Brandon Hall runs for Grand Haven school board

A former Grand Haven school board member convicted of stealing from a school fundraiser in 2009 has announced his write-in candidacy for a two-year term on the board.
Becky Vargo
Aug 15, 2014


Brandon Hall, 24, said he decided to run for the board seat when he realized nobody else had filed for the position.
“I didn’t plan to do this,” he said. “But this is an opportunity to finish my term.
Hall said he felt like he has a lot to offer to the community, and he had a lot to offer back then, but he made some mistakes.
“Remember I was a teenager,” he said. “I was arrogant and ignorant before. I tried to take on too much. I was humbled big time.”
A jury convicted Hall in February 2010 of larceny by conversion after he took money from an American Cancer Society fundraiser. He served two years of probation and performed 60 hours of community service. 
Before his sentencing, then-Grand Haven school board vice chairman Chris Houghtaling asked the judge to ban Hall from appearing on school property and at school events, with the exception of school board meetings.
Instead, the judge ruled Hall can go onto school property and appear at school events as a private citizen, but he cannot do so as a representative of the school board for the duration of his probation.
Attempts to contact Houghtaling for comment were unsuccessful.
To read more of this story, see today's print or e-edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.


Barry Soetoro

Ain't America great?


That's what three wise men have taught me. Johnny, Jim and Jack.


Why not, this is Omerica isn't it?


He could actually win if no one runs against him. PLEASE, someone run against him!


By all means deeg, "Due" it! Please, Run against him.


What a surprise to find that BV doesn't know how to use proper grammar. Fantastic editing there! ;)


Must love attention. He sure gets enough of it.


I'm glad to hear that he is not a drug addict, thief, or fraud anymore but sadly, the arrogance has not left him.


"but he cannot due so as a representative of the school board for the duration of his probation".

DUE so?

Good lord Trib....can't you people take the extra 10 seconds to run a spell check on your "articles" before hitting print?

As for this cat, politicians thrive on attention and the easiest way for a person to get that attention without having to do anything substantial is to get involved in politics.
It would probably be a mistake to let the fox in the hen house a second time, but that's just my thought on the subject.


"Due so" is spelled correctly, it just has no context within this article. :o)


Notice how they have corrected it now? Perhaps some of us should be hired to proofread their articles prior to print. I'm sure there would be far less mistakes.


WRITE IN CANDIDACY?? Did we forget 2013?

"The charges by the Michigan Attorney General’s office stem from Hall’s alleged forging of signatures on nominating petitions for attorney Chris Houghtaling of Grand Haven during Houghtaling’s unsuccessful campaign for Ottawa County 58th District Court judge last year. Houghtaling, president of the Grand Haven school board, is not accused of wrongdoing.

Hall, of Grand Haven, has a prior conviction of stealing $750 in school fund-raising monies while he served on the school board."


I always thought he kind of resembled Peter Griffin in looks. Now his actions are making me realize that Peter Griffin does exist in the non-animated world!


More on this.....or should I say this Moron!

"Hall was charged after authorities determined he forged signatures on several nominating petitions for 2012 judicial candidate Chris Houghtaling. With the signatures invalidated, Houghtaling did not have enough signatures to run for district judge and his name was removed from the ballot.

The opinion noted that on the day before and on the day of the filing deadline last year, Hall added several names to the petitions using petitions that had been previously circulated by Houghtaling for judicial elections two years earlier.

“Defendant added the names by copying the signatures from the 2010 petitions and then filed the petitions with the Secretary of State, signing the petitions himself as petitioner," the judge wrote."


Why should Brandon Hall be running? Because the honest hard working citizens of Grand Haven are chasing his butt out of town. There certainly must be among you, an honest citizen, and one who would have the best interest of your kids in mind that would take this position and not let it be handed to this credent. If I were a resident of Grand Haven I would be appalled at the mere thought of the possibility that this, this, well this person, could win. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!


“Remember I was a teenager,” he said. “I was arrogant and ignorant before. I tried to take on too much. I was humbled big time.”

Take on too much?? Did you buy the drugs with the money you stole? Did the drugs make you comit voter fraud? And you want the citizens of grand haven to "write you in"?? What? We need role models on the board, NOT arrogant rule breakers. You try to get away with as much as you can, thinking we'll forget.

"OTTAWA COUNTY — A former Grand Haven school board member who was forced to resign in April was jailed Wednesday for violating his probation after testing positive for marijuana, according to court records.

Brandon HallBrandon Michael Hall, 20, had been sentenced to probation after being convicted in February for stealing $750 from a school fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.
On Wednesday, as part of his sentence, Hall met with his probation officer and apparently failed a drug test, confirmed board Vice President Chris Houghtaling."

deuce liti

I don't believe anyone who is on the board of anything, plays sorts, is an entertainer, is into politics, is a member of the clergy class will EVER be a role model.

Except for other criminals maybe.


Brandon Hall-of-Shame


You people are ruthless. Brandon cares more about this city then half of you. You dont want him to win maybe one of you should step up to the plate. He certainly has enough support to win. Especially because nobody else cares enough to run. I support you brandon hall!

Barry Soetoro

Hi Brandon's mom!

BTW, what do you mean "you people"?


Yeah Hello Brandon's mom! LOL


Time to get out the popcorn and watch the show. This guy is just incredible. This is going to be like stand up comedy. Any time board member Carl talked to or dialogued with Brandon - Carl's neck would turn super red in the past. One thing for sure about Brandon he sure knows how to raise a persons blood pressure.


Before any of you mud slingers decide to run, on the sole intention of opposing him, I hope you do your homework on the common core curriculum and the issues with the lack of education funding. Brandon has made plenty of mistakes, but if you think you're better suited for the position because you know how to copy and paste articles in the comment section you're an idiot. Instead of wasting your time tearing him down by calling him a moron, why don't you educate yourself enough to run against him. If it were any of you vs. him in a debate about what public schools need he'd "smoke" you.


You're insinuation that he would "smoke" anyone is tacky and makes the reader wonder if he still smokes pot. Everyone makes mistakes, but we are at three strikes here...that we know of.
It's called integrity! He let ALOT of people down, and caused a lot of trouble for all involved when he stole the money from the schools! Kids in the schools raised the money for The American Cancer Society! How easy for him to walk in a school, collect money and keep it? Like taking candy from a baby.


Your "taking candy from a baby" line is real Pulitzer Prize worthy stuff too, pal. I'm insinuating that you can knock him for his mistakes, but until you do something about it, you're regurgitating the same stuff that's been copied and pasted on every Brandon Hall story. Do you have any ideas on how to get Internet access to at-risk children? Or do you know how to shape a curriculum to better prepare kids for standardized tests? If you do I'll write your name in instead, because right now I think his is the only name out there. Everyone else is too busy calling him names to run against him.


If he runs/wins ALL our kids will be "at risk". Cad.


I suspect that the real opposition to Hall is coming from the incestuous, stale members of the school board who don't want to be held accountable like they were last time he was a member of that body. If you're a parent like me who wants the best education possible for their kids, then send him into the fray. They won't be able to pretend everything's perfect with him breathing down their necks.


Pretty sure all these people who are defending him here are really just his cousin (and maybe some other family members). She is on a rampage on the Grand Haven Informed Facebook page right now.

The guy is a menace to Grand Haven, plain and simple.


Thanks for brushing off legitimate points by claiming that any comments you disagree with are from his "cousin." That's real useful.


Brandon Hall should NOT run for the school board! He would be a better fit in congress since he is already a pro at Washington's ethical way of thinking. God bless America and nowhere else! LOL



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