Woman sentenced for sex with boy

A Grand Rapids woman apologized for her actions before heading to prison for having sexual relations with her former boyfriend’s underage son in Grand Haven.
Becky Vargo
Jun 3, 2014


Jessica Marie Newland, 27, was sentenced to at least four years and up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty earlier this month to two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

In exchange for the plea, a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct was dismissed. That charge carries a possible sentence of life in prison.

“I’m really sorry,” Newland told the court when asked if she had anything to say. “If I could go and take it back, I would.”

The charges stem from 2009 to 2010, when Newland was living with her boyfriend in Grand Haven, according to Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney Gregg Babbitt. The boyfriend was a truck driver and was often gone overnight, Babbitt said, and Newland and the boy — then age 15 — were having “normal sexual intercourse.”

The prosecutor said they were not contending that the boy was forced to have sex.

“He just wasn’t of consenting age,” Babbitt said.

Police arrested Newland in July 2013, after the charges came to light, according to Grand Haven Public Safety Director Jeff Hawke.

Newland had been free on bond until her sentencing on Monday. In addition to the prison time, she must register as a sex offender and not have any contact with the victim.


Barry Soetoro

Hopefully that boy had just polished off a 12-pack of Milwaukee's Best before "consenting" to Miss Jessica.




You are a selfish judging individual who pr olly has a small wang and has nothing better to do than judge others!


You are a selfish judging individual who pr olly has a small wang and has nothing better to do than judge others!

Barry Soetoro

Yeah, pr olly. Define "small".


Life ? Geez you don't get life for lots of other natsy actions.


I take it the young man is not complaining? My 16 year old nephew had a 14 year old girlfriend (going on 21, if you know what I mean). However, the police/prosecution waited nearly 6 months then arrested him so he would be 17... and they could charge him as an adult. So, if according to law he was committing a crime, the crime was allowed to continue? WTH? Now he is on the sex offender registry for 25 years. Justice at it's finest...

On the flipside... I like "Wingmaster's" youtube link...



she was 22 when she has sexual relations with the 15 year old. Age of consent in MI is 16. I know of someone who was 21 and had a baby with a girl who was 15 when she became pregnant. He got probation. What a difference a year makes!!!


My brother in law wouldn't do the plea bargain, spent the entire 5 years in prison, insisting he was innocent, said she was 18

Tri-cities realist

Notice how its always someone's relative, but not them? I'm not implying anything, just an observation that those here have some troubled relatives.


I am very close to jessica im not saying who i am because it doesnt matter. !!! Gh buck 13 if u know the family so well then you would know that the supposably victom was a willing participant . And believe me I know he was because I was around. She didn't put a gun to his head and make him stay around and she didn't beat him to make him stay. Tell me wh y would a person stay if they didn't want to ??? He even went as far as moving in with her at 18years old ...boy if I hated jessi ca I sure wouldn't move in with her! Or hang around with her! It didn't happen when he was 12 because she didn't even know them when he was 12 so get the facts straight. All of the sudden they stopped talking and he went to press charges after his dad found out hmmm that seems weird. His dad was the one who was mad . But why ? When his worthless dad wasnt around he was driving a truck for work and didn't even bother to send money for his son to eat or anything . He was to buisy gambling it away. All of the sudden his dad cares about his child when he finds out his son slept with jessica an older girl . !!! Wow she's older but she's only 26 not 45 . My opinion is that the boy is wrong for willing ly sleeping with an older girl and then after living with her and caring for her goes to say she raped him . ! He is the true sick person in this situation . He was willing and now says he was raped. Funny thing is a rape occurs one time usually and your so scared u run away screem ect. You don't go move in with the person! Its 2014 where 14 year olds are having children! Come on when is the law going to change ? This is the 7th case I know of this year of people getting charged with sleeping with. A minor . When are the willing minors going to get charged with lying and claming rape??? They only charge a person with he said she said bull .. They need to have these minors who claim rape take a lie detector test . Then proceed with charging the adult with rape ect. Once the test comes out positive because all these minors are quick to claim rape because they know its only word of mouth I bet the true justice would be served if a lie detector test was mandatory!!! If we are all true humans and want justice you all would agree. . !!! All u judging people only know he said she said bull. Wouldn't it be better to know facts!!!

Barry Soetoro

I have to disagree with you justice. I’ve been raped by women on multiple occasions and not once did I run away screeming. I knew that they couldn’t help themselves and with that I was able to get on with my life.

On a lighter note, it sounds as if you and your group would be eligible for an all-expenses paid trip to Chicago if you’re willing to tell your story…





Justice.... wow... I just wanted to throw something out there to you. Unless you are the age of 16, rape does not have to mean being held down and forced into a sexual act. Anyone under the age of 16 does not have the legal ability to consent to a sexual act. They can be the instigater and more than willing to participate, but they are not legally able to make that choice for themselves especially with someone who is of legal consenting age. So while this particular minor may have enjoyed his times with her enough to saddle right on up with her.... it still is in fact a crime. His father could be the slum of the earth, but as his father he has every right to press charges against an adult woman who had an ongoing fling with his son. I'm right with you Barry, this has Springer written all over it.


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