School groups pitch alternative to Snyder's budget

Michigan school groups have countered Gov. Rick Snyder's K-12 budget plan with one of their own that would give districts more per student by eliminating line-item spending that benefits a smaller number of students.
AP Wire
Feb 28, 2014

The proposal was unveiled in the Capitol on Thursday by organizations representing school boards, administrators and districts.

The "Classrooms and Kids" budget would put more money into the traditional per-pupil foundation grant by taking it from some "categorical" funding that rewards districts for best practices and performance.

Snyder has proposed giving schools $83 to $111 more per student. The alternative proposal would provide between $250 and $291 more.

Supporters say the alternative would simply the budget.

A Snyder spokeswoman said he's pleased to see groups offer ideas, but thinks best practices and helping struggling schools are important.



What we really need is a public school education that actually prepares kids to be successful in college. I have spoken to many math and science professors who stated that the kids coming out of public schools ( including GH) are not ready for college level math and science. They said that the Chicago math learning style has left our kids so far behind that they simply can not compete. Yes I know there are many who leave our schools and are successful in college but how much better could they have done/do if we changed our teaching style? The schools today expose kids to a lot more throughout their education than when I went through our system but they master nothing! I see elementary school age kids using calculators for math class ......... I was not allowed one even in high school. We need to change our system to one more like the most successful countries like former best in the world Finland. Everyone needs a good foundation to succeed and our current system if falling short.




Don't you see..throw more money at it, it's for the children 'The classroom and kids!' can anyone not have a heart for the children, the poor children who are not given a fair shot because there's just not enough money per student to succeed sayeth the school board,administrators and the district's. Can we please get some critical thinking on a different approach instead of the same tired argument.




So now we are getting the kids to write letters to the Governor to push the Leftist agenda! I believe in MERIT!!! Work hard! Get great results! THEN get rewarded!! We need to show our kids this is the pattern for success! NOT writing goofy faux budgets asking for more money!! I noticed they didn't include the school district that did this.


WE need to get off "The EDUCATE EVERYONE EQUALLY" As un-PC as this statement is,” There is always going to be stupid people among us (autistic or not). We can't educate everyone.” Europe and Asia don't do it and they’re killing us educationally. Students in these geographic areas are put into peer groups at an early age and placed vocationally on a path that leverages their talents (or lack thereof). The U.S. approach is educate everyone equally and together where teachers are forced to teach to a test and dumb things down so low achieving students, that get their heads stuck in chairs, can be integrated into a normal classroom. Our world ranking is showing how great this approach is working. (this paragragph was extracted from another post of mine).
IS this a "THROW MORE MONEY AT IT" or a smoke and mirrows, moving the money around program???

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