Lighthouse fence?

Barb asked, "Why did they put the fence up around the lighthouse on the pier? It makes walking to the end a little harder for seniors. Is it permanent?"
Mark Brooky
Mar 7, 2014


Barb, you must be referring to last year when the lighthouse preservation group and city put up a temporary fence around the inner light. That was during sandblasting and repainting work for the restoration project.

City Manager Pat McGinnis said the Coast Guard will put up a temporary fence around the entrance light this year when the preservation work restarts.

By the way, and I hope I'm not offending anyone, but it's probably not a good idea for senior citizens to be going out on the pier right now anyway. It's slick out there.

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Barry Soetoro

Word on the street is they put the fence up to allegedly keep LTA from climbing up there after he got bored posting off-topic comments on the Trib and re-painting it his favorite color. That's just what I heard.


Cute. And what would my favorite color be?

I think ole Barb don't get out none too much. How could one not understand what was going on out there that they needed the fence?

Actually I'm more than a little ticked off that those mugwumps left the plastic coverings on the windows (to protect the glass from the painting no doubt) and thus making classy shots of the lighthouse impossible to shoot. The only reason I can come up with to not have taken down the window protection is that they're not done painting it yet and have got plans to put a last coat on come spring. Anybody have any idea if that's the deal or not? Otherwise they're just gonna leave that crap up there, sticking to the windows until it falls off, or the wind blows it off??

25 cent story...It was a windy afternoon and I was walking back from the end, had gotten to the fenced area and all of a sudden a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket half full of junk, came falling from the scaffolding and hit the pier not 6 feet in front of me. There were 3 girls coming out and they were about the same distance to it on the other side. They let out a scream and stopped. I watched the bucket bounce on the pier and roll off, into the water, sinking out of sight. The girls looked at me and I just said "Well, there goes our lawsuit" and headed back to my truck. True story.


Could it have been the handiwork of SCH39339939, who has as much skill at dropping buckets as he has at making intelligent and/or relevant comments??

Barry Soetoro

Hard to say. LTA has a pretty large and faithful following here.


A regular Pied Piper I :-S


I had heard that the plastic was still on because all of the new glass had not yet been installed. Or something like that. Don't know that, that's true. But if it is, my question has been how can it possibly take so long to get new glass? (it can't). In my opinion the contractor is pretty poor from a job performance standpoint. And who ever is in charge or overseeing the project. Seems to lack experience in dealing with contractors. It was pretty obvious over the summer that they were in no hurry to get the job completed. And that didn't seem to bother those who were actually paying the bills for the work. When it should have. The Lighthouse was supposed to be completed by Coast Guard. Which was plenty of time. Many days there was no one out there working. And it wasn't because of poor weather conditions.
There are those who would say that they ran into issues that required additional work which slowed things down. That may have been the reason. Granted, it's not an easy place to get to or work on. With I'm sure many safety and environmental rules and guidelines to meet. But any experienced and competent Blasting/Painting contractor with engineers at his disposal should have been able to see potential problems before work even began. It's a steel structure that's all. Rust and possible structural damage from rust is not a hard thing to detect. So people either weren't doing their jobs from the get go. Or simply didn't have the expertise needed to know what they are doing. That is not a complicated structure inside or out, it's just steel.
I think those in charge should be very thankful that no one was injured as long as that fence was up. I created a very narrow passage for the thousands of people that had to walk it and squeeze by each other. Without falling down, or falling into the lake.
Hint to those in charge. When your paying someone almost $260,000 you do have the right to expect things to get finished on schedule. And the right to not except excuses when they're not. They should feel a little indedited to you for having received such a nice contract. But your not beholden to them. For simply doing what they're getting paid a healthy sum to do.
I'm sorry for being so off topic with my comment.
But this project and the way it's been handled so far, is just wrong.
Please, just get it done and make things easier for Barb and others this summer.


Well, I don't know about making it easier for Barb, but other than that I can really disagree with a thing you said. There were many sunny warm days where no one was there doing anything to the structure. I too wondered why it wasn't done by Coast Guard Festival time as it was suppose to be......

The glass excuse doesn't really hold water either...We've got a place in town here that can cut glass in any shape you want in a couple days, there's no need to wait months for glass. I suspect that come June that plastic will still be up there, still ruining thousands of pictures with it's presence, which is sad after all that effort they went thru to make it look nice again. Whoever is in charge of this project needs to start kicking some butt and taking some names, maybe there's a lack of leadership, I dunno.

After the bucket falling incident, I got home and thought about how if that thing had hit me in the head I'd have gotten the crap knocked out of myself so I called the city to let them know what happened and the guy did everything but tell me "well maybe you shouldn't be walking on the pier". I doubt he told anybody anything or did anything about it. They're just real lucky that bucket dropped in front of me instead of on top of me......


Starting to see a pattern here. Remember the Downtown winter project with the subsequent ongoing heated sidewalk and bricked area problems? Then think back to the water intake/filtration problems over the course of 2-3 years. Why all the costly delays, apparently nearly unsolvable problems, the cost over-runs? I walk the boardwalk religiously, and there were whole weeks when there wasn't a soul working on the structures - at least not at the time I was there.


..And not to get too far off-topic, but under the heading, "finish what you started..."

Does anybody know why the The 3 wise men and their camels are still standing up on Dewey Hill? Wasn't Christmas several months ago? The rest of the display was removed...why are the camels and their riders still hanging around out there?


I believe I can answer this one, or at least take an educated stab at it...

Basically, the way I understand it is BLP uses their trucks to lift them and lower them (they are much larger than they look from the boardwalk). I tried running up to the hill the other day for something and it was relatively deep snow with a sheet of ice under it.

I am guessing they are holding off until the snow is gone so it will be a bit safer to lower them. One thing I did notice though is that one of them lost a leg sometime over the winter.

Tri-cities realist

Wolves have been known to occasionally chew the legs off of camels


After this winter, I think a more viable reason is frostbite and subsequent spontaneous amputation.


"spontaneous amputation."

That's two words you generally don't hear together. I like it!

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