Seat belt enforcement begins

An expanded enforcement effort by law enforcement agencies across the state could mean more unbuckled motorists finding themselves on the receiving end of a $65 ticket.
May 20, 2014

The annual Click It or Ticket campaign begins this week. With it, police seek to reduce traffic deaths and injuries by increasing seat belt use.

Local police departments, sheriff offices and Michigan State Police posts in 40 counties will conduct federally funded seat belt enforcement zones through the busy Memorial Day travel weekend. This is an increase from 26 counties last year.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department will be participating in the program with enforcement zones in Jenison on Wednesday, in the area of U.S. 31 and Ferris Street in Grand Haven Township on Friday, in Holland on May 27, and at James Street and 120th Avenue in Holland Township on May 29. State police will operate zones in Allendale on May 31 and Hudsonville on June 1.

A seat belt enforcement zone is marked with a large portable sign. Law enforcement officers are stationed throughout this area looking for and stopping unbuckled motorists.

“Seat belt use has dropped in Michigan, and we’re doing all we can to save lives and reduce injuries by stressing the importance of belt use and Michigan’s seat belt law,” said Michael Prince, director of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning. “With seat belt enforcement zones in effect, motorists need to play defense by buckling up.”

During last year’s Click It or Ticket enforcement, 9,003 seat belt and child seat violation tickets were issued. Of the 15 people who died on Michigan roads over the Memorial Day holiday period in 2013, two of the nine vehicle occupants were not wearing a seat belt.

Michigan law requires all drivers and passengers age 15 and younger in any seating position to be buckled up. Children must be in a car seat or booster seat until they are 8 years old or 4 feet, 9 inches tall.



...And the moronic citizenry applauds this outrageous abuse of police power forced upon its people. This is not about saving lives, its about generating revenue for their bloated bureaucracy.

In the mean time, no police department can catch a bunch of kids that have been robbing Verizon stores all over Michigan(including Allendale, Muskegon, and Cadillac) and the countless personal larceny's that have happened in the last several months in our area.

Wake up people.


And yet the Michigan legislature repealed the Motorcycle Helmet Law, which had been a proven life saver.


So would wearing a helmet while driving a car. Shall we introduce this HB in our legislature? The Government has no business creating laws that save me from myself, period.


In the first place, could any law actually do such a thing? (Saving you from yourself) Right - I thought not.


You just said helmet laws are a proven life saver, correct? This previous helmet law was therefore, designed to save the user from themselves.

Clearly, if, you do not believe this to be true then, what you are experiencing, is a brief moment of independent conservative thinking. (Applause) Congratulations Lanivan, I knew if I just hung in there with you....boy, this is the toughest job I ever loved!

Now, let’s move onto repealing the seatbelt law, shall we?


And yet we can abort lives which is proven to save countless lives if stopped! Both are choices made by people! Both decisions affect the lives of others!



That is extremely well put!

Grand Haven loves incarceration-for-profit.

Make everyone a criminal, it pays the police/judge/lawyer fraternity that much more.

Wait aren't they already compensated out of our mismanaged tax dollars?


I think the "conservative" thought here would be personal responsibility for ones own actions. Unfortunately, the rest of us end up supporting those that don't do themselves when they make choices that result in catastrophic injuries. Our extremely expensive Michigan car insurance requires we have UNLIMITED medical coverage. So, if you are hurt in your car, no problem.
I would be all for letting people do whatever they want, which I think the motorcycle no-helmet law already covers, just so I am not expected to pay for their on-going medical expenses as a result of that choice!
Why would you not wear your seat belt? That just does not make sense. Unless you like flying through the windshield or squirting out the side window! That's not restricting your personal choice or "freedom" its just dumb!


Went through one of these seat belt enforcement zones in Holland May 27th. Was pulled over and given a ticket for window tint, the officer said he could not see if I was wearing a seat belt, but did not give me a seat belt ticket???? Window tint fine is $105. Hopefully they will use the money to fix the potholes!!

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