Kayakers rescued in Lake Michigan

Two kayakers were safe on shore not long after their kayak flipped and they started calling for help.
Becky Vargo
Jun 23, 2014


Emergency crews responded to Lake Michigan northwest of the north pier shortly before 5 p.m. Monday.

Officials said the females were trying to swim to shore, but a Coast Guard crew on Station Grand Haven’s bright orange inflatable plucked them out of the water and delivered them to shore.

Officials said they required no medical help.



Hope one wasn't a blonde with a droopy eye, covered with bites, with bottles of Malbec strapped to her sides.


Thanks very much for your concern....(for me, or the Malbec?). I'm safe and sound, and staying out of the 62 degree lake and keeping in the shallows, as I have, in fact, turtled a couple of times trying to get my sea legs, which was nothing compared to the dumping you gave me tonight....

Barry Soetoro

Probably those hussies that yell suggestive remarks to shirtless male runners. What comes around goes around, I guess. I see a lot of kayakers on the river. Will you wear your Legend of Choom t-shirt so I can pick you out of the crowd?


Spot on, Barry. There is a definite link between the two situations, highlighting the devil-may-care mindset of kayaking hussies.

You won't see me on the river yet. I stick to the quiet bayous and small lakes where nobody, but nobody, gets to see me flailing about in a wet t-shirt. But if and when I ever attain the level of river kayaking, I'll wear my green and white O'Bama t-shirt.


Lucky ladies. Glad to hear they are OK.

Swimming back to shore? Really? Glad they could swim!
It is educational though. Kayaks will flip. They are not toys.
Learning how to right one is very important and is a life saving skill.

Ingestion of Malbec or similar will not be helpful in this endeavor either....

Please. Everyone think safety near water. Lungs breath air, not water.


Glad Lanivan is ok. When I read about bottles strap to her side, right then, I knew it wasn't Lan...she'd have them on a bread & cheese tray.

Nice to see the combustible engine being used to save more people. What a wonderful invention.


You are so right! And not any old cheese - McCall's Shamrock Irish Cheddar!


And a pint if you please.


Refresh my memory - Glenfiddich or Glenmorangie?


Can't believe you remembered; I'd enjoy them both, but Glenfiddich sits proudly on the bar.


Lan, that is indeed, delicious, but I'll counter and raise you with aged Raclette cheese from Black Star Farms(Traverse City)


Now there's a full hand if I ever saw one. Wonderful cheese, and your bringing it up makes a great excuse to take a field trip and go up north. Raclette cheese and Malbec - wow! My balance in the water while kayaking would be greatly enhanced with that combo.


Combustion engine! Otto cycle! Sorry, but I'm such a fan.


Whet gets me is you can go to Wallmart and buy a phone and get 30 minutes of training. You buy a Kayak and walk out the door with no education on water safety. Thanks USCG!


These two are either really dumb or risk takers. If you don't have the upper body strength to get back in the kayak you best stay in a pool.


What gets me is you can go to Walmart and buy nearly everything on a Bridge Card. Then, the same people go into a voting booth knowing whom Jay-Z is, but think John Kerry is Mariah's brother. Thanks Liberalism!


I hear you, Brother. I have friends who are card-carrying members of the local tea party, and they still think Obama was born in Kenya. What ya gonna do?

Barry Soetoro

You mean he wasn't? I guess I'll have to toss the "Village in Kenya Missing Their Idiot" t-shirt.


Households CAN use SNAP benefits to buy:
■Foods for the household to eat, such as:
■breads and cereals;
■fruits and vegetables;
■meats, fish and poultry; and
■dairy products.
■Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.

In some areas, restaurants can be authorized to accept SNAP benefits from qualified homeless, elderly, or disabled people in exchange for low-cost meals.

Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:
■Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco
■Any nonfood items, such as:
■pet foods
■soaps, paper products
■household supplies
■Vitamins and medicines
■Food that will be eaten in the store
■Hot foods
Wouldn't it be nice if everybody knew everything?


To add: 1/2 of SNAP recipients are children, 1/4 are seniors, and about 5,000 are active-duty military members.

Barry Soetoro

I also saw on the pump at Shell in Holland that you can buy those tasty gas station sandwiches with your Bridge card.


no Barry, you can't buy prepared food, not even a cooked chicken with EBT. Anything that is taxable cannot be purchased.


You can buy pizza all day long though at Papa Murphy's. I was in line to pick up a pie the other day, 5 people in front of me, 3 of the 5 produced the bridge card for payment. It stuck in my mind because 2 of the 3 complained about having to pay $1.00 extra for additional items they requested on their pizza; nothing like complaining about spending my money.

Tri-cities realist

Liberals act conservatively when they acquire other people's money.



Wouldn't it be nice if grown adults were not so naïve? I've seen full sheet cakes purchased at D&W with Bridge cards and Red Bull at Meijers by the most unethical group of people you'll ever meet....the so called, poor.

Interesting, there sounds like music coming out of your post there, GH55. Must be 'cause you're being played.


Right on, owell. The abuse and corruption of the welfare system dwarfs the intended help of people truly in need and everyone knows it including, Big D and GH55. However, you'll hear nothing from these good liberals because it is not the results we are to pay attention to, it's their good and wonderful intentions.


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