Are 'carp boats' legal?

Janice of Spring Lake asked, “What are the boats with bright large lights that go along the Spring Lake shoreline and shine in windows after midnight doing?”
Mark Brooky
Jun 18, 2014



Spring Lake Township Supervisor John Nash calls them “carp boats,” and a source of frustration for lakefront residents.

“They do not make any lakefront property owners happy,” he said. “And every time someone complains, they are told the boats are legal and nothing can be done.”

Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Gerard Goulette said the practice does generate complaints from time to time, but they are considered legal fishermen and do provide a service by taking large numbers of invasive carp from local waterways.

Goulette said they are actually bowfishing, a legal method of fishing that certain species of fish are allowed to be taken using bow and arrow.

“One of the most common species taken this way is carp, hence people referring to them as ‘carp boats,’” the state conservation officer explained. “Even though people use bow and arrow, it is not hunting and treated in the law as fishing gear.”

Goulette said it is most effective for them to bowfish after dark so they don't have to contend with the glare of sunlight on the water. They use artificial lights to penetrate deep enough into the water to locate the fish.

“There can be a large amount of lights on the boats and it may disturb people in the middle of the night, as might the noise from the generators used to power the lights,” the DNR officer added.

CLICK HERE for the state rules on bow- and spearfishing.

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You can take carp without big lights and boats - we did it in New York in my yout - and they can be delicious eating!

Best recipe - clean carp and halve into two filets - nail one filet on a cedar board - start wood fire and when coals are hot, use utensil to hold cedar board over coals, turning every 3 minutes - when carp is done, remove from fire, bring to camp table, discard carp and eat cedar board. The Divas might enjoy a dining experience in the wild.


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This explains everything.


Glad to help, so the previous rumors that you knew everything were obviously incorrect; but they would be accurate now?


I always appreciate any help you or anyone can give me, but I was actually replying to Vlad, meaning that his story of eating the plank rather than the fish is most likely the main contributor to his current state of mind, and is a very feasible explanation for his online personality; I have prepared freshly caught salmon this way, but always ate the fish rather than the plank, which psychologists would probably interpret as being....o, never mind. If you have to explain it,,,,

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Yes you were, I see now that your comment was directed at Vlad; I'm somewhat surprised though as I assumed you would like wood also.

I believe it was the rumor you started, and I too miss LTA's emoticons, comments, and wit; where is he?


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"Have I ever told you how right you are?". truthhurts, 6/19/14

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Back to the Wall

"Carp Boats" are legal, but interfering with them is not -

Angler Harassment Information

Anglers in Michigan have the right to enjoy their sport free from unreasonable and deliberate interference. Michigan law prohibits individuals from obstructing or interfering with the lawful taking of aquatic species. The DNR supports fishing as a legitimate form of recreation and as a useful tool in the management of aquatic resources. Michigan Conservation Officers are committed to protecting anglers from the intentional disruption of the fishing experience. Individuals whose fishing is being obstructed should promptly report the violation to the DNR by calling a local conservation officer, the nearest DNR office, or toll free at 800-292-7800 (Report All Poaching hotline).

Just saying...

Back to the Wall

Link was blocked. Reference Section 324-47301a of State of Michigan NREPA 451 of 1994


So....what about when their loud generators and their voices that shout over the loud generator at 3 a.m. interfere with say... the Spring Lake Village noise ordinance which goes into effect at 10 PM and my sleep? Not many of the authorities want to track these guys down at that time of night - or they say it's not their jurisdiction, it's the Townships, or DNR's responsibility? Hey - I'm all for it if they are out in the Grand River - but as soon as they start doing this around waterfront homes - I cry foul. It's rude and disrespectful.

Tri-cities realist

So spring lake waterfront homeowner's rights trump that of grand river waterfront owners? How "fair" of you!


thats how those people think. Their water must be tainted


These guys are just plain annoying...

Loud genset running, generally speaking an older model that's been on it's last leg for awhile..

Heavy Metal music cranked up so they can hear it over said generator...

Compound bows...

Cut off flannel shirts...

Loving that they are pissing off the rich folk who can afford waterfrontage...

Yup, sounds like rednecks... no class...


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