Consumers construction?

Stanley of Holland asked, "Driving past the Consumers Energy complex at Port Sheldon, I notice huge construction projects: to the north of the power plants, a large tank and two large steel and concrete structures; to the west, huge structures behind the power plants. What are they building?"
Mark Brooky
Jan 27, 2014


"The work observed by your reader is part of the ongoing construction work at the Campbell Complex for meeting upcoming federal Air Quality Control Systems standards, which take effect in 2016," explained Roger Morgenstern, senior public information director for Consumers Energy. "The work observed is related to J.H. Campbell Unit 3, the largest of the three power generating units on site."

The items currently under construction at the complex include three buildings to house equipment and materials needed to further reduce plant emissions to meet these new federal standards, Morgenstern said.

"There are several projects underway to reduce coal combustion plant emissions and to capture very small particles created during the combustion process," he continued. "This construction is related to the large pieces of equipment delivered last spring and summer by barge to the plant."

The work is part of a $530 million project for Unit 3, which has been underway for several years and is expected to be completed in early 2016.

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This new equipment is called Selective Catalytic Reduction "SCR" that uses ammonia in the process to reduce emissions. Research this subject, very interesting!


Only $530 million to stop Globull Warming? Such a deal! Maybe the Tribune should do a story on the total costs to Consumers Energy to meet Federal standards - this is actually a drop in the bucket.

Hope it works - I have about 16" of Globull Warming outside my door as I write, and I'm still feeling the effects of shoveling all of that warming twice today.


The SCR at JHC 3 has been in service for over 5 years! It reduces Nitrogen Oxides which is a greenhouse gas. JHC 2 has one also.
The new construction, north of the large plant, is a Pulsed Jet Fabric filter (the boxes)to reduce particulates, a Spray Dry Absorber (the tank, soon to be 4 of them)to reduce SO2 and other pollutants, and Activated Carbon Injection to reduce Mercury emissions.

retired DOC

Any idea of what it will cost to do all the plant?

retired DOC

Any idea of what it will cost to do all the plant?


they did the scr at unit 3, 7 years ago, now its unit 1 and 2, between the two buildings, the budget for construction this year is 25 billion, total of consumers projects around michgan, all federal standards the must met

Former Grandhavenite

"Clean coal" is a scam- there's no way you're going to make the process of burning ancient plant matter from underground "clean" since it releases a ton of carbon dioxide by definition. Sulfur, heavy metals, and all the other garbage in the smoke can largely be filtered out. Without the clean air act, etc you'd still see a thick layer of soot on the buildings like in Victorian England.

As for all the people saying, "Hey it's cold today so global warming is a scam!" I have a counterpoint- "It was really hot one time last summer!" CHECK and MATE!

Truth Be Told

Of course, you'll just change the narrative and call it "climate change"
When its hot outside, its globull warming, when its freezing out, it's climate change.
Really Victorian England ? are you going to blame George Bush ?
The religion of malcontents
Check and mate ? claiming victory without playing the game is cowardly

Former Grandhavenite

The intent of my comment was to point out the absurdity of basing claims of whether or not global warming/climate change exists on an individual weather event. You have to look at the long term average, which has unquestionably been trending upward. 2013 was one of the warmest years on record yet again, as has been every recent year.

Out of curiousity, why do you think it is that the energy companies are installing the pollution control equipment? It ain't out of the goodness of their hearts. We also don't have the kindness of industrialists to thank for not having a thick layer of soot on everything.


This winter should bring the average temperatures down a bit and possibly raise lake water levels. :-) It sounds like TECH works at the plant as a lab technician...quite a few of them out there!

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