of reasons, but one factor that contributed to their losses in 2012 was the death spiral of their golden boy radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Just shy of a year ago, Limbaugh launched a cruel 3 day attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, following her testimony before a Congressional panel regarding health care and birth control. His advertisers have been heading for the doors ever since, thanks in large part to groups like The Flush Rush Facebook community and #StopRush Twitter. Here are the current number of sponsors who have voluntarily removed their ads from Limbaugh's show:

Inactive Victory: Week = 35 Month = 247 Total = 2484

Clear Channel has been firing radio employees all year in an effort to stanch the bleeding--to no avail. Limbaugh has a $400 million contract which expires in 2016. The question now is whether Clear Channel will tolerate this albatross around its neck for that long."


So deep in the leftist cocoon that the DailyKos is a credible source but the Washington Post is "skewed"? Like I said, after a while you begin to believe your own side's B.S.

Since you are so up on Rush Limbaugh's demographics, did you know that DailyKos readership is 86% white, 60% male, 41% older than 45, 77% with no kids, and 28% with income over $100,000? Pretty much describes the leftist liberal elites, eh wot? https://www.quantcast.com/dailyk...

And don't cry for Clear Channel, taken over by Bain Capital in 2008 - their profits increased in 2013.


I don't think the imp was complimenting me. :O) You two are a riot. I just wish I had the time and energy to keep up! Back to eating Dunkin Donuts, watching the Weather Channel and checking my stock in Bain Capital. But never could I listen to Rush except in the time than it takes to realize who it is and turn the channel!


Yeah - I don't think he was, either. You wouldn't believe my exercise regimen just to be able to keep up with the imp-ish Vlad. But I'm one of the weird ones who finds this way more fun than say, listening to Rush Limbaugh. You join in whenever the moment feels right, TooMuch! I need all the help I can get....;-D


O crap! I queue up with three out of the five demographics! (I'll let you figure out which ones, since you're such a smarty-pants). Just as I was reaching for my lace-trimmed hankies, I came across some info on Clear Channel....seems although profits did increase in 2013, revenue declined in Q1-13. Maybe an exodus of sponsors in 2012?? Probably had to outsource, divest, and slash. a la Bain Capital.


Well, to avoid insulting you I have to state right off the bat that you are younger than 45; you have mentioned kids and running a household so that strikes no kids; you have disparaged old white guys in the past so I conclude that you are a rich, transgendered the lace trimmed hankies), person of color. Elementary, my dear.


Whenever did you find the time??? Sigh. A Renaissance man.



Tried your link but it says I'm not old enough to view the adult material contained therein.


Ah - that old ploy of throwing out a red herring in the hopes I'll get moderated out of the game. But I'm beginning to understand how you suffered as a victim from "you-know-what harrassment" in the workplace.....


Oh dear - you completely misunderstood my earlier comment. I have never been a victim of anything but my own missteps; my comment was intended to convey that as someone who hired and supervised attorneys and administrative staff I had to constantly be aware of the potential for being accused of such harassment, and as an attorney I had to ensure it was not taking place in the workplace.

As an aside, due to idiotic government rules I was forced to take anti-harassment training with the other employees, given by a male and female consultant/training team. Since I was the attorney they picked on me, and the woman asked whether or not her running her hand down the tie of the man constituted harassment - I responded that it depended on how long the guy's tie is. They left me alone after that.


I suppose I should confess - I knew very well what you meant the first time, but chose to "misunderstand" for purely selfish reasons....the idea of you being a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace was so funny, brought so much humor, hilarity, and grins - no, make that screams of laughter-, I couldn't help but repeat it. Sorry. Bad breeding. And I absolutely understand the pickle you were in having to be on your toes all day, not to mention being under the scrutiny of consultants!

Love your stories. You were so correct to point out how silly their little exercise was, and how devoid on specifics! How exactly were you to answer, when nothing was said about the fabric content? (polyester - linen - silk?); the pattern? (paisley - stripe - plaid - and in your case, small US flags?); the manufacture? (made in Hong Kong - China - hand loomed?). Having some experience with this, I can tell you these are important variables. Of course, it's possible the moral to your story was that this was all due to idiotic government rules. In which case, was it taxpayer money funding this exercise???? Let's shut down government!!!!

There I go getting all indefatigable! Thanks for the anecdote/laugh. I am quite sure you were an excellent supervisor, fair and gentlemanly in your dealings with your colleagues.


12.) Ever wonder why conservative leaders keep pushing the Keystone XL pipeline? Even when many estimates show that after the initial 2 year-long construction is done, that the number of sustainable jobs it will provide is around 50?

For the Koch brothers: Possible $100 billion in tar sands PROFIT if Keystone XL pipeline is approved......http://www.dailykos.com/story/20...

"Authors of a 40-page report by the liberal think-tank International Forum on Globalization have concluded that the billionaire duo, David and Charles Koch, stand to make as much as $100 billion in profits from their holdings in the tar sands of Alberta if President Obama approves the Keystone XL pipeline. Because it would cross the boundary between Canada and the United States, the pipeline, which would connect the tar sands to refineries on the Texas gulf coast, requires a presidential permit based on U.S. national interest. Given the mandates of the review process, a decision isn't likely until early 2014."


