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Apr 11, 2014


Her departure after five years as head of Health and Human Services follows the rocky rollout of 'Obamacare.'


The Nasdaq index sheds nearly 130 points — its worst day in three years — while the Dow plunges 266 points.


Searchers want to pinpoint the location of the pings as much as possible before sending the vessel underwater.


He'll leave his "Colbert Report" persona behind when he takes over the "Late Show" next year.


Putin says Russia is owed as much as $35 billion for natural gas and related costs.


Jeb Bush describes illegal immigration as an "act of love" by people hoping to provide for their families. The backlash from his own party is swift.


The incident happens moments after the former secretary of state takes the stage to deliver a speech at a Las Vegas convention. The footwear misses its target.


An al-Qaida-inspired group posts footage online showing an attack at a security headquarters that killed 16 people in December.


Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Kiss, Hall and Oates, Linda Ronstadt and the E Street Band are among this year's inductees.


The three-time champ struggles to a 4-over 76 — one off the worst scores of his career at Augusta.



#1. Obama's War on Women continues as Queen Seeb is scapegoated and thrown under the bus for failing to do the impossible.

#11. As Lois Lerner is held in contempt of Congress for failing to come clean on the IRS targeting of conservatives http://www.nationalreview.com/ar..., Elijah Cummings is caught lying to his own Committee. http://www.nationalreview.com/co...


Vlad - #1. How you will miss her! Now that the ACA has met it's target rate of sign-ups, is humming along fairly smoothly after a disastrous roll-out, and House Republicans are quietly passing bills that expand and improve Obamacare, now that more and more people are experiencing the security of being insured, it's an election year and their poll ratings are still mighty close to the 9% figure of November, 2013, I think it's time for Queenie to take a much-deserved break and step down.

Vlad - #11. Lois Lerner is held in contempt of Congress by Republicans who don't like the fact she was doing her job. This does not fit their narrative, and the e-mails they demanded show just how corrupt the Republican/conservative 501(3/4)c's really are.

"House Republicans investigating the IRS tea party targeting scandal think they’ve established a motive: the Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United ruling — and, they say, top IRS officials’ attempt to limit its impact.

Former IRS official Lois Lerner and her colleagues mired in the debacle seemed concerned that the 2010 ruling striking caps on corporate political donations would influence the political activities of nonprofits, according to emails in a draft of a new Oversight and Government Reform Republican report, obtained by POLITICO.
Republicans take it one step further, suggesting the woman who would become the face of the scandal wanted to use the IRS to limit the influence of Republican donors. Lerner’s lawyer William Taylor III of Zuckerman Spaeder called the accusation “pure fiction.” Taylor said Lerner’s awareness of Citizens United “shouldn’t be a big surprise to anybody.”

“She was of course over the years involved in discussions of cases like Citizens United and what its implications were for the tax-exempt organizations… That’s what she was supposed to do,” he said."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/20...

#6. Talk about scapegoating! Republicans didn't waste two minutes throwing their only hope for an even partially viable candidate under the bus in their attacks on Jeb Bush for equating "love" with immigration reform. You see, Republicans seem to have problems with the concept of "love" these days. Must be their obsession with women's reproductive anatomy, seedy, deviant sex acts, and their need to have the Republican National Convention in, of all places, Las Vegas, where, according to the always observant eagle eye of James Dobson - Focus on the Family, there are "64 pages of escort services in the Las Vegas yellow pages". http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/...


#12. WATCH: In the United States of John Roberts, the Billionaire Minority are Opressed No Longer [Fiore Cartoon]...http://www.motherjones.com/mixed...


Happy Friday - Your uncritical belief in the B.S. of Obama, demonstrated in your #1, in the face of Obamacare's rising unpopularity, increasing the cost of insurance while limiting access to personal doctors and hospitals, complete lack of transparency regarding numbers of people who lost their insurance, people who have actually paid for their insurance, and latest, the impossibility for most people to even buy insurance until next January is sad but unsurprising.

Your efforts to justify the illegal actions of an out of control, partisan, IRS bureaucrat on your #11 is par for the course.

But you made me smile, because both of the foregoing are far more humorous than the puerile cartoon you linked to.

It's interesting that once we leave the Kingdom of Oz and step into the real world, we see the latest polling data indicates Obamacare is wildly unpopular with the peasants (voters); that they state they will take that into account in their vote in November, and that vulnerable Democrat Senators are still putting Obama and Obamacare in their rearview mirrors as they run away from them at warp speed. Humming along fairly smoothly - Beam Me Up Scotty!


Talk about puerile! (Did you know that the use of this great word has nosedived since 1800?) Your agitprop of a reply really got me to laughing. I'm sorry you didn't find the humor in the Mark Fiore cartoon, although once you get past the billionaires riding around on their piles of money, - hilarious! - one realizes the sobering truth to it, which is probably why you didn't find it funny, am I right? After all, it's your peeps that think it funny that some nutcase threw a shoe at Hillary. Apparently, Fox News spent an hour reporting on it the other night. Talk about oleaginous!

