One hurt in U.S. 31 crash

A rear-end crash at U.S. 31 and Ferris Street sent a Grand Haven man to the hospital Sunday morning.
Becky Vargo
Jun 15, 2014


Police said the man stopped his Chevrolet Impala for a red light on northbound U.S. 31 shortly after 8 a.m. and was rear-ended by a Mazda driven by a Grand Haven woman.

Northbound traffic was slowed and diverted to the shoulder of the road for almost an hour as emergency officials cleaned up the crash.

Squealing tires sounded as gawkers had a couple of near-misses during the clean-up.

The woman in the Mazda was not injured.

The driver of the Impala suffered minor injuries.

Police did not reveal names of the drivers at the scene.



How can you not see a red traffic light and cars stopped waiting for the light to turn green, texting or gabbing on the cell fone, i bet !!!!


It is exactly that. Nobody pays attention anymore. Motorists, cyclists, even the joggers. Everyone is in their own carefree world and doesn't give a crap about the safety of their fellow man.

Did anybody else see the hundreds of irresponsible yahoos in teal shirts with number tags yesterday riding bikes very irresponsibly as part of the Michiagn Adventure Race: Lake Michigan Edition?

What I saw was hundreds of cyclists blowing through stop lights, stop signs, running bike path users off the path at 25+mph, everybody trying to ride their bikes across the drawbridge, not signaling when they are passing or making turns. I was actually involved in a hit and run with one of these racing cyclists yesterday while on my bike riding to the farmers market.

People need to pay attention to their surroundings; whether they are in a 3,000+lb missle or simply walking. The world does not revolve around you.


Well said! And so isn't confined to one area either..anywhere you go these days..same thing. And no matter how many are killed or injured does not seem to matter, they are not changing their ways.


Untill we put some serious penalty to using a phone operating a vehical, this will only get worse. The insurance industry recognises cell phone use causes more accidents and injuries than drunk driving. You are just as likley to get in a crash texting as driving drunk. Our lawmakers need to get there heads out of the place they are in and deal with this politacly unpopular issue. Cell phone use and drunk driving need to be treated equally. Secound offense loose your driving privalage third go to jail. We could build special prisons for soccer moms if needed. Kids learn by watching there parents. How many van loads of kids do you see going down the road while the driver is yakking away on a phone. Its a huge problem and it not going to fix itself.


Impressive! I'm guessing that those of you who commented weren't even there, yet you seem to know exactly what happened? I wish people would stop making assumptions and generalizations about people driving, crashes, etc. Accidents truly do happen. The finger-pointing and anger-laden comments on these threads drive me crazy!


Accidents do happen however if the person at fault was paying attention most accidents would NOT happen.


Thanks for understanding. You are right, nobody knows what caused the accident. I guess only the driver. I wasnt on the phone as the majority will tell. Its a long 13 hours shifts without lunch or breaks and 45 minutes x2 =90 minutes of driving to work. Welcome to the life of night shifters! I guess those who threw those negative comments have to try to work a week or so on that schedule where u physically cant have at least 6 hours of sleep in between your shifts. Yep.... I saw the light but wasnt attentive enough to see the car in front of me. I am very sorry for that person who got hit. I truly am....

Barry Soetoro

Didn't you read the comments on The Bee article?


You are making excuses for unsafe driving. Yours was a preventable collision, especially in daylight, red car stopped with red brake lights at a red light on a one-way double-lane US highway of clear visibility. YesI am negative and I worked two years on the graveyard shift. Get fully attentive while driving a killing machine or stay off our common road.


You are right to certain extent but it all depends on different variables: number of nights u work, how many hours of sleep do u have in between shifts, how hard your night was, etc. Human are not perfect. Some will do great, some wont. Anyways, lunch during work is not a privilige. If u work in manufacture I bet u can use your 2x15 minutes breaks and lunch for 30 minutes. U cant do it when u work in the healthcare. How about putting comments to the workforce regulations website?


ALL ACCIDENTS are preventible, dont u be so smart in here!


No excuses! I am just angry that there are so many people who do not have a right for a break and work nights for years. I did too... It happened many times when I could have this accident. Its like a wake up call. Well, guess what... It finally happened. It will happen to others sooner or later. So stop making assumptions and look around yourself.


Ok you say you aren't making excuses but that is how I read it. Sounds like you are justifying getting very little sleep and then slamming in to the back of a car stopped at a light. If you are required to work so many hours with no breaks find another way home. It is no different then being on a cell phone or driving drunk. You made the decision to drive with no sleep. You could have killed someone or yourself. You can try to justify your actions all you want. Bottom line is you got behind the wheel when it sounds like you weren't able to drive because of lack of sleep. I consider myself lucky that I wasn't on the road when you were. It could have been a lot worse. Think twice before you drive. It is not the other person's fault you are required to work so many hours with no breaks.


Your are right here. Research shows lack of sleep with blood alcohol blood level. Its petty much the same. Not justifying. Somebody can rear end me tomorrow, who knows. Just like last year in August. I was taking exit and got read ended by a man who seemed to not to see me. All I am saying that you are limited to this accident. You do not see a big picture of lack of sleep a d drivers on the road. Talked to my coworkers and one of them told her story. She pretty much fall asleep a the red light and hit somebody when released breaks. You can not even imagine how many drivers are dangerous on the road. Re your comments about my job... Yes, I am looking at different ways to get home and the schedule change.


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