Flies cause two-car crash on M-104

(Updated: 9:33 p.m.) When the driver of an SUV stopped on M-104 to turn at about 8:30 a.m. Friday, the car behind it slammed into the SUV and careened into a ditch.
Becky Vargo
Jun 6, 2014


Both drivers - 36-year-old  Thomas Larson of Whitehall driving a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe and the 30-year-old Grand Haven woman driving the car - suffered injuries that police characterized as non-life-threatening. Emergency workers sent him to Hackley Hospital and took her to North Ottawa Community Hospital.

The driver of the 2005 Chrysler Sebring, Tiffany Ketner, will be ticketed for failure to stop with assured clear distance ahead, as well as other violations police said. They declined to specify what the other violations were.

She told police she was distracted by flies in the car. She swerved, but still hit the rear corner of the SUV. Police said she never braked.

Traffic slowed to a crawl near Power Drive, with only one lane being allowed to pass through as of 9 a.m.

Later in the afternoon, the driver of the car, who didn't give her name, called to say that she was the laughingstock of the community because of the crash. She said it was a serious crash and she is suffering from injuries and now is getting texts from friends saying how funny it is that she was in a crash involving flies.

"There were bees and flies in the car," she said, in part, identifying the flies as horseflies not house flies. "They were in my windshield. ... I'm allergic to bees."

She said that when she was swatting at the bees and flies, there wasn't a vehicle in front of her on the road. That is, until there was. She said she "didn't see the car."



"Flies" cause two-car crash on M-104?? Not true! The woman caused the two-car crash on M-104!!!!


Between distracted/texting drivers, punks that like to harass (new one to me as of last night thanks to some punks on Harbor Island at 11:00pm in a Black Dodge Diesel fullsize gunning the throttle and swerving at me trying to run me off the road three times while I was riding home from the fountain), and now flies? Being someone who primarily commutes by bicycle, only using the car in rain/snow is becoming freaking scary.

People need to concentrate on driving. Playing with your phone or swatting at flies can wait (or you can simply clean your car and wear deoderant so you dont attract flies).


This article is not true. It wasn't flies there was a horse fly and bees in the car. The driver is highly allergic to bees. The guy in the suv turned onto the street and had improper working brakes. She was very seriously hurt. It's not a story of a distracted driver this was completly written ridiculous and we have called to fix this article and the tribune laughed at us and at her injuries so thanks everyone


Ahhh I was there...
The guy on the motorcycle right behind white car, had to jump on the binders to keep clear. This accident was 100% the fault of the lady in the white car, truck was sitting there blinker on waiting for oncoming traffic to clear to make his left turn. Wammo he got nailed from behind, saying any portion of this is on him for being there is plain ridiculous. He was stopped, obviously his brakes worked fine, signal was still running after the crash as it was on the left side of the Suburban.

Barry Soetoro

For you to run in to the back of the guy who was waiting to turn and blame him for having improper working brakes makes me laugh too. Sorry.


So Bige since you do not think the paper handled the story correctly would you care to clear up some questions left unanswered?
So is she responsible for causing this accident in her eyes? Witnesses say the brake lights were in fact working properly. What does the police report say? Was she ticketed for driving on a suspended license? How badly injured was she if she is taking time out to read about the accident and even phoning into the paper to make sure her "story" isn't made into a joke? How badly injured is the man that was struck from behind unexpectedly? He hasn't seemed to weighed in on the GHT editorial. I hope he is not seriously injured and unable to be concerned with the banter.
Thank You for your time and a speedy recovery to anyone injured in the accident. And so thankful the biker was able to avoid the accident all together.


Bige this IS a story of a distracted driver the only thing ridiculous is you saying it isn't and trying to blame a gentleman that didn't turn onto a street but rather was waiting for traffic to clear before he turned safely. You aren't even man enough to apologize. That is ok sit back and continue to taste your foot. Shouldn't you be taking care of your girlfriend that was so seriously injured she was able to read the paper, make the necessary calls to get "her side" of the "story" edited and put in the paper and even make up more stories about her injuries and defending your bold face lies? She is quick to point out how we should be shamed. You have been awarded the crown of shame in the Story. Grow Up its called accountability, How is that foot tasting?


BigI I sincerely hope you are not the tool in public and "real" life as you are appearing to be here. My guess is it must be pretty deeply rooted to be this consistent throughout the discussion. Did she lie to you and tell you he had improper working lights or did you take it upon yourself to lie to the readers on her behalf?
Are you man enough to answer just that one simple question?
( I tried everyone but my money is on he will not answer OR he will avoid the question with a blanket of snow )

Cheryl Welch

Thanks, Bige, for your comment. Since our phone conversation, I have updated the story at your request to include the information about bees and horseflies. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!



So, one person writes in with a narrative that was contested by an eye witness and you change the story? What does the police report say? Why not also correct the story and say the accident was the fault of the driver who was struck from behind, since you took the writer's word about the bees? Journalism anyone?

Harry Kovaire

Were any flies or bees injured?

Barry Soetoro

I wonder if she had access to guns...


