New crown for the King

A Grand Haven hamburger king is about to get a whopper of a makeover.
Alex Doty
Jul 14, 2014


Indiana-based Quality Dining Inc., operators of the Burger King restaurant at 1710 S. Beacon Blvd., have submitted plans to build a new store at the location.

“We’re very excited about it,” Quality Dining President John Firth said. “When we’ve done these, they’ve been very well received by our guests.”

The company’s plan calls for a whole new building and site layout. The current store will be demolished.

“It will be there one day and gone the next,” Firth said. “We’d like to do that in 65-70 days. It just depends on what the weather does.”

The $1 million redevelopment comes with a whole new atmosphere and includes café and lounge-style seating, high-definition televisions, and other modern amenities.

“There’s nothing wrong with the (old) building, but it’s not the current image,” Firth said.

The site will also be modified to include a double drive-through lane, something Firth noted as being more common in the fast-food industry.

Employees will work at another Burger King until the project is finished.

“We’ll have a little bit of fanfare when we reopen,” Firth said. “We’re going to create a bit of energy.”

The company operates 165 Burger King restaurants in Michigan, Indiana and Florida.

“We’re in the process of a very aggressive remodeling program for our Burger King restaurants,” Firth said.

Quality Dining owns the Burger King in Spring Lake, but Firth said they have no plans to remodel it this year.

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'“There’s nothing wrong with the (old) building, but it’s not the current image,” Firth said.'

This sums up one of the major issues with American society today and the reason many people are so poor and in debt.

Everybody is conditioned to want more and more, newer and better; even when what they already have is just fine.

Companies like Apple for example thrive with this needless consumption. The iphone 4s works just as good as the brand new iphone, yet year after year, Apple releases a new phone with one or two needless features that do not justify the cost of getting the newest and greatest status symbol and throwing out the old. Even with that, mindless zombies wait outside the store for days waiting to hand over their money on a worthless product that they will want to replace in a year. That money could be much better spent going on an adventure, or something else that makes you truly happy.

If people would stop buying into the consumption lifestyle that the corporation have conditioned you to and stopped going into debt buying the latest and greatest status symbols to show off your 'wealth', and 'power', and lived within their means, they would find they are MUCH happier in life. It is actually quite easy to live on $14,000 a year and live well, go on vacations, etc... But the media or corporations wont tell you that.

Barry Soetoro

Just think - with all the money you save you could go out and spend $8500 on a bicycle...


Yes, I could, and I did (the bike itself was $5,000 since I was able to salvage a few of the components from my old bike, the touring gear took up the rest). It is the one thing I have splurged on because I use it so much and wanted it to be reliable.

Instead of buying some off the shelf bike with flashy decals and advertising all over it I hand picked every single component for its reliability and how durable it is and then built the bike myself. This is why the cost was high. I like to go on tours by bike, and in fact, am getting ready to ride up to Mackinac Island and back in a few weeks camping along the way. Reliability is key on these types of trips.

I did the same trip last summer twice and actually being out and experiencing life makes you appreciate the small things in this world; there were times along the trip that I would stop and just watch birds going about their daily lives or watch fish in a stream for an hour and be totally enthralled by it. In a world of movies, facebook, and reality TV, adventures like that bring you back down to earth and make you think about what is truly important in life. There is nothing quite like being out in nature either on a bike, or hiking and being out of range of a cell tower or internet connection, and just living life with no worries.

I would rather pay more and have a durable, reliable product than cheap out and have to replace components constantly. I plan on riding that bike for many years and tens of thousands of miles (I meant to do that with my last bike but a car totaled it).

I see no problem spending a bit more than average on an efficient form of transportation that I use every single day. What I paid to build it is more than made up for with my savings on gas, gym, and healthcare due to the fact that cycling is a very healthy and free form of transportation.

I am living on about $1,100 per month right now, with no public assistance or anything like that, and am getting along quite comfortably. Instead of buying a bunch of useless crap, I go for bike rides to the parks, go hiking, read books, and do other free and much more thought-provoking activities rather than go out to the movies, or sit like a zombie in front of a TV all day. In fact, I can fit all my worldly belongings except the couch, bed, and nightstands in the trunk of my car easily.


Wow, am I out of the loop. The last bike I bought was a Diamond Back Topanga, it was a "last years" model and was $400.00 bucks. Are we talking titanium and carbon fiber construction? This sounds like a high tech two wheeler you got there.


Not really high tech. Steel frame, hand made hardwood fenders, hand made leather saddle. There is some carbon (brake/shift levers and rear derailleur) but other than that, it is not high tech at all. Just built to last many years without issue. It is dead silent as I ride it; no squeaks, rattles, or other noises, and is incredibly comfortable, even on 70+ mile non-stop rides. I didn't go overboard with a feather-light carbon frame, or stuff like that, I simply built it to be durable and reliable so all I would ever have to worry about replacing is the consumables (tires, chain, cassette) every couple thousand miles.

Barry Soetoro

That's cool. Be careful out there.


Down with the man dude. Groovy. "Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy.”

- Simon and Garfunkel - 59th Street Bridge Song

Blah blah blah


You're really into Simon & Garfunkel.

deuce liti

$1,100 a month!?? Did you win the lottery or are some kind of doctor? What kind of person moves that kind of bread these days?

I can't believe you even mention not living on assistance mr. moneybags. Rich white people problems to the letter.

deuce liti

“Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of greed, because even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses.”

-Jesus. Luke 12:15


McDonald,s is already one the move, seen several building,s down and up in a few short month,s !!


The building won't matter if their service doesn't improve. They are the slowest most inept staff in town.


Totally agree with that. Sometimes at night, it takes them literally five minutes to simply take your order, and then another ten minutes to get the food to you, even though there is nobody else there.


At least Burger King hasn't moved It's Corporate headquarters to Switzerland like Walgreens has to avoid paying U.S. taxes. It does seem to me that they would be further ahead to raise the employees pay then to remodel, but it's their business. P.S it has nothing to do with bicycles.


I wasnt the one that took it to bicycles ;)

Barry Soetoro

Pay no mind to the Off Topic Police. They have no jurisdiction here.


Yes, and he has a unique ride worth mentioning so we pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


They may not have moved their headquarters to Switzerland, but they will be moving their headquarters to Canada to get the same tax breaks.


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