I'd like to address your allegations about Obamacare. You are wrong. The latest March CNN poll shows approval for the reform inching up. Some actual facts, rather than your conjecture:

39% oppose=too liberal
12% oppose=not liberal enough
6% oppose=no opinion
Incomes under $55,00=support the same
Incomes over $55,000=support has increased from 36% to 46%
College educated=support has increased 9 points.


I liked a comment on the site so much, I'd like to C&P it:

"Great! Let's look at the Republican plan, shall we:

Equip recipients of Supplemental Nutritional Benefits with easily understandable information about nutritious
food options and target the use of food stamps to healthy food choices--When Michelle Obama made suggestions, it was called socialism.

Creates State Health Insurance Exchanges to give Americans a one‐stop marketplace to compare different
health insurance policies and select the one that meets their unique needs--That's in Obamacare

Protects the most vulnerable Americans to ensure that no individual would be turned down by a participating
Exchange insurers based on age or health--pre-existing conditions....in Obamacare as well....

Creates a non‐profit, independent board to risk adjust among participating insurance companies to penalize
companies that “cherry pick” health patients and reward insurers that encourage prevention/wellness and cover
patients with pre‐existing conditions-–DEATH PANELS!!!!!

Providing an advanceable and refundable tax credit of $2,300 per individual or $5,700 per family--subsidies...in Obamacare

Integrating low‐income families with dependent children into higher‐quality private plans through direct
assistance-–more wealth distribution.....and in Obamacare

Requiring wealthy Medicare beneficiaries to contribute a little more for their care under Medicare Part D-–increasing taxes on the wealthy!!!!!!Where's Grover when you need him?

So then....are we REALLY going to continue to list to the folks who are complaining about Obamacare....when their best idea is 75% Obamacare?"



You've been had again!

I too will quote from a website:

USAToday finds that Obamacare is at 37% approval, 50% disapproval, in line with all other polls. Except for that one ABC one.

And even worse, a majority says that Obamacare will have a major impact on how they vote this November.

Now progs are doing what progs will do, which to attempt to prove how clever they are by demonstrating that facts are not facts at all, but social constructs we invent in our minds to justify racism or something.

You prove your cleverness by saying things which aren't true, but which aren't true in a clever way.

They're claiming that a majority actually supports Obamacare... or, rather, supports either Obamacare or a more leftwing alternative. They're adding that 37% support for Obamacare to another figure that says something like 12% would prefer a "more liberal" law, and coming up with 49% in favor of Obamacare or something even worse.

You will not be surprised that the neutral, objective news organization CNN is pushing this Conspiracy Theory of Numbers.

At Mediaite, Noah Rothman calls this twaddle, citing, as his chief analyst, the rightwing hatchetmen at... Huffington Post and 538.com.

Recently, partnering with the polling firm YouGov, Huffington Post polling analyst Mark Blumenthal attempted to duplicate CNN’s method of divining support for the ACA among those who do not support the ACA. To clarify CNN’s findings, he performed one extra step. “In your own words,” HuffPost asked select respondents, “what do you mean when you say the health care law is not liberal enough?”

“[V]ery few said they opposed the law because they would prefer a ‘single payer’ system (6 percent of those answering) or would prefer either the ‘public option’ or an alternative to ensure “healthcare for all” (4 percent),” Blumenthal revealed.

A much larger portion of the not-liberal-enough group referenced high costs (15 percent), the mandate to purchase health insurance (12 percent), or more general complaints about a lack of choice or too much government control (13 percent).
“I don’t think forcing everyone to buy insurance is liberal at all,” one respondent told Blumenthal.

“Liberal means choice to me at least and it leaves us no choice, we are forced to buy insurance we may neither need or want,” another said.

These are not promising results for the set of ACA supporters who had convinced themselves they were members of a new silent majority. http://ace.mu.nu/archives/348473...


Although quick and easy for you, your cut and paste is just more hyperbole. If you would have read my comment with a less jaundiced eye, you would have seen that my figures were the result of a finer breakdown of approval/disapproval percentages. I find it interesting that approval rates have gone up significantly among college educated, higher income people. Don't you?

They are more than likely a segment of the populace who read and make their own decisions based on facts, rather than being hypnotized by misleading Koch Bros ads and right wing media sources, or being shut out of information because they are living in states where the Republican leadership is refusing MedicAid Expansion or any education on the merits of the ACA in general.

It is a little Orwellian, wouldn't you agree, that, provided I am analyzing this information correctly, it would seem that those for whom health care reform would do the most good and provide them with the most health care security are the least in favor of it.

I expected some response from you regarding the Republican health care plan, seeing as how you are so informed in your opposition to the ACA. Perhaps you couldn't find anything to cut and paste?


How pathetic!


For perhaps the first time, we are in total agreement.

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