Is BLP prepared for new standards?

Stan of Grand Haven asked, “What is the Board of Light & Power doing to modify their two power plants to get ready for the 2016 pollution standards? Any thought to converting from coal and diesel to natural gas, like Holland is now doing?”
Mark Brooky
May 28, 2014



“The Board of Light & Power is currently in an excellent position due to our forward-thinking board and management back in the mid ‘70s,” said Renee Molyneux, spokeswoman for the municipal utility. “When we began building our Sims Unit III in 1979, one aspect of that project included the installation a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) unit, or wet scrubber, as original equipment to Unit III. The FGD was added to remove SO2 (sulfur dioxide) from the flue gas.”

At that time, the BLP’s scrubber unit was the second one installed in Michigan, she added.

The scrubber utilizes a wet lime slurry mixture to remove the SO2 from the flue gas.

“Because of the original installation of the FGD system, the BLP has been meeting or exceeding environmental standards since our unit went live in 1983, while many other utilities are now having to spend significant dollars to install these units,” Molyneux said.

Regarding the Grand Haven utility’s old Diesel Plant, the BLP has recently installed a catalytic converter on its No. 1 diesel engine, retired engine No. 2, and mothballed No. 5, 6 and 7 in response to current environmental regulations. Molyneux said they occasionally fire up No. 1 for voltage and support of the power grid, and the mothballed engines are limited to 100 hours per year per engine. 

No. 1 is already a duel fuel machine that typically runs on natural gas instead of diesel fuel, she said.

“Our board is currently working to develop a long-term strategic plan for the utility, but it is not finalized yet,” Molyneux said. “That plan will address how we will transition into a more diversified fuel mix in the future.”

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Beach Gal

The BLP should be mothballed. Coal is terrible for our community and for the communities where it is extracted. It has no place in a forward-thinking nation.


Coal is terrible for our community and for the communities where it is extracted. It has no place in a forward-thinking nation.

The stupidity of this comment is astounding. Maybe you should look at the opinions of people in the coal producing areas of the country before you spout off with this kind o generalization. Maybe you should ask the United Mine Workers of America what they think about the value of coal to communities. A forward thinking nation? People who think like you obviously are wealthy enough to absorb the huge costs in home heating when Obama bankrupts coal must realize that you would bring this "forward-thinking nation" back to the Dark Ages.

Do you have any clue of how much of our electricity (including the electricity that powers electric cars) comes from? Try 37%

Energy sources and percent share of total electricity generation in 2012 were:

Coal 37%
Natural Gas 30%
Nuclear 19%
Hydropower 7%
Other Renewable 5%
Biomass 1.42%
Geothermal 0.41%
Solar 0.11%
Wind 3.46%
Petroleum 1%
Other Gases < 1%

Maybe we should replace the BLP with a Nuclear Power Plant; or drill more for gas and run it by pipeline? train? ship? into the plant; or maybe we should shiver in the dark and cold, and be unable to use cell phones, computers, televisions, and electric cars by depending on wind and solar (while shredding and frying birds)so meet your standards. Piffle - why even respond to such lunacy?


Beach Gal and her like should be mothballed. When the rest of us are enjoying electrical power, you can hope that the undependable solar and wind generators will provide you with power on calm days and dark nights.

rajaju have ever stood on top of a dune north of Campbell Complex during a east light wind you would feel differently...that rancid yellow/orange ribbon in the blue sky is coming from there...its quite a depressing view...same with Cobb...Holland has seen the light..


Has anyone asked what the chemical makeup of the stack emissions are?
From what I understand their emissions are well below DEQ standards and improving all the time.
Maybe finding out what "it" is should be a starting point, it seems to dissipate like steam.


the BLP’s scrubber unit was the second one installed in Michigan, she added. not so, Consumers Energy already has them, unit 1,2,3


She was referring to when Unit 3 was built in 1979, I believe.
Consumers Energy did not have any scrubbers on any of their units until the first part of this year (Karn 1&2 in Bay City). Scrubbers are being installed on Campbell Unit 3 now in preparation for the 2016 Emission Standards. Campbell 1 & 2 are also being modified for the standards.
Campbell 2 & 3 have had Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR's) for a few years now.
Coal is needed for base load energy in this country!!! Remember, the Sun goes down and the wind stops blowing!


thats correct !


I would not give up on coal. With proper atomization of the source it could be very efficient as injected. Then what ever we try to do is moot, China will trump the industrial revolution that happened in America 100 years ago. We saw nothing compared to what's happening in China, 1.5 billion people are ready to buy TV's and Cars, you ain't seen nothin yet!!! Save your Disney world money and buy a ticket to Shanghai you will see how small you are.

Say no to new taxes

Coal has done a great job for many years at a reasonable cost.


Coal is "Cheap and Abundant" - Jonathan Rowland (Editor of World Coal Publication). It may be getting regulated, but it will always be available and a viable source of energy. I bet Beach Gal has been to the locations where our Western Coal or Appalacia coal has been extracted. Extracting this coal is a heritage of the people in those communities. I would love to have you go to these communities and speak to them. I work with them and they're very passionate people. I'm not opposed at all to regulating air quality and improving the gird, however, don't be quick to make assumptions about the communities where it comes from. Read some books from Homer Hickam Jr. about the heritage of Southern West Virginia coal mining. It's very interesting.


I believe this country is taking the necessary steps for clean air and have the best, try living in the middle east where the smog is so heavy, people are getting sick and cant breath, then there is Egypt, never know when the power goes out, but to go forward and depend on solar enery, do you know how many people it will put out of work, these mining towns would close and turn in to ghosts towns like Detroit, Michigan is al ready closing a number of power plants, think, unemployment




How about solar panels on every roof,turbines in everyones back yard and mandatory electric monitoring or lets place the turbines off shore,turn off street lights and neon signs etc etc.


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