Head Start impacted by shutdown

The federal government shutdown may seem far away in Washington, D.C., but it will hit home Wednesday for more than 400 Ottawa County children and their families when their Head Start child care and education programs are cut off.
The Holland Sentinel
Oct 5, 2013


“It’s quite shocking to not really be given any notice of this and all of a sudden our funds being frozen,” Lakeshore Head Start Executive Director Kristin Wise said.

The nonprofit, which administers the federal programs, found out Thursday, and notifications went out to parents. Head Start will use reserve funds to keep the doors open a couple of extra days, so parents have more time to find alternative care.

“With school being closed, if (parents) are not able to find alternative care for their children on such short notice, they stand the potential of losing their jobs,” said Denise Radakovitz, special needs/mental health manager. “The children at Head Start are already at-risk in so many ways.”

Briana Farrell is a nursing student at Grand Rapids Community College and uses reduced-fee day care for Neelah, who is almost 2 years old, so she can attend classes and work a part-time job.

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400 local at-risk children affected by government shut-down. And why has the shut-down occurred? Because about 30-40 conservative Tea Party Republican House members, supported and fueled by aggressive and financially generous groups who want to take health care reform away from those 400 children and their families, are deviously shutting down government in order to nullify the existing law.

C'mon kids and families - You're living in the richest country on earth! Get a job paying $25/hour with full benefits - problem solved!


REALITY - The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill funding the entire government, including Head Start, provided Obama and the Democrats agree (1) to delay the Obamacare tax on citizens just like Obama did for big business and (2) to give up the illegal subsidies Obama gave the Congress for their gold plated health care, contrary to the Affordable Care Act that only provides subsidies for lower income people. The Democrats refused and shut the government down, impacting parents and children using Head Start. Period.

Tri-cities realist

Hmm, when was the Constitution amended such that it only takes 30-40 votes to pass a bill in the House? I thought it was more like 218.


Bingo. That doesn't count tho when you Lannering on emotion.


WING: Emotion? What emotion? You mean concern and empathy for 400 local children, living at poverty levels or worse, who are being directly impacted by a minority group of conservative DC politicians who are playing out a waiting game, holding the US economy hostage because they can.

Try anger, contempt, and disgust. What weak little minds, weak little people, no sense of honorable civic duty, problem-solving, or building - only destruction, tearing down, - and I'm talking about conservative congressional Republicans here, not the children.

VLAD: The government shutdown has been born, bred, planned, and carried out for months/years, through the partnership of Big Conservative Money and Small Conservative Minds. They spurned months of opportunities to negotiate with the Majority of Congress. They take a roll call of those Republicans who look like they might come to their senses and start to earn their keep, and threaten a primary challenge in the next election. They have pushed relentlessly for a government shut-down, not because they fear the ACA will not work, but because they fear the ACA will be successful; debt isn't the concern, otherwise why would they risk the full faith and credit of the US government, which in turn creates more debt and economic weakness, not just once, but over and over?

But I know, you know, and, increasingly, the whole world is coming to understand the motivations behind conservative Republicans. 400 children without Head Start? MEH! Collateral damage - a small price to pay to win the ideological war of Minority Rule.

TRI: Yup. You know the saying -"It takes just a few bad apples to ruin the bushel". Here are the majordomos that have taken charge, propped up by a octopus-like tangle of BIG MONEY groups (see NYT/Stolberg 7-page Saturday report) that coerce, bribe, extort, threaten their OWN party members to tow the line, vote as told, or walk the plank. http://www.theatlantic.com/polit...

Since it appears you aren't up to speed, I am sorry to inform you that the Republican party is in shambles, with the focus on infighting, intransigence, and backbiting shifting from Obama to each other. And these people have been gerrymandered into a position of power and leadership.

Maybe you'll want to send them money. I'll be sending some money to the food pantries (although not as much as usual as the government shut-down is beginning to impact on my business).


Interesting - after wading through all the effluvium, I didn't any refutation of the points made by the three commenters - must be a reason for that. . . .


And the reason is that I have only sufficient time and energy these days to debate honest facts, not deliberately arbitrary and ignorant lies dressed up in fact costumes.


Don't worry Lan the sun is coming out tomorrow and kids are not starving in America.


Disregarding your interest in effluvium and beaver secretions, I'm affirmed in my conviction that what the Republicans are doing is very wrong, on many levels. You might not agree with me, but apparently Warren Buffet does: "The billionaire investor told Fortune in an interview Friday that “it makes absolutely no sense” for politicians to use the debt ceiling as a threat to get their way on other legislation. Congressional Republicans, who have shut down the government over President Obama’s health care reform law, say they will use the debt limit as leverage to delay an important provision of Obamacare.

“It ought to be banned as a weapon,” Buffett said of the debt ceiling politics. “It should be like nuclear bombs, basically too horrible to use."



Yup, Warren Buffet represents the interests of the 99%. Why not cite Colonel Sanders as representing the interests of the chickens?


Cute. The Republican Congress does seem fixated on playing chicken. Certainly Warren Buffett does not suffer fools - his words carry a lot of weight, regardless of how cleverly you try to twist it.


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