Barry if I had to guess the answer would be no. The reason for that is because we would have read another article on how she pulled the gun on bigI for making her look like an a huge lying selfish tool. So my vote is No. What are your thoughts Flyguy ermm I mean Barry?


While I do wish nothing but the quickest recovery for all involved, I must say this is the most entertaining article I have ever read in the good ol' GH Tribune. Story gets written, person involved gets upset and calls Tribune, Tribune edits story making said person look like an even bigger tool. Well played GHT, well played indeed.

Barry Soetoro

@lady I wrote tool once and got moderated. Good luck.


Well, it will have been worth it. ;)


Really how is it worth it to call me a tool laying here broken with remorse and pain and regret and heart ache. Big e is my fiance and just trying to stick up for me, we just lost a child 2 weeks ago and I had cysts rupture that caused internal bleeding he's just trying to protect me and my feelings from all the cruel and uncaring belittling.


I I I me me me poor You Tiffany Ketner. Poor You. Maybe you skipped breakfast so its Tony the tigers fault because you weren't on the top of your game. Were you hugged enough as a child? You are a grown woman put on your big girl panties in this life. Today forward in all you do I hope you remember a lot of these words said and apply them in your daily life. Grow Up


I gave the mathematical answer to the square root of 69 and got moderated ?

Barry Soetoro

Let me be the first to welcome you to the elite group of Overmoderated Trib commenters!


And surprise, surprise according to the article on Mlive the female was ticketed for failure to stop AND driving on a suspended license. If only that SUV hadn't been at fault for having the gall to want to make a left turn!


Stifled the nerve of that man wanting to turn is sickening! It is my understanding that she could not show proof of insurance at the scene of the accident do you know if she was ticketed for that as well? It was also called to my attention that it was possibly a company car there for if that is the case the car should be insured. We are checking into that now. This attitude her and her boyfriend have is disgusting.


What is going on in the 4th photo? Is the person lying on the ground being interviewed? And what are they wearing, black and white striped socks?


No see you are assuming I was bleeding profusely from my face, that is an emt laying there with me. And those are sandals.


Will somebody please tell me how the flies are doing? There is no report on their injuries.


I am shocked that people think that they can place blame on an innocent driver for properly waiting to turn into a parking lot! And that someone also thinks that swatting at bees or horse flies while behind the wheel takes the blame off of the driver at fault! I suppose pulling over and dealing with the problem was out of the question?! The man who was hit is the father of my 3 children, and we are due to have another in August! Trying to put the blame on him by claiming that his lights were working improperly is ridiculous! I suppose that happens a lot in accidents when people are trying to avoid a ticket. I think people need to remember that if you have a distraction such as bees, or a text to pull over and take care of it...because someone could be seriously injured or killed otherwise!


Thank you for weighing in. I for one was seriously wondering how he was doing. Was he injured in the accident? Congratulations on the upcoming event and thank God it wasn't more serious. It very well could have been.


I am the driver of the Sebring, I am so sad and so sorry that I hit your husband....this isn't a joke and really hope he's ok and the same for your family ..this is my first car crash, I broke some bones in my face and have head and face lacerations which involved going to a plastic surgeon...if I had it to do all over it would have been handled differently.. My fear of bugs and allergies made me act irrationally....i just go back and forth to work everyday trying to make ends meet just like everyone else. I am so sorry once again!!!!!!




Tketner even your lame attempt at an apology shows how you duck and dodge your responsibility.
Since your license was suspended does that mean you will not be covered by insurance?.
Your sad attempt at an apology is shameless. It is all about you.Your injuries your allergies your fear you fail to mention YOUR FAULT.
Poor baby you had no right being behind the wheel you had no right being on the road.
Your boyfriend had no right lying and trying to take the spot light off of your wrong doings and blame an innocent family man. He wasn't protecting you from the mean comments he was pushing the blame onto an innocent man. He didn't even comment on the comments he was defending your bad decisions. Then you, for sympathy and to excuse your boyfriends lies mention having a miscarriage a couple weeks ago. That has nothing to do with your lack of judgment in this case. You even use something as sensitive as that to try to excuse bad behavior. Disgusting.
Do you know how many days the innocent man has missed from work? Have you inquired as to his injuries? Or reached out to see how you could help?
That baby could have been born without a father because you feel your excuses give you the right to break laws and not be accountable. Grow up.
Have your boyfriend answer the questions asked earlier of him. He had a lot to say when he was making stuff up.
Sorry won't fix their car, my bet is your insurance won't either. I am sickened by this story and I am going to follow it and I hope I see some remorse rather than continued excuses. Bige making them for you and you for him, What about those you effected unlawfully? You are going for sympathy and from what I understand your social media tells a different story. The information and your statements as well as photos from my understanding are going to end up in the proper hands making sure you have no choice but to take steps to right your many wrongs.
You called in to right the wrongs of what was said by the tribune but you offered no truth or reasons why you were driving on a suspended. You complained because your friends were texting laughing at you because flies were involved, during that conversation you never once asked about the other person involved nor did you take any accountability.
I believe you are "so sorry once again!!!!!!!" but only for yourself. For this being your first car crash you and bige sound like professional victims with an excuse for everything.



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