Ottawa County board to see 3 pct. raise next year

Ottawa County leadership will see slight pay increases again in 2015 and 2016.
The Holland Sentinel
Apr 13, 2014

The county’s compensation commission recommended a 3 percent increase for 2015 and a 2.5 percent increase for 2016.

The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners approved the recommendation Tuesday.

The board chairperson, now Jim Holtrop, earns $20,400. That will go up to $21,012 in 2015 and $21,537 in 2016. Commissioners earn $16,320. That will be $16,810 in 2015 and $17,230 in 2016.

The vote also affects elected county employees — water resources commissioner, prosecutor, sheriff, treasurer and clerk/register. Their salaries range from $81,563 to $131,144 and will increase to between $86,110 and $138,455 by 2016.

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Vast Right Wing...

So, who else is getting a guaranteed 5.5% pay raise in the next 2 years. Not I and I bet not you!

Anyone want to put money on when the next tax rate increase will be?


How distressing. We have so many people just trying to make a living in this economy, and these politicians get a 5.5% raise over the next two years?

Barry Soetoro

Good news, Lani! You are still running for Drain Commissioner, correct? I mean Water Resources Commissioner. Six figure salary and who knows what kind of bennies for doing pretty much nothing! The best news being you can drop your crummy Bronze Package - the health insurance one. I want to be your Erosion Control Agent. I'm really good at that. Honest.


Glad you qualified that Bronze Package, Barry. This settles it - I'm throwing my name in the ring, IF you'll be my Control Agent, which is a very important job, for obvious reasons.

The salary is fabulous. I usually had to work extra hard to get a raise...odd - no mention of that in the article....


This is outrageous They cut programs for the poor and give themselves a raise. This is one of the many things wrong with this country. Raises should be by vote of the people.


What's with you and the poor SK?

Do you simply, read Democratic talking points for a living? Most of the poor you speak of, sit on their brains all day creating ways to manipulate the system....not all, but most. One of the largest increases in Govt. spending over that past 6 years has been on entitlements so, stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

Vote of the People...Ha! You mean, just like the Michigan same-sex marriage vote in 2004? (ie) Proposal 2 That was a vote of the people so, are you saying "The People" do, indeed, have the final say on issues or just "your" issues?


Lets wake up people, it is not only the poor who is being hit with the high cost of living. It is also the average working class that now must pay more, out of there ever shrinking paychecks.
Maybe it is time for the average class to say enough, is enough, and your absolutely right sky king, raises for local politicians should be voted on. God Bless the Constitution.


Its easy for the board to give themselves raises when they also give the elected officials a dollar increase. Don't forget about the benefit package they also get when they retire like health care for life. Maybe its time for term limits on those elected officials. Look at the they gave the employees over the last several years.

What is so wrong about this, the economy is still fragile. All these governmental authorities are all asking for budget increases like TWP fire departments, Oops that's right they are not asking just another ramming another special assessment down our throats. Schools are asking for increases, State has taken so much money in from over taxing they don't know where to use the money. So sad....


I havent got a raise in six years. I need a political job, where you get raises for having a pulse.

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