SL schools face shortfall

Spring Lake Public Schools will be laying off eight paraprofessionals as its officials try to get a handle on another year in red ink.
Krystle Wagner
Jun 18, 2013


The Spring Lake school board approved the layoffs for the 2013-14 school year on Monday night. The district also won’t fill 2.3 full-time-equivalent staff positions being vacated by retirement.

The Spring Lake district's chief financial officer, Scott Powers, said the school system will be faced with a $565,000 shortfall for the 2013-14 general fund.

Last year’s deficit was more than $700,000.

Powers said the district, like others in Michigan, is faced with difficult financial decisions as it creates a budget for the upcoming school year.

“At the heart of the matter is the effort to maintain programming for students in 2013-14 while operating with funding levels closer to 2006-07,” he said.

Spring Lake's total fund balance will start at more than $2.3 million on June 30 and is projected to fall to a little more than $1.8 million at the end of the next school year.

Superintendent Dennis Furton said there are about 30 paraprofessionals working throughout the district, and those being laid off will receive notification in the next day or two.

It’s the third year in a row the district has had to lay off some staff. If it wasn’t for the number of retiring staff members this year, the district would have faced more layoffs, Furton said.

The Spring Lake district isn't alone. The Associated Press reported 55 Michigan school districts are operating with deficits, and the number of districts facing a $1 million-plus shortfall is expected to increase from one a decade ago to 30 by the end of the next school year.

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FUYC - don't let the b**t**ds get you have a finely honed sense of humor, sharp wit, and well-developed cynicism. Thanks for the laugh, even though you were probably dissing me royally here.


I get the FU but still trying to figure out the YC.....carry on

Ignorance is bl...

I shouldn't respond this post, but I saved the writing below which I previously wrote to a business associate who made the ignorant statement that we should abolish public education (he called it "government education" yet he doesn't use the word "government" when referring to: restrooms, libraries, golf courses, highways, state & national parks, or other "public entities funded by taxes". "Rocket surgeons", FUYC? Really?

I know that these citations are a little older than 1967 as you originally ignorantly criticized, but perhaps you might be enlightened by the opinions of one of our founding fathers and his opinions on a "public education". Society remains strong when people are involved in investing in, maintaining, and improving it.

Here some are Jefferson's words on an "educated public":

Preach, my dear Sir, acrusade against ignorance; establish & improve the law for educating the common people. Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us against these evils, and that the tax which will be paid for this purpose is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests, & nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance. Thomas Jefferson to To George Wythe, from Paris, August 13, 1786

1816 January 6. (to Charles Yancey) "If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be."[7]

1818 January 14. (to Joseph C. Cabell) "Now let us see what the present primary schools cost us, on the supposition that all the children of 10. 11. & 12. years old are, as they ought to be, at school: and, if they are not, so much the work is the system; for they will be untaught, and their ignorance & vices will, in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences, than it would have done, in their correction, by a good education."[9]

Jefferson's views from Wiki.
Jefferson's views on education of citizens[edit]

Jefferson was an advocate of public education. In a 1786 letter to George Wythe, he remarked that "the most important bill in our whole code, is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people."[21]

He believed that "no other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness" and that failing to provide public education would "leave the people in ignorance."[21]

But, Jefferson did not believe in forcing parents to place their children in school, positing that "it is better to tolerate the rare instance of a parent refusing to let his child be educated, than to shock the common feelings and ideas by the forcible asportation [removal] and education of the infant against the will of the father."[22]

I can supply more from others, but I am sure that you'd prefer to resort to what you previously wrote and to remain in that state of thought, - another one of Jefferson's "fears" that would eventually lead to tyranny. That seems to be actually working in American society in 2013.


And there is the quote from JFK: "Liberty without Learning is always in peril and Learning without Liberty is always in vain."


And here is the quote from JFK on taxes:


In 1962, the top marginal tax rate was 91%; JFK wanted to reduce it to 65%. Today, it is 35%.

And for the Kennedy years, education as a percentage of the federal budget was 2nd highest after defense. Today it is 4th.


"Never confuse education with intelligence." - unknown


Like that one better yet...sounds like Mark Twain.


Haha, love that quote.

Ignorance is bl...

FUYC- So then intelligently fix your grammatical errors and then respond to the Jeffersonian quotes on maintaining a "public education you "Rocket surgeon". That would take intelligence and an understanding of education. I think you have neither.


Ya caught me..............I am a moron. I kneel before your intellectual prowess and beg for you to take sweet mercy upon me. I dared to fly to close to the sun and truly have learned my position in life.

Now if you will excuse me, there are butterflies, unicorns and rainbows to be chased.


How about a study on combining both Grand Haven and Spring Lakes schools district.. Maybe the Governor would hand out a few more dollars if all schools, police, fire departments start combining services... They are all public servant government employees.... I believe this is what the government was trying to do his first year in office...



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