Oh Lanny, just when I think you are up to your pretty liberal nose in leftist B.S., you top it - as in the old joke, pray no one is making waves.

If you have any interest in why this is so amusing, apart from the fact that the Washington Post fell for the leftist B.S. in the DailyKos (unless even Kos was duped) here is the skinny - read it & weep http://www.powerlineblog.com/arc...


Apparently, you think you will win this battle of the wills. In the beginning, they all think that...>*_*< Your powerlineblog.com choice as a weapon against DailyKos and those other liberal bad boys is enough to make me weep...with laughter.

Before you get too big for your britches, take this!....."The Koch brothers, owners of the U.S.’s largest privately held company and major supporters of the Tea Party movement, are the single largest U.S. leaseholders in Alberta’s oilsands, controlling an area nearly the size of Delaware.

But they don’t appear to be using the land, a fact that — depending on where you stand — means either the Kochs have nothing to gain from oilsands expansion, or are waiting with bated breath for the Keystone XL pipeline to start flowing."


And then there's this - I left out his spewing of hate towards American Indians: Unwilling Sponsors Held Hostage on Offensive Rush Limbaugh Show. http://www.dailykos.com/story/20...

"We got shafted when we bought Manhattan. We got scammed ... we got hosed ... we paid for Manna-hata twice because a bunch of Native Americans scammed us." Rush Limbaugh.

Barry Soetoro

Hey Lan, I want to sponsor you for the Grand pizza pie eating contest.


Channel all that alleged anger into something constructive. I want half the Dune Dollars though.

There's a home brew seminar to boot.


For possibly, and perhaps allegedly the first time ever, I must disappoint you Barry. I couldn't eat a whole pizza, and believe me, I've tried. I prefer to channel my anger into something wetter and colder, like a ski trip to Crystal or something.

Barry Soetoro

Wow....beyond hurt. Is this how it's going to be now? I was so looking forward to the home brew seminar too. I guess at this point I'm left with trying to convince LTA to put down his Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation and give the pie eating contest a go.

How 'boutcha LTA?


Sorry ole buddy Barry, I've been under the weather and drugged up the last couple weeks and missed your request until this evening. Although, now that I know they used Pizza Hut for the contest I'd have had to backout anyhow, as I am a pizza snob and I ain't eating that #$%^ even if it's free.

Aside from the fact that I'm a bit miffed about being chosen as a replacement for a girl.....I'm more curious about this Blue Book that you speak of.....I'm always up for adding another reference tome to my library. Got any publisher info I can use to locate it?


Maybe you should read this logical analysis before you (embarrass) respond further. http://ace.mu.nu/archives/348027...


Boy Howdy, you simply add another leftist site quoting the same B.S. by the International Forum on Globalization, confirming it with the Washington Post stupidity. Did it ever occur to you to attempt to refute the arguments in the Powerline article - particularly the mathematical impossibility of the Kochs making $100 billion, that they are not extracting any oil there, that the Keystone XL Pipeline would cost them $120 billion, as admitted by the very source of the study? Really, I expected a more intellectual response - almost time for my complement to issue.


Now, now, Vlad - calm down! Think of your condition!

1. "The Koch brothers, owners of the U.S.’s largest privately held company and major supporters of the Tea Party movement, are the single largest U.S. leaseholders in Alberta’s oilsands, controlling an area nearly the size of Delaware." Is there anything in this statement from the Huffpost link that is false?

2. "But they don’t appear to be using the land, a fact that — depending on where you stand — means either the Kochs have nothing to gain from oilsands expansion, or are waiting with bated breath for the Keystone XL pipeline to start flowing". Anything seem odd about this?

3. "Charles and David Koch have been major contributors to — some would say architects of — the U.S. Tea Party movement, whose Republican adherents in Congress are among the most vocal supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline. Tea Party Republicans have repeatedly attempted to link budget agreements to approval of the pipeline". Again, care to refutiate? Or is that repudiate? Or refupidate? Sarah!!!!

4. "According to research carried out by the left-leaning International Forum on Globalization and confirmed by the Washington Post, Koch Oil Sands Operating (KOSO) controls 1.1 million acres in the oilsands, the single largest patch of land held by a U.S. firm. KOSO is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, which is the U.S.’s largest privately held company, with annual revenues of around $115 billion". Are these not the facts?

5. "The Fraser Institute, a right-libertarian think tank that enjoys tax-free status as a charity, has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars of Koch money". Go ahead - look it up.

You really should re-read the Washington Post article, and then re-read the one from Huffington Post, dated 3-21-14, before threatening to compliment me. As for expecting a more intellectual response, does K-A make the cut?

Tri-cities realist

Lanny, apparently you forgot to respond to the $100 billion claim. I see you mention it above but not in your latest post. Oversight on your part, yeah right.


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