Can I get a new mailbox?

Stoney of Grand Haven Township asked, "What happens if my mailbox gets damaged by the snow being thrown by a passing snowplow? Who pays for a new one?"
Mark Brooky
Mar 1, 2013



Timely question, Stoney.

The Ottawa County Road Commission's policy was revised two years. Now, should a mailbox be damaged by Road Commission equipment or snow thrown from its equipment during winter maintenance operations, the property owner may receive a new standard mailbox and/or a single 4-by-4 wood post at one of commission's four garages.

The Grand Haven Township garage is at 14110 Lakeshore Ave.

The property owner must provide either the actual damaged mailbox or post, or a photo of it. The property owner is responsible to remove the damaged mailbox or post and install the replacement.

For details, call 616-842-5400.

The City of Grand Haven and Spring Lake Village both do not replace mailboxes knocked off by snow being thrown by its trucks.

"The city's policy is, if we damage a mailbox, we will replace it," Grand Haven Public Works Director Bill Hunter said. "Unfortunately, we do not pay for it when snow damages mailboxes. On a lot of reports that we get from residents, 99.9 percent of the time it is snow damage, not plows."

Ferrysburg Public Works Director George Dunning said that's similar to his city's policy.

"If the truck or plow hits it, we fix it," he said. "If just the snow knocks it over, the homeowner fixes it."

Dunning added that plastic mailboxes are simply not a good idea in Michigan.

Hunter said his staff investigates every complaint and informs the property owner of their decision.

"The snow is heavy and, when it hits it, it damages it," he added.

Hunter said in the very unlikely instance that a snowplow hits a parked car, they would report it immediately to the public safety department. He said his drivers do their best to plow around even illegally parked cars.

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What is the deal with these mailbox questions? Everybody knows the rules. If the plow hits your mailbox the public authority pays. If snow from the plow hits your mailbox, you pay. Of course, barring a flattened mailbox, the public authority in charge of plowing will NEVER EVER admit guilt.


In regards to mailbox replacement, it should get replaced and paid for by the OCRC! At least mailboxes can be replaced. We deal with a "bullish" type of individuals that drive their "Big Boy Toys" with total disrespect for individuals on the road whether it be walking, riding a bike or riding horses. It is OKAY for them to run you off the road! It is OKAY for you to have to HIT THE DITCH in order to get OUT of THEIR WAY! AFTER ALL THEY HAVE A JOB TO DO!! Good grief. Not only do they fill up your driveway with excessive snow to spite you they widen the road in order to complete more damage to trees, mailboxes and God help us on days of setting out your recycling and garbage dumpsters. The OCRC has the audacity to site the garbage companies and their drivers for the totally due to inept driving of the plows hitting the recycle bins with plastics, cans and GLASS sending it over the side of the road but MY GOD, THE OCRC has a JOB TO DO!!! Well, OCRC is undeniably complacent and has a DO NOT CARE attitude! The "supervisor" is no help at all either. THEY HAVE A JOB TO DO!! We all have jobs to do but we have to wait on the bullish attitude of the BOYS WITH THEIR TOYS on the ROAD in order for US to survive. Mailboxes, recycle bins, garbage dumpsters are their "challenges" and I really wonder how many "points" they get for their tallies in a week. I know I am NOT the only one that has gone through this but OCRC seems to target who ever when ever and be very careful to who you say it to also because now one of us risk our dubious existence of their "job!" SAFETY is indeed important. COMMON SENSE is also. Bullies on the road that have a job to do remember you have numbers on your "toys" so we know who you are. We don't have a schedule for you as our schedules are always varied due to weather, health, etc. SO WATCH IT!!! DRIVE WITH "CARE!"

Say No To Tourist's

I'm surprised the road commission hasn't given their drivers mail box stickers for the hoods of the trucks for every time they hit one.............


Hate to disappoint all the negative commenters but personally knowing an OCRC snow plow driver - it is not their goal to make your life miserable. Yes, they are doing their job and sometimes a mailbox or garbagecan will get damaged which is usually not preventable. Too much snow filling in the end of your driveway is another nonpreventable result of pushing snow. It goes wherever there is an open space. Believe me, being out at 3:00AM to plow the roads so people can get to their jobs & kids get to school safely deserves some type of credit. Working 14 hour days plowing snow is pretty much a thankless job. Instead of complaining, be thankful we have a County that takes great effort in keeping the roads safe for you and your family. There are no "hood stickers" or "points" for taking out your mailbox or garbage can. Yes, safety & common sense are very important when it comes to Winter weather so remember that the next time you pull out in front of a plow. I'm sure if you talked with a few of the OCRC plow drivers, they would have some suggestions or complaints about the way you act and/or drive. Peace out.....


It is NOT just the mailboxes or garbage dumpsters! What about OCRC making the waste management drivers responsible for the MESS that OCRC MAKES and than making the demands that they clean up OCRC'S MESS????!!! Okay than you have to be either the wife of the BULLIES in order to defend them. SO what about when there IS NO SNOW and you have to hit the ditch to get out of THEIR WAY? It's okay huh? Than whether you are walking, biking or riding your horse another vehicle is coming and no where to go? HUH? I could go on and on as it isn't just me there are many others that they have "pushed around!" Even driving, I had to drive on the side of a hill to get the heck our of their way and that wasn't on my street that I live on! You have your "special reason" to try to cover their butt! I for one will be keeping a very close eye on their behavior and my camera! One bully needs to retire! The others need to CARE!! And my spouse used to plow snow and there are particular procedures that need be addressed by the OCRC Board also!!! That is the NEXT MOVE!


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