Fast jet over GH?

Ray of Grand Haven asked, “Do you know why I am hearing the sound of a military fighter jet at supersonic speed, flying low over Grand Haven? It flies north to south in about 15 seconds. Definite Doppler-effect sound. Occurs usually between 9:15 and 9:45 p.m.”
Mark Brooky
May 23, 2014



Since the military isn’t likely going to tell us anything, I asked Marty Piette, manager of the Muskegon County Airport, if he knew anything about what Ray’s hearing. Sometimes military planes use his airport.

“That is interesting,” Piette replied. “I wish I could help, but I can’t imagine what the reader is hearing. We really don’t have many military flights that come through the area anymore.

“I talked with the manager of the Muskegon Air Traffic Control Tower, and he doesn’t know either,” Piette continued. “The tower would be in contact with anyone flying in the area at that time (they close at 11 p.m.) and there is nothing that occurs on a scheduled basis that would create such a sound.”

So, what Ray’s hearing (but not seeing) is a mystery. Has anyone else heard it?

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While sitting up on Dewey Hill at the fountain every night, I often hear the Coast Guard flying around at 9-9:30pm. That's my best guess.


I will say this; If the Military is conducting off book jet flights, I wouldn't expect the Manager of the Muskegon Air Traffic Control Tower to acknowledge it if it is occurring and the Military too would deny it. Even if Ray see's it and records it the Military would find a way to discredit him and make him out to be crazy. That's what the Military and U.S. Government do with all UFO sightings, yet if an object lights up the sky like a fire ball and crash's the Military is quickly on the scene with covered trucks and heavy machine moving equipment and they forbid any civilians and local law enforcement any access to the crash sight and confiscate any photo recording devices they can get their hands on, all in the name of "National Security". They almost always claim in these type of cases it was just a "meteorite" and nothing to worry about. If that's true, why all the secrecy over "just a meteorite"? The U.S. Governments official statement on UFO's is, "They Don't Exist," yet when one does crash they're the first on the scene to cover everything up. The U.S. Government just has too many "Secrets" claiming it's in the public's best interest in keeping them "Safe." It's far past time for there to be a break in this "secrecy silence and denial" about UFO's and Meteorite crash sights.


Next time try breaking the Prozac in half.


It appears you believe everything you watch and hear on TV.


Ask lanivan, vladtheimp, or wingmaster. They should know! Especially wing.


When addressing matters of aircraft of any kind, I capitulate to anyone named migpilot!


Lol...I thought it was the sound of the Trib running off the next days paper! Besides, your the "mig"pilot, figured you would have something better than that


It's not a UFO and it's not supersonic. A supersonic telltale sign is a sonic boom. It's a private owner(s) with an Aero L-39 Czech surplus fighter trainer out having fun. He comes down the lakefront at a high speed which compresses the sound waves and pulls up just prior to MKG TRSA and heads eastbound without calling approach control.


That's sure its not the printing presses down at the Trib?


I live in Spring Lake, and I sometimes hear what sounds like an exploding stick of dynamite around that time to the West. I would say it sounds like it's near the Power Plant from where I am. Never thought about a sonic boom. It could be.


Does your wife normally visit the restroom about that time each day?

Barry Soetoro

Best. Comment. Ever.


I like this guy.


Lani capitulating to something ? ? wow . .


You'll notice I did qualify it....


Check to see if the power plant was letting its steam release, I have heard this many times and did some research. Came up with alot of crap about H.A.A.R.P but also saw that the power plant does steam releases later on in the evenings some nights. I assume thats what it is, but hey who knows.

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As much as I'd like to believe it's a guy in a war surplus Aero L-39, I have to go with nivanth's explanation. If you've ever heard a steam release from the powerplant, you can easily hear how that could be mistaken for a jet. Sure would like to take a ride in a Aero L-39 though......


yep, its the power plant, i live just a few blocks from there and can see it from my house, usaully releases steam at 15 to 30 second bursts, sounds like jet. oh i get it, its a joke, right, you guys are funny


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