Michigan public universities tout economic impact

Michigan public universities contribute 120,000 jobs and account for $24 billion in economic activity in the state, according to a report released Tuesday that was commissioned by the 15 schools.
AP Wire
Dec 11, 2013

The Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan released the report, written by the Anderson Economic Group.

According to the report, the 15 universities accounted for $12 billion in earnings in Michigan last year. It said that the schools' 1.3 million alumni who live in the state earned $47 billion in wages and salaries in 2012.

Michigan has 300,000 public university students, sixth in the nation even though Michigan rank's ninth in population, the report said. It said that enrollment grew 5 percent between 2003 and 2012, despite a stagnant state population and large cuts in state support for higher education.

"This report shows our universities are important contributors to jobs and prosperity in our state," said Glenn D. Mroz, president of Michigan Technological University and chairman of the council. "Whether it's the salaries earned by professors, our investment in new buildings needed to keep up with student demand, or the earnings of our graduates, it's clear that public universities are vital to every one of Michigan's 83 counties."

The report said the $24 billion economic effect of the universities comes in three areas — payroll spending, non-payroll spending and student spending. It said payroll spending contributed $7 billion directly and $3 billion indirectly. Non-payroll spending contributed $3.1 billion directly and $3.5 billion indirectly, while student spending contributed $4.3 billion directly and $3.1 billion indirectly, the report said.


Report: http://bit.ly/18zEUKM

Presidents council: http://www.pcsum.org



How many students included in these statistics are not from the US?
How many of those stay here and how many go back to their homeland?
How many students that graduate with a 4 year degree have a job within a year? Of those, how many have a job within the field they studied?
What percentage of university professors are of American descent?
How much of that student spending when directly to the university?


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someone has to ask the hard questions that actually matter, sorry for making others think critically (i guess that makes me, nelson mandella, MLK, Abe Lincoln, malcom X, and all critical thinkers racists)...you know what they teach in college, LTA wouldn't know...he has no skill or brains = no job.

Once again, i apologize for not taking things at face value and believing everything I read on the internet like you yahoos.

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Equating yourself to any of those people is pure idiocy. Like any of them would have asked those questions you did? What a joke. And a link to your undisputed facts would be in order. Oh, right, you don't believe what you read on the internet. I wear the liberal label proudly, they are the true Americans.


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