Fire levies OK’d

Grand Haven, Crockery and Robinson townships won the favor of voters in Tuesday’s primary election.
Julie Angell
Aug 6, 2014


Grand Haven Township voters unofficially approved a property tax increase that will improve equipment and services for the township's fire and rescue department.

Fifty-two percent of Grand Haven Township voters gave the nod of approval for a 1.9-mill property tax increase, a lower number than what Fire Chief Tom Gerencer is used to seeing. Despite a lower approval rating, Gerencer is pleased with the results and said he looks forward to a better-functioning fire department.

“It’s passed and it’s good for eight years, and we’re pleased with that,” he said. “We provide a very high level of service for the $190.”

The owner of a home with $100,000 taxable value will see an annual $40 increase in property taxes, totaling $190 a year. The township has had a 1.5-mill levy since 1985 and Gerencer said the slightly higher 1.9 mills is much needed.

“These firefighters put their heart and soul into the department and community,” he said. “We have a lot of work to do to prove to people that voted ‘no’ that we’re going to spend their hard-earned money wisely.”

Gerencer said the close vote was attributed to confused voters who may have thought the levy would add together the 1.5 and 1.9 mills. That’s not the case.

Voters also gave the green light for a fire department millage renewal for Robinson Township. Robinson’s fire department millage will be renewed for 16 years to provide operating funds and equipment for the township fire department.

Crockery Township Fire Department’s levy was also approved with 372 “yes” votes and 146 “no” votes. This levy is for 1.5 mills for township fire protection services.

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"The owner of a home with $100,000 taxable value will see an annual $40 increase in property taxes, totaling $190 a year"... huh?


~ Meaning it is currently $150 and the $40 now approved will make it $190......


Not many home in GH TWP for $100,000.00.. So now it will cost well over $250.00 per house hold for fire service. $180.00 per year for police service plus what we pay for county ans state services. People we had our chance to send the correct message to GH TWP and keep our services in GH TWP instead of running to bail GH City out all the time. So now we have 8 years of this tax increase.


How many years did the township rely on the city to respond with a ladder truck to any working fire? Did you hear any crying about the city bailing out the township? You will never be happy with anything the police and fire services do in Ottawa County because you feel you were personally wronged at the end of your career. It would be impossible to argue with you on these subjects using facts and common sense. I hope that someday you can let that chip fall off your shoulder and enjoy life without your blood pressure going through the roof everytime police/fire/sheriff is mentioned in the local paper.


I'm not sure where you thing I have been wronged in my career. I still have a great career. My career has has nothing to to do with this. I certainly have facts on this situation. I believe the public also is really understanding and really not confused like you want us to think. I really don't think the city did run many times out in the TWP with the aerial due to the TWP not having the necessary equipment to support them when first purchased it. Also the real professional Full time fire department would of shut down unnecessary responses like it should be today. I'm thinking you were still in diapers then or maybe just a twinkle in your mothers eye. What it comes down some fire chiefs sat in some area chiefs meeting and decided we need to make more runs or the fire service is in trouble with a full time service. Communities are beginning to look at disbanding full time fire services and going make to the traditional part paid, par time, or volunteer service because they can't afford the equipment cost, wages, and benefit packages. So Grand Haven City started public safety and they were not going to cut anything (were you at those meetings??) Now they have four guys at max on shift trying to do both. So now we call in GH TWP when we need help on most calls. This is not how the mutual aid agreement was intended to be used either.


I find it sadly amusing that you claim to have "facts on this situation." I challenge you to step forward and quit hiding behind your fictitious username. Any coward can hide behind a username and spew propaganda, cleverly disguising it as "facts." If your so-called facts are truth you should have no problem telling all of us how you seem to know so much. Oh wait, if we look back at your posts, and you do accept this challenge, you could be charged with libel. You have maliciously slandered people, often making false accusations. So, please, either step forward, attend board meetings, and be a productive resident, OR just stop your hatred-filled posts regarding the local police and fire services.


LOL... I'll put your paramedic unit on standby for you.. oh wait a minute... are you still borrowing that heart monitor... or have been able to purchase all the proper equipment for your paramedic unit or was that included in the extra $379,000.00 for the "quint".


So I guess that means you won't be accepting the challenge?

Harry Kovaire

Fire Chief Gerencer: Apparently you did not get the message. We were NOT confused. The close vote was due to the fact that we are sick and tired of the GH Township spending our property taxes like a bunch of drunken sailors.

With history as any guide, we have small hope you are going to spend our hard-earned money wisely.


30 votes the other way and GHT would have been scrambling,


There did seem to be confusion...discussing the proposal with several people has revealed the confusion. This was not a "new" millage. It was a replacement. Instead of the current 1.5 mills, it was REPLACED with a 1.9...hence the $40 increase. Thank you to area voters for showing these firefighters that their service is truly valued.


You must be an employee of GHTWP I see how you made this election very confused. Lets see 1.5 mills which expired. Now we at 1/2 mill on top of the 1.5 renewal and that's not a new tax. And then you say only a $40.00 increase... ya maybe on a $100,000.00 home... More duplication of services, More lies, More waste, and More abuse of our tax dollars by the TWP officials. That's the only reason I write about this subject. It has nothing to do with the people that do the job like you always want to put your spin on the subject.


I do not work for the township...I have just taken several opportunities to better educate myself about what is happening, which is what I wish you would do. You claim that it has nothing to do with the people but yet you consistently attack them personally. Still not accepting the challenge? Please don't throw around your opinion disguised as're dangerous.


well if you don't work for GH TWP then stay in your lane cause you certainly have not provided any facts. Better educated from who??? dangerous??? LOL hardly. I just love reading your comments


51% it looks like a No vote will come in the future. Bottom line is the bottom line on that tax bill we get twice a year. Its $3000 average or much higher for some. Its just not sustainable with so many jobs being automated with low pay for the remaining people. The shock wave originated in Detroit and like a wave in a pool its spreading to West Michigan. $3000 a year with all the increases going to be voted in that translates to over $65,000 total paid by a resident in 15 years. People are now realizing the long term affect on these property taxes. Not knocking the character or quality of services, they are excellent. But money is becoming more and more worthless and harder to get. The bubble will bust its just a matter of time.


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