Dealership gets money for cleanup

Changes are on the way for a long-standing car dealership on Beacon Boulevard.
Alex Doty
Feb 20, 2014


The Betten family-owned Preferred Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, 1701 S. Beacon Blvd., is prepared for a nearly $1 million project to bring the dealership up to date, as well as make environmental improvements.

“We’re pleased to see this investment in our commercial corridor,” City Manager Pat McGinnis said. “It’s a significant part of our community.”

A number of changes are slated.

“They are putting in an addition on the rear of the building and putting on a new façade,” Grand Haven Community Development Manager Jennifer Howland said. “They’ve got that old-style ‘gull-wing’ (façade), and they’re going to something more modern.”

The company intends to renovate the showroom, waiting room, restrooms, offices, conference room and service bay area of the building.

The new façade will be similar to other Chevrolet dealerships, and will come along with a 3,750-square-foot addition to the building’s west side.

The city's Planning Commission approved site plans for the development in January.

See the plans: Download the Related File (PDF) below this story.

Renovations will incorporate energy-efficient and natural lighting, local building products and contractors, and materials with recycled content.

Roman Wilson, a consultant from Lakeshore Environmental, said they’ve also produced a Brownfield Plan amendment related to the project's environmental concerns. Eligible brownfield activities will include a baseline environmental assessment, due-care plan preparation, due-care sampling and documentation, completion of a health and safety plan, and demolition work.

“The property has some near-surface contamination from operations of the prior business,” City Finance Director Jim Bonamy said. “The brownfield allows the increase in value to pay off eligible activities for brownfield cleanup.”

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Oh good, I thought this article was announcing the hiring of corporate cleaners. That place is Dated and dark so good for them but keep the bowtie sign.

Tri-cities realist

I agree with keeping the bowtie, I believe it is one of only a few left still being displayed at a Chevy dealership. But given the struggle that ensued with GM when that sign was completely restored in honor of Chevrolet's 100th anniversary, it wouldn't surprise me if GM "strongly suggests" that the sign be removed. That will be a sad day.


I'd prefer they sold out of a tent if they could LOWER car prices. These renovations will include a price increase I'm sure.


BOOOO!! So now it will look like every other dull, cookie cutter style dealership out there and blend into the background, rather than keep the cool mid-century modern look and stand out from the rest.


I remember the building back in 1960 when my grandpa bought a new car, at the time it was Miller Chevrolet, the building has not changed much, except the addition of the Chrysler building in the rear, even the original sign is still there, Mr Betten did a major remolding job on the Robbins Road building some years ago mostly due to GM wanting him to bring the dealership up to date and bring in the GM color,s witch was required, a fresh new look without any big major construction changes

Tri-cities realist

... When will this site show replies in the correct place? Is it 1974 or 2014???


The site shows the comments in the correct place. All the COMMENTS are in order and time stamped, however, if you REPLY to a specific comment then your reply is indented and time stamped and can appear to be out of order, but it is order based on replies vs. comments. If you check it out closely, use some rationale, exercise some brain power, you will see how it works in 2014. Ah, a revelation!


$200.00 of fancy alcohol makes one grumpy the next morning!

This forum has issues, if you respond to someone's post and your reply goes to the next page, things get messed up (just as one example). Not sure why, but it's definitely not 2014 quality forum structure coding.

Tri-cities realist

If you were right, my post that shows up under gord wouldn't have required me to edit it. I hit the reply under wolverine's post but it showed up under gord's. My comment was the only reply to wolverine, so it was very obvious when it showed up in the wrong place. Luckily it worked the 2nd time. If this hasn't happened to you, my guess is that either you don't bother to check where your posts show up, or you are very lucky. This site has known issues (validated by LTA and many others) but thanks for your condescension, I understand how the indenting is SUPPOSED to work.


I find this thread freakin' hilarious! Placement of comments is perfectly logical, everything goes where it's supposed to, the Trib does not have a vendetta out for you, no comment has a mind of it's own......paranoid much? 0*-)

Tri-cities realist

Lanny, please re-read my reply to rukidding (auto correct suggested "timid ding" lol). If the site worked properly I wouldn't have needed to edit the comment that starts with "..."

I'm not paranoid, and I'm not the only one this happens to, but thanks for your feigned concern.


HA!! case in point. I replied to you miss Lani and it put my post under TCR's the first time, not yours where I wanted it.

Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup....................


No, not all comments go where they're suppose to go. Why do you think I write hiccup frequently? Because it's either a double post right off the bat, or I have to post twice to get it to the right spot once and then wipe out the misplaced one.

Don't mess with me girl, I'm mean when I'm sober and can't afford 200 bucks on alcohol to improve my disposition. :-S


My bad, I should have just said, Oh poor you, and then gone about my day. My apologies as I certainly didn't mean to offend...much.


It's been a looong time since you've tried to get out the other side of your bed hasn't it? :-S

Former Grandhavenite

That dealership is one of the more unique buildings in GH and I'd hate to see it changed into something more generic.

As far as the threading issue I've noticed that sometimes randomly when I try to reply to a specific poster by clicking 'reply' below their comment, it'll stick my response all the way down at the bottom as if it were just a new comment not in reply to anyone specific. The threading seems to work about 99% of the time for me. Of course, since you can't delete your own posts you can't really fix it when it puts the comment in the wrong place and it generally won't make sense out of context. I'm not sure if these issues are related to the specific content management software the Trib uses, or if it's a solid piece of software that's misconfigured somehow.


Bottom line is either way, it needs work